Chapter 31

Sunday Morning: At the hospital

Carrie was doing much better the implants had been taken out the night before and they put tubes in her ears because of all the ear infections. So with the Tylenol and the antibiotics she had no temperature and was almost back to her normal self. Dave and Deena were up with her at around 6 am

Marjorie came in at about 7 am " Looks like you may be able to take her home sometime this afternoon." Marjorie said

"Oh I sure hope so. I really want things to go back to normal" Dave said

"Well as normal as it can be" Deena said "She still can't hear"

"But at least we have help to guide us through the process of getting all of us educated. Heather Cain can helps with that and I know Brian's brother Matt knows sign language too" Dave said

"I guess we will just have to adjust she said

Marjorie finished with examining Carrie and told them she would be back in the afternoon. If there were no further complications she would be discharged.

The apartment

Bridget woke up first then nausea this morning was really bad she was glad that Brian put a bucket on the side of the bed in case she was sick because it was so bad she never would have made it to the bathroom. She was half hung over the bed getting sick in the bucket.

It woke Brian up "Oh honey its bad this morning huh?"

"Yeah, but it will pass" she lay back on the bed Brian had gotten a warm wet cloth and a cold wet cloth from the bathroom and washed her face with the warm one and then placed the cold one on her forehead.

"I am going to make you soup and here "He handed her ginger ale crackers and the tablets try these, "maybe it will help."
He went into the kitchen and came back with soup in 5 minutes,

"You have to let it steep for a little bit before you eat it" he put it on the side table

"Thanks Brian,"

"Are you feeling any better Bridg?"

"A little, the nausea is starting to pass, I think when my stomach is completely empty is when it is at its worst."

"I think maybe I should set the alarm in the middle of the night for you, that way you can eat something so it won't be as long a period of time without food."

"That's a good Idea Bri, it's worth a try." She looked at the clock it was only 6am "I am sorry to have woken you up so early Bri."

"Its ok honey I guess we are up for the day now though" he said

"Well since we are up we might as well get ready" he said.

They showered and changed made sure they wore very dressy clothes for church. He still insisted on wearing the white bandana and he did look very good with it on. Because they had been up so early they were ready to go way before they had to leave go to Glen Oak.

They sat in the Kitchen she was working on her soup, he was eating a bagel and juice he didn't make coffee he didn't want to make her sick.

"You know I was thinking" Bridget said "You mentioned the other day about getting a house, are you still wanting to do that?"

"Yeah, absolutely just not today, or at least not going out to look at houses today."

"No of course not today," She laughed

"I was wondering, how would you feel about living in Glen Oak instead of the Venice Beach area. I have been looking at a lot of places in the area because of Matt and Sarah and I have seen a few I actually like."

"Really Do you have the listing here in you work bag." He asked

"Yeah I do would you like to see"

"Sure" he said.

She went in the bedroom and came back in the kitchen with her bag she grabbed a few folders she looked through her things and found the folders marked Misc that's where she had put the houses she liked for herself. When she had first started the folder it was wishful thinking but, when He has mentioned the other day that they needed a house she was glad she started the folder. She showed him the folder.

"The ones that I used the yellow highlighter on are the ones I liked best. Especially this one"

She showed him a really nice 3 bedroom very similar but smaller to his parents. "This is my favorite believe it or not it is only 3 blocks from your parents. I only realized how close it was when we drive by it yesterday on the way to you parents."

"Wow I like this one. We will have to take a look at this one soon,"

Brian noticed his answering machine, and I suppose I should listen to whoever that was he hit play the message said

"Hi Brian this is Jay Morton I wanted to thank you for filling in and also your family for when you couldn't they are great I hope you are feeling better, I just wanted to let you know I was able to find a replacement for superintendent so you are off the hook and thanks again."

" Oh that's great I was wondering how I was going to swing that and my job at KC gaming so now I don't have a problem.

" Hey we better get a move on its 9am" she said

so they grabbed everything they would need especially her anti-nausea stuff. And she made sure to give Brian his medication especially the anti-anxiety because she knew his dad was probably going to introduce him to the church today. They made it to the church by 9:25. They both made sure their cell phones where on silent so as not to be disturbed in church.

