All right we got ourselves a Carrie/Twilight story! So I decided since no body would even care if I put this in a crossover category, I decided not to just to make sure people read it. This takes place during Carrie 2013 and after Breaking Dawn.

Disclaimer: Do not own Carrie or Twilight. Wish I did but I don't.

Carrie White entered the Cafeteria, quickly grabbed her food, and sat down. She knew if she sat down fast enough and ate her food quickly, she would have a head start on running away from Chris Hargensen and her friends and avoiding teasing from them.

She listened to the students gossip about a new family moving into town and being new students at Ewen Consolidated High School.

Carrie had heard rumors that they were all adopted and kept to themselves. Much like Carrie herself. Carrie heard the students stop talking and some people gasp. Carrie fought the urge to look up but failed.

Standing at the door was a large very pale teenager who had huge muscles and short black hair. He stared at all of the students staring back at him and rolled his eyes.

A blond woman followed him and every boy in the Cafeteria's jaw dropped. She was very beautiful and Carrie thought she was more beautiful than every popular girl in school combined.

Another blond enter the room and he was talking to a beautiful brunette. She wasn't as beautiful as the female blond but she was a close second.

And the blond male was definitely was related to the female blond.

A short girl with a really short and spiky hair walked in behind them and she was walking as if she was bouncing.

Two bronze haired teens walked in and Carrie assumed they were related. And a tanned and tall teen walked in. He looked like a purple rock in a sea of blue stones. All the other teens were pale and golden eyed.

Well except for one of the bronzed hair teens. She had chocolate brown eyes. But she was as pale as the others.

Carrie's eyes meant the brunette's and Carrie looked down. Carrie looked back up only a little and the brunette was in deep conversation with the short haired one. Carrie finished her lunch, grabbed her things, and ran out of the Cafeteria.

She looked at her Class list and saw her next class was Gym. Carrie put the list back into her bag and started walking away but she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. "Excuse me?" Carrie turned around to come face-to-face with the bronze haired girl from lunch. "I'm looking for the gym and I'm new here so I don't know where it is. Can you tell me?" Carrie noticed her voice had a ring to it and ignoring that she said" My next class is Gym...I...could..." The girl finished" Take me to class?" Carrie nodded.

The girl held her hand out and said" I'm Renesmee Cullen" Carrie cautiously shook her hand and said" Carrie" Renesmee and Carrie walked to Gym class, Renesmee telling Carrie things about her family.

Her mother Esme Cullen (They're pretending Renesmee is Esme's daughter) had gotten a job as the Assistant Principle and her father Carlisle had gotten a job as the school's other Gym teacher.

Carrie said nothing much about her family other than she lived with her mother and her father had left them. At Gym Class, Ms. Desjardin said the girls would be playing volleyball.

Carrie sighed in defeat.

Chris and the others would have a field day.

Renesmee groaned and said" I hate volleyball!" Carrie said" I do to"

Renesmee and Carrie changed into their swimsuits and entered the pool area.

Renesmee pointed out her sisters Bella, Alice, and Rosalie for Carrie. The brunette was Bella. The short haired girl was Alice. And the beautiful blond was Rosalie.

Carrie watched Sue Snell, Tina Blake, Nikki and Lizzy Watson, Heather Shyres, and Chris enter the pool area and Carrie watched as Sue kiss her boyfriend Tommy Ross full on the lips.

Renesmee mimed vomiting at that and Carrie gave her a small smile. Chris noticed and leaned close to Carrie's face and said" Wipe that smile off your face"

Carrie looked away and Bella (having heard) stared curiously at Carrie while Alice glared at Chris.

When the class started playing volleyball in the pool, Carrie stayed away from the game and out of sight.

She liked watching Renesmee, Bella, Alice, and Rosalie hit the ball hard and score points much to the shock and outrage of Chris.

Then Rosalie hit the ball in Carrie's direction and it landed in front of her. Carrie stared at the ball not knowing what to do.

Bella said" I'll help Ms. Desjardin!" when Ms. Desjardin began walking over to Carrie. Bella said" Carrie pick up the ball and serve" Carrie picked up the ball and threw it but it hit Renesmee on the head. Renesmee said" She's got a good spike!"

Chris, Sue, Nikki, Lizzy, Tina, and Heather laughed at Carrie. Renesmee glared at them.

At the school showers, Carrie stepped into the shower and turned it on. She rubbed soap on her body and pulled her hand up with blood on it. Carrie screamed and every girl looked at her.

Renesmee saw the blood dripping down from Carrie's leg to the floor. Rosalie, Alice, and Bella ran out despite Carrie's pleads for them to help her. Renesmee ran out in a opposite direction.

Carrie screamed for her to come back but Renesmee was too far to hear her.

The girls began throwing tampons at Carrie chanting" Plug it up" Renesmee returned with Ms. Desjardin and a woman Carrie had never seen before. The woman said" Carrie calm down!" Ms. Desjardin leaned down and slapped Carrie.

Though this calmed Carrie down a bit, the woman was furious. She said" Rita that is not a good way to calm her down!"

Carrie was still crying and screaming. Sue said" I don't think she knows it's her period" The woman said" Ms. Snell thank you for the observation now can you please leave?"

Renesmee said" I think it's her first period" The woman said" That would explain it" Ms. Desjardin said" Everyone except for Ms. Cullen GET OUT!"

Carrie calmed down a bit more and the woman comforted her saying" Carrie it's going to be okay" Carrie picked her head up and asked" Who are you?" The woman said" I'm Esme Cullen. Renesmee's mother"