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(Three days later)

The judge said" Ms. Snell and Ms. Cullen we're trying to connect Carrie White to the tragedy on prom night. Surely what you and your friends saw was clearly a natural act?' Renesmee said" Most of my friends died that night. But we know what we saw" Sue nodded. Renesmee leaned forward and said" You want an explanation? Carrie had some sort of power. But she was just like me. She had hopes, dreams, and fears. But she was pushed. And people can only be pushed so far until they've had enough" After that the town no longer blamed Carrie for the massacre at prom but blamed Chris Hargenson's family for letting their daughter get away with everything. Some people still blamed Carrie but they were ignored. Sue, Renesmee, Labib, Erika, and George were the only ones who knew about Sue's pregnancy and they grew close together as friends. Though it took a while for any of them to want to visit Carrie and Kostas's graves.

(Two months later. Yeah that long!)

Renesmee, George, Labib, Sue, and Erika went to the cemetery and Renesmee growled when she saw the grave. It had been vandalized badly, the words "Carrie White burns in hell!" Sue said" I'll call the cops and get the ass-hole who did that to pay" Renesmee said" No need" Renesmee places a bouquet of white roses on Carrie's grave and a tear fell down her face. Renesmee said" Carrie had been through so much, she didn't deserve to die. It was bad enough she got pig's blood dumped on her. If Chris hadn't been such a bit-" Renesmee stopped talking. The cops had discovered Chris and Billy's burned bodies the morning after Prom night. Renesmee said" She didn't deserve it" She turned around and began walking off. Sue placed a pink rose on the grave and followed Renesmee. George said" We miss you Carrie" He kisses three of his fingers and place them on the grave. Erika said" Hope you're doing okay in heaven girl" Labib said" I miss you more than anything. I loved you" Labib started crying and Erika comforted him. The group left but they didn't notice the grave began cracking, or the leaves floating, or the scream coming from the grave.

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