Nicole was there outside with Bella waiting for them. "Your mom and dad wanted you here early that's why they told you 9:30. Church services actually start at 10 am. Your parents, Lucy and Sam and David are in his office we can go in around the side. Everyone else will be here in about 15 minutes or so. Eric and Lucy were preparing they were both doing short sermons today. "

Annie was straightening out Sam and David as they walked in, Brian remembered the last time he had walked in here was the first time he met his parents wow it had only been 2 weeks since then, seems like a lot longer than that.

Annie looked up as they walked in "hey good morning" she said and walked over and kissed them both"

Nicole had went into the ladies room to change Bella she will be in after that" Bridget said

Around 9:45 they went in the main part of the church, all except for Lucy and Eric they were still preparing The rest of the family was arriving and they all took their seats at the front of the church. Brian and Matt made sure they sat right next to each other.

Matt said to Brian "Even with the short hair and the bandana you still looked exactly like me minus the hair. Sitting next to each other ought to freak enough people out"

Brian laughed, "Your bad Matt"

"You know that Dad is probably going to introduce you to the whole congregation during his sermon" Matt said

"Ya I kind of figured that I made sure to mentally prepare and I took my anti-anxiety medicine as a precaution so I am good I think" he replied

The church was packed by the time services started at 10am the choir started and after a few songs Eric and Lucy came out Eric opened with a Prayer. And instead of going directly into his sermon he looked at Brian and winked at him Brian knew this was it. Eric Said "I know the majority of you were here last week and so you know about my son Brian and first of all I want to thank you for all your prayers for him he was in rough shape last weekend at this time. I am happy to say he has made a remarkable recovery, much faster that the Doctors anticipated. I know how many of you wanted to meet him. He and his fiancée Bridget are actually here this morning. Do you want to stand Brian?"

Brian even though he got a little red in the face said sure and stood up and said hello

Eric said "now you can all meet him after services"

He had Brian sit back down and he started with his sermon. He did his part elaborating more along the same lines as last week's sermon. Brian met many people after the service and they were all very positive and supportive.

They all went back to the Camdens and Annie fixed lunch and they got to al the planning for the wedding. The men went to get fitted for their tuxes Adam and Dave met them their and the women stayed behind and planned everything else. After the men came back Bridget and Brian went to the Jewelry store and picked up their engraved wedding bands.

The rest of the week went by so fast it made Brian and Bridget's head spin. Brian had talked to Dave and Carrie was out of the Hospital and doing quite well. By the following weekend everything for the Wedding was completed down to the last detail. Bridget stayed at the Camden's the night before and Matt Eric Sam and David Noah and Jacob Carlos and Simon all hunkered down at Brian's Friday night and the went out for dinner instead of a traditional bachelor party and they met up with Dave, Adam & Jimmy that night.

Day of the Wedding

Saturday morning came quickley, Bridget woke very early. Still feeling some of the queasiness she went to the Camden's kitchen and had some soup and crackers and took her prenatal vitamins.

Annie was up shortly and in the kitchen shortly there after. "You're up early" Annie said to Bridget "Are you nervous"

"I am a bit" Bridget replied "But I have been getting up early anyway because of the morning sickness anyway" I still can't believe we , well mostly you, pull off the wedding in a week. I can't believe Brian and I are getting married today. I am so glad that one of my brothers will be able to be at the wedding" He will be here at the house at 9 am and he has his tux already He will walk me down the aisle. By the way when will the Colonel and Ruth get here Annie?"

"They will be here about 10 am" Annie replied "I wonder how Brian is holding up, if he is as nervous as you are?"

"He probably is but at least he has Matt there with him, so if he has a panic attack Matt will calm him down. Well I think I am feeling better I think I will hop in the shower before everyone else gets up."

"Oh by the way Bridget I have some people coming in around 10:30 to do everyones hair and make up We have to make sure you are at the church by 12:45."

At Brian's apartment

Matt was the first one up, followed by Brian. "I can't believe you are this calm Brian, I think I am more nervous than you" Matt said,

"I am too excited to be nervous. Brian said "I think I am the happiest man on the planet right now I am going to be a husband today and then a father by the end of the year. Matt do you think my hair has come in enough that it covers the scar I really don't want to use the black bandana I bought, what do you think?"

"I think you would be fine with out it." Matt said "You just look like you have a short hair cut. your scar isn't the least bit visible. If it makes you feel better I am going across the street this morning for a hair cut for me and the boys, not as short as yours mind you, but I think I need it and I have to look good I am the best man after all. "

The twins were awake by now and as usual first thing on their minds was food. They were loud enough that Sam and David as well as everyone else was woken up as well

By 9 am they had put on clothes after they all finished eating, the barber shop across the street was opened and every one went over there Brian went along too even though he didn't need a hair cut he figured he would help keep Matt's boys occupied when they weren't getting their hair cut. They were all done by 11:15 the went back across the street to the apartment were they all got into their wedding attire.

