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Princess Anna Bjorgman's smile couldn't be possibly bigger than now as she gazed down into her arms where the platinum blonde haired baby was looking at her with those icy blue eyes. She was wrapped securely in a white blanket. She was a perfect picture of Elsa in any way possible.

She was currently taking a stroll in the castle's garden with her sister's newborn daughter, Princess Freya Anastasia of Arendelle as her sister told her, while Elsa was taking a restful nap with her husband at her side after the almost seven hours of labor. So Anna decided that she wanted to bond with her niece more while her mother is resting.

"Oh look, Freya! A butterfly!" the strawberry blonde haired Princess exclaimed excitedly as she pointed at the blue monarch butterfly on a rose petal. "It's so beautiful, isn't it?"

Freya looked at the butterfly with fascination clear in her icy blue eyes before she squealed happily, causing the new aunt to laugh too.

The butterfly took off from the rose and actually landed on Freya's little nose. The little infant looked at the thing on her nose confusedly with her head tilted to a side before the blue monarch butterfly flew away to the open sky.

Baby Freya frowned when the butterfly left and looked at her aunt with pleading wide icy blue eyes. Anna looked down at her niece with a pout on her face. "I'm sorry, Frey… but the butterfly want to go somewhere. I'm sure it'll come around to you again." She tried to cheer the baby girl with a smile.

After looking at the sky once more, the little Princess smiled back at her aunt with her hands reached up to touch her face, which Anna gratefully complied. Anna puffed her cheeks under her niece's chubby and slightly cold hands, making the infant squealed happily.


Anna turned around to the sound of her two years old daughter. She smiled brightly at her and waved as her husband brought their daughter toward them. "Hey!"

Aurora grinned brightly to her Mother as her Father carried her toward the two. She has her Mother's strawberry blonde hair plus her cheerful smile and her Father's brown eyes. "Mummy; is that Auntie Elsa's baby?" she asked, looking over at the blue eyed baby in her Mother's arms.

"Yes Aurora, this is Freya, your new cousin." Anna said, smiling.

"Hi Freya, I'm Aurora!" the little girl said cheerfully, "Do you want to play?"

Kristoff chuckled, "She's still too young to play with you, Princess."

"Awww... but I want to play with her!"

"She will love to play with you, Rora…" Anna said, "But later okay? When she's older…"

"How much older?" Aurora asked curiously,

"When… she can sit by herself. Yea, when about that…" Kristoff nodded to himself.

"But that's sooo long." The young Princess replied dramatically.

Both the older people laughed at their daughter's comment. Little Freya began to whimper in her aunt's arms until she cried as her hands clutched into tiny fists. Anna tried her best to shush the child but she kept on crying.


The three Bjorgman all looked up at the source of the voice, finding the Queen leaning out from her window, looking down at them. There was still tiredness evidence on her face and her platinum blonde hair slightly ruffled as it cascaded down to her back.

"Elsa! You're awake!" Anna exclaimed, "Umm… I guess Freya want her Mummy." She stated shyly, still bouncing the newborn baby in her arms. "Wow, did her cry is that loud until she can wake you up?"

But Elsa shook her head, a small smile on her lips. "I guess it's just my new maternal instinct kicking in. I just, I don't know, able to feel it when she needs me."

"I'll be right up with her then!" Anna said quickly, "Just wait a minute!"

"Be careful with her!" Elsa said with a concern tone.

"Don't worry; I have a child earlier than you!" Anna said, grinning before she, her husband, and their daughter walked back into the castle. She looked down at her niece and kissed her forehead gently, Freya's cry already turned into soft sniffling. "Now don't worry, little niece, Auntie Anna is here."

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