Shirayuki and Ayanami


Hey everybody, it's the awesome Elizabeth, after reading peoples reviews, I'm in the middle of editing my chapters so it's easier for my dear readers to read my story. Thanks for the support!


Hi, my name is Elizabeth, I'm a 14 year old otaku, like many I dream of fantasy worlds from anime and manga that I have seen or read. I hope you enjoy my first fan fiction of 07 Ghost with a world without Teito, this story's main characters are the black hawks, Shirayuki and Yuujirou the dog. They're will be many chapters in this series.

For each chapter it will be about 2 pages, they're will always be 2 different perspectives. So it will switch from each chapter (example, chapter one Shirayuki, chapter two Miroku) It will probably take 1-2 days per chapter depending how much time I have, I might even do 2 chapters at once! Now let the story begin!

Chapter 1 Shirayuki

There was a man, with hair that looked like it was made of silver, with purple eyes that could pierce your heart. But for some reason she felt no fear, he was carrying something black and big.What is it? It smells like death.

" If you touch me you will surely die"

The beautiful but cold man said calmly as he inched away from my touch. How is that possible for I am blind? As I looked around I could make out a beautiful field full of flowers. I could see they embraced me in a warm embrace. Then the field began to disappear, it was replaced by blackness. I awoke, knowing very well that I was back in reality since I was blind…

"Ruff" barked a familiar voice.

"Yuujirou!" As his body heat enveloped my cold body I hugged him for warmth.

"You are my one of my few friends, if only we could stay like this forever."

But I knew very well if you don't move, you will die. Food, water and warmth. Those are the only things people care about in this slum of a town. As I walked blindly, relying on hearing and Yuujirou to my soon to be ex-house. As Elias, my guardian retells the story of how I was found, I decide to listen to it.

"I was walking around looking for scraps when I saw a whee baby in a basket with your name and birthdate. It said

"Shirayuki" I said knowing this story to well. Elias must have smiled since I heard joy in her high and happy voice.

"Yes, and you were born on." "January 1st" I said as I smiled towards the direction of her voice. Because food is so scarce I promised Elias that I would leave promptly on my 10th birthday, which is in 2 days. She is not kicking me out, I just don't want to be a burden on her. Yuujirou is also turning 2 years old, I found him dehydrated and near death, Elias being the kind woman she is, accepted him knowing well that, that means another mouth to feed. Before him, I had to rely on my senses, but to date I do practice hours without his help.

I don't know how to explain it to one who can see, but it is like seeing a grid of the world, by the sounds of Yuujirou's feet or my own, it echoes off giving me a sense where everything is. I have something called a healing zaiphon which is pretty common in Warsfeil, but not in the slums, I do my best to heal those in need. Since 8 years old, Elias has taught me how to defend myself, usually with a stick. She seems to be working more than she usually does. As I started to day dream I heard a loud noise…

"Yuki-chan, Yuki-chan!"It's my friend Raven, who is so nice, I start to smile calling back to her as I try to figure out where she is…

Then all of a sudden I am hugged, she has found me before I could "see her". "Hello Raven!"I say as I smile in her direction.

"Wrong way!" She giggles as my cheeks get hot, and I turn around. "Let's go to the tree and play! I got some treats for you and Yuujirou!"

As soon as the dog hears his name I can hear his tail wagging away. "Okay" I reply as I grab on to a makeshift Yuujirou was big enough, and smart enough to understand that I needed help to navigate my way through the town, I had to grab on to the neck of his fur, of course because he was still a pup, sometimes he would get to excited and start to run, ultimately giving me a dirty and wet face, but I didn't mind, it's something to smile and laugh about later on…

"Come one, hurry up!" "Okay, okay!" I said smiling as ran with Yuujirou leading the way. The tree is the oldest and biggest tree in the town, Raven describes it as being s big brown tower… Many people hang out there, but mostly the kids, it's the only place to hangout that is safer than most places. We finally got there, when Raven walked over to the tree grabbing something. She must have pulled it out, since Yuujirou started to beg...

