With or Without You:

Summary: Jace and Clary's relationship had made it to 3rd base but Clary is now constantly busy with training to be a shadow hunter. What happens when Jace gets bored while she is training one day? How will Clary react to finding Jace cheating on her? + What will a baby add to this equation?

Chapter 1: Original Sin

December 22nd 2013 –

Exhausted from her training session with her parabatai in Central Park, Clary dragged her feet through the seemingly unending corridors of the New York Institute. She couldn't wait to simply collapse onto the plain white sheeted double bed that her and Jace now shared in his room.

She already had the remainder of her Sunday afternoon planned out: she would get back to her and Jace's room, shower to remove any excess sweat, collapse on the bed and nap, wake up and locate food (preferably not anything Isabelle cooked) and then spend some quality time with her Greek god like boyfriend. Hmmm, maybe they could get Taki's; at the thought of this her sloppy mood brightened considerably. Taki's and Jace; two of her favourite things in the world.

Stopped abruptly when she reached the closed door of their bedroom. She could hear muffled groaning and grunting coming from inside. Confused as to what the noise was about Clary carefully pried the door from its latch and opened it ajar. What she saw inside shocked her right to her very core. Jace. In bed. With a girl. That certainly wasn't her. Clary froze and had to clamp her hand over her mouth to stop from crying out. Jace, her Jace was CHEATING on her!

Just then as she was standing there with her mouth hanging agape the girl reached her peak and cried out in bliss. "Arghhh… Jace, yesss." Jace continued thrusting into the girl until he to groaned and then stilled. It was at that point that Clary could not stand it any longer she fled from the doorway and the door swung closed with a thud in her wake.

The tears kept falling as she threw on her coat and fled the institute without a second glance.