Chapter 2: The Bibble Solution

Sam and Cat's Apartment

5 Minutes Later

Cat sits at the counter, shell-shocked. She muffles her cries into her palms. An annoyed Sam pacess around the kitchen, scrolling through her phone.

"S-Sam, I'm sorry" The redhead apologizes. Her voice breaks under the guilt, but it was too late.

Sam glares at her and then stares back at her weirdly-shaped phone. No response. Cat takes deep breaths in a useless attempt to calm down.

"Cat" The dirty blonde replies.

Cat jerks her neck up at her roommate. Sam slides her smartphone down the counter. The 16-year-old stops the smartphone with her finger and looks at the screen. Lacking her glasses, the redhead squints at the screen.

"You have an addiction problem" Sam acknowledges and cracks her knuckles; "You also need to repay that ATM machine. So we're going to kill 2 birds with one stone"

The phone screen turns off. So, Cat nervously looks at her roommate for instructions.

"You're getting a job at The Bibble Store"

To be continued

(Date of Publication: August 28, 2021)