"What do you think?" Not wanting to be rude I stutter out "It looks yummy?..." "Oops, sorry I forgot you can't see, it's not food it's a red marble I found it in the trash!" "Cool!" I said politely. I started to "see" figures that were coming near us, I don't like to "see" like I do, because I don't want people to be scared…

"Hey look what we have here, blind bat and monkey girl!" said a boy with a malicious edge "I'm not a monkey!" screamed Raven

"Look she's already screaming!" says another boy. Personally I don't café if people make fun of me or beat me as long as they do not hurt my friends. "Hey what do we have here?" said boy #1.

"A red marble..." "Give that back!" Raven cries out. She must have dropped it when she was yelling… "Please give it back." I say passively, not wanting to start a fight but at the time wanting to help my friend. "What you gonna do bout it?"

"Please give it back." I said as I tried and pinpoint where everything is. It then comes out of the blue I am hit with something hard as I fall to my knees I hear "Don't hurt Yuki-chan! Yuki-chan can you hear me?" As I try to concentrate as much as I can, I see the whole area around the tree, where Raven is, where I am, and where they boys are, and Yuujirou. I do not see faces, but they're body frame and movement. As I concentrate I can see boy #2 walk towards Raven "Please, don't hurt her!"

Another kick goes to my stomach, as I think about all the training I had with a stick, a stick that's it, that's what I need! "Yuujirou? Yuujirou!" "Ruff!" I think about how to get one, that's it, fetch!

"Fetch, Yuujirou, fetch!" I "see" him run towards the tree and jump and rip off a branch he then runs towards me with it in his mouth. Boy #2 soon notices as he tries to warn boy #1, please Raven catch on to my plan! She does as she then tackles boy #2, covering his mouth, because I know I have mere seconds, I distract boy #1.

"If I'm blind what are you?" It works as he starts to punch but I can see his movement in what seems like slow motion, I deflect his hand while grabbing the stick from Yuujirou "Go help Raven!"

I shout as I prepare to battle, as the boy then pulls out a knife, could be my death, I must fight to protect Raven and Yuujirou, they will not survive if I die. I "see" his hand slowly shoot out, but I'm already one step ahead, I hit him in the arm, making him drop the marble, I grab it as I dodge a stab aimed at my heart. Then just as I'm about to attack once again I hear a yelp "Yuujirou!"

As I try to go to his aid boy #1 blocks me, "Today is the day you die bat!" As he aims once again for my heart, my survival instincts kick in as I stab him twice, so fast he has no time to react, as I then hit him once in the head. That should keep him down… "Sorry, because I am blind I cannot see where I stabbed you."

"Yuki-chan, Yuki-chan!" I run over to her and Yuujirou. "How did you do that it was amazing!"

"Remember that "sword" training?" I reply. "With a stick?" she asks a bit confused. "Yes."

"Never mind that, are you two okay?!" I ask remembering the situation. "I-it's Yuujirou!" she begins to sob…

"What happened?!" I ask starting to panic. "Yuujirou managed to get the boy off me but the boy started to kick him, he then started to come back to me, but Yuujirou grabbed on to him..He started to kick him some more. I've never seen him so ferocious, he's usually so kind."

I smile and respond "It's because I told him to." "I was able to get a rock and throw it at him, he's unconscious at the moment, but Yuujirou's not moving!" She starts to cry once again, I try to comfort her as we run over to Yuujirou who lay still. I grab him in my arms and hear a faint but hopeful whimper. "Yuujirou you were very good for protecting Raven"

"He's going to die!" Raven cried out hysterically. "Raven I am going to save him you need to be quiet!" I say in an attempt to hush her. As I start to heal him, using my zaiphon, I hear a rustling in the bushes. "Who is there?!" I yell as I start to grab Raven in one hand, willing to protect her at all costs.

"My name is Miroku Bargsburg and I have been watching you for a while…"