Chapter 1

Cross over What About Brian and 7th Heaven

This Idea came from me watching 7th heaven & What About Brian (both with Barry Watson (Barry played Brian Davis & Matt Camden)

What if Brian Davis was adopted & he was put up for adoption by Annie & Eric Camden when she was in high school & Brian found out about his adoption from Nicole (Brian's Sister)soon after Michael's (his father)s betrayal when Michael embezzled money Davis Realty and was also wanted for fraud and tax evasion by the government)

The Davis'

Brian and Bridget (who is his girlfriend) drive to Nicole's home after they leave their place of work, Davis Realty. When they had arrived there this morning the Government was now in the process seizing everything including $100,000 in joint commissions that they were due to receive today.

"I can't believe my father did this" Brian angrily says to Bridget." I finally would have gotten out of the financial hole I was in once that commission came through today. And isn't it wonderful, I find out all this on the day before my 35th birthday. Gee wasn't my father thoughtful to give me such a wonderful birthday present. What in the Hell do we now!"

"I don't mean to be flipping out honey; I know that this affects you too. Plus I know you haven't been feeling that great since you woke up this morning. Actually I think you started to feel crappy over the weekend huh? You certainly don't need me yelling at the top of my lungs. I am sorry. Is your headache and upset stomach any better Bridget?"

"No not really but I will live I took something for it. I will be ok."

They pull up to Nicole's home as she is coming out with her baby Daughter Bella (Nicole is a widow Her Husband Angelo died before Bella was born)

"Wow I thought you would be at work this time of the day "Nicole asks" to what do I owe the pleas…..."Nicole stops before finishing the sentence as she see the hurt & angry look on her brother's face. Brian, what's wrong? Brian and Bridget explain what had happened earlier that morning when they showed up for work.

The Camden's

Annie & Eric sit at the kitchen table. She has just noticed the calendar. Tomorrow April 20th Circled in red just like every calendar on that date for the past 35 years had been circled. No one but Eric & Annie ever new why that date was important. That was the day she gave birth and she and Eric had to sign the adoption papers. They were only juniors in High school and even though then they eventually got married, they were too young then to keep that little boy they loved so much. It always upset them Annie especially this time of the year, but they always kept that day special for him. Just 4 years later they would be married & the following year, have Matt but it didn't make it any easier knowing they had another son out there. They did register on the national adoption registry locator website so if he was ever interested when he turned 18 he could find them but so far he never had.

Sam and David the youngest twins of the Camden's, 7 children (8 when you counted the baby they gave up) came in from school (they turned 12 this past Valentine's day) and interrupted Annie & Eric's deep thoughts.

"Hey we're home" the said in unison, they chatted about what they did at school and so on it was a nice distraction And Eric and Annie were happy for it.

The Davis'

"I still can't believe dad did this "Brian ranted on "He was never there for us after he divorced mom & with all his womanizing he has done what is he now his 3rd no 4th wife, it's no wonder I have always, up until now had trouble with keeping relationships. This really wins the prize for being the world's worst father! It's a wonder why they ever had me in the 1st place; he obviously could care less about anyone but himself. In fact I do not think they ever wanted another child anyway at least they never acted like they did. I can't even remember them treating me or you like we ever mattered. I must have been an accident .You were what 10 years old Nic. when mom had me. Or maybe was it possible that it their attempt to keep their marriage together or what?

"Had you?" Nicole questions," You mean brought you home from the agency right?"

"What do you mean Nic? Agency? As in adoption agency" Brian's eyes start to water and tears fall down his cheek.

"Oh my God I always thought you knew Brian, I shouldn't have said anything never mind" Nicole tries to change the subject.

"Nic what are you saying?" Brian said again as he couldn't quite wrap his head around what she was saying," You're telling me I am adopted?"

"I am so sorry Brian" Nicole told him, "I always thought you knew, they could never have more kids after me. And dad wanted a boy you're adopted Brian, I would never had said anything or at least not this way so matter of factly. I thought you already knew."

Then Brian said." Well At least I know they at least wanted me once but I guess I must have been a great disappointment for them especially dad to have always treated me the way they did."

Bridget who has been quietly sitting there listening to all of this saw how upset Brian was getting. She got up and went to Brian to hold him as he cried .Brian so shaken by this was unable to speak for some time.

When he finally spoke he asked Nicole if he knew anything more. Since their mother was not a well woman She was severely mentally ill, Nicole always had kept the family's records and had her health care Proxy and took care of all her mother's things. Nicole told him about all the stuff in the spare room that she never went through, which now also had Angelo's stuff she had not been in that room since Angelo's death. She told him she would look in the room for him to see what she could find.