Back at the Camden's

Everyone was up by this time it was 10:15 Bridget was showered and sitting with a button up shirt and shorts on for now. Bridget's Brother Steve had arrived at 9 and a little while later the Colonel and Ruth arrived then the hairstylists and make up artists that Annie had hired got to the house at 10:30

Every one except Bridget had their hair and make up done by 11:30 And they went to get dressed Bridget was done shortly there after and then everyone helped her get into her wedding dress and veil. The Photographer arrived and as soon as everyone was done he proceeded to start taking pictures, The wedding was to start at around 1:pm the cars arrived to 12:45 to take them to church.

At the church

The men all made it to the church a little after 12:30

Eric went into his office to put on his ministers robes and Brian who was now starting to get the jitters was pacing back in forth in his his fathers office.

Matt told him "Relax Brian it will be fine, your not getting cold feet are you?"

"No " Brian replied , " I just see how many people are at the church it is at capacity and that is what is making me nervous."

Carlos came in about 12:50 and announced that the Bride and her entourage has arrived. so everyone took their places Exactly on time the wedding started Eric took his place as officiant and Brian and Matt stood at the front of the church.

The music started. Simon led his mother the her seat and the Colonel walked his wife Ruth to her seat the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids started their processional

Then came Noah and Jacob the ring bearers Then Charlie who where pulling the wagon with Bella in it ,then Chrissy and Jenny the flower girls then Sarah the Matron of Honor

The doors then closed to allow Bridget and her brother Steve to get in position The Bridal processional started and the doors were opened Bridget took Brian's breath away is eyes welled up with tears, he was so happy he couldn't contain it. As she got closer to him he saw she was teary eyed too, her brother placed lifted her veil and kissed her on the cheek and placed her hand in Brian's. then Eric began the ceremony then came the vows

I, Brian Michael take you Bridget Marie , to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part. and he slid the ring on her finger

I, Bridget Marie, take you Brian Michael, to be my husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us she slid the ring on his finger.

Then Eric pronounced they were husband and wife and he could kiss the Bride and then he made the formal announcement and introduced the new Mr and Mrs Brian Davis. The place erupted with applause and then the recessional music started and they proceeded to got back down the aisle to the back of the church.

Brian and Bridget were happier than either of them could even put into words they stayed at the back of the church along with the other members of their wedding party for the receiving line as the guests exited the church Brian and Bridget finally were able to get to the car and got into the back seat he was happy to have alone time with his new wife

Brian told Bridget after giving her a long slow kiss "I hope the car drives to my parents for the reception nice and slow, I am enjoying you too much to get out of the car."

"I am so happy Brian," Bridget told him "I love you so much I feel like my heart will burst with joy."

After about 10 minutes the car arrived at the Camden's Brian had instructed the driver to take the long way their so everyone else had already gotten back to the house. Brian helped Bridget out of the car, and they spent the next while having pictures taken. The reception seem to go on forever, with all the customary things done Matt made his long toast to the Bride and groom which almost made Brian cry and it did make Bridget cry.

Once the reception was over The couple was whisked away to a wonderful Bed and Breakfast about an hour north of Glen Oak Brian carried his bride across the threshold and lay her on the bed as the luggage was brought in.

"I love you Brian so much I am so happy." Bridget told him again

"How are you feeling" he asked her as he rubbed his possessive hand across her belly which was very visible at almost 11 weeks by now.

Matt had been able to confirm with another ultrasound that she had on Thursday that she was in fact carrying twins fraternal twins.

Bridget told him "I am feeling a little tired but not to tired to be with you tonight."

They made love all night.

"Some how this feels different, "Brian told her.

"Its probably because we are married now. " she replied "I love you so much Brian there are no words to describe it."

They spent the whole week at the bed and breakfast it was a very beautiful and romantic area with long trail and little shops. But as much as they loved being together by the end of the week they were ready to go home and start their married life and that included finding a house, for them and her brother and sister in law although Bridget had seen the house not to far from the Camden's that she really wanted they just had to make their move on it when they got back. The next morning the checked out stopped for breakfast and headed lazily back home.