From the Desk of the Sharper

"Platypus in a Sitch"

Here is a KP/Phineas and Ferb crossover plot bunny idea that has been crossing my head almost all week. What if Kim lived the life of a platypus? It'll be the craziest sitch of her life as Ron and Wade try to get her back to normal before she remains one...forever!

It takes place primarily in-between seasons one and two of both Kim Possible and season one of Phineas and Ferb (that is, before Kim and Ron and Candace and Jeremy became couples of their respective shows) and is not tied in with my 'A New Redheaded Cheerleader' series. It's more in line with canon of the two shows.

Like all my other fanfics, it is not, and never will be, intended for profit.

Kim Possible is created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle and (c) by Disney.

Phineas and Ferb is created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and also (c) by Disney.

The fanfic is rated PG for some crude humor and cartoon action violence.

Chapter 1

(the Possible house, 7am)

The rays from the bright early-Jun sun shone through Kim's window. The bright fifteen-year old redhead jumped out of bed, embracing the freedom of summer away from the forces of homework and Mr. Barkin and from cheerleading practice for the next 104 days.

Of course, there were her missions that Wade gave her to deal with the assortment of bad guys of Dr. Drakken, Duff Killigan, and DNAmy, among others. But they were, as Kim said so, 'no big' to her.

However, on this one particular June day, she could not avoid the biggest sitch that would appear in front of her.

Two things were going to happen on this very day.

(The other day)

Kim was on her cell phone, talking with Monique. Pictures of Josh Mankey were adorned all over her dresser and nightstand.

"Oh, Monique! I know those purple high-heels look totally perfect on you for the summer wardrobe, but I don't know which ones I should get! Should I get the green ones, because of the way they match my eyes? Or should I get blue because they match my capris?"

She heard a beep on the other line.

"Sorry, I'm going to put you on hold Monique!"

Kim pressed the button while drinking a bottle of water.


"Oh, hey, Kim!"

It was Josh on the other line. Kim spat out her water in complete surprise.

"Oh...beh...oh...bih...oh...buh...umm...hey, Josh!" She was completely nervous whenever he was nearby and this was the first time that he called her up.

"I was just asking how's summer going so far for you?" he asked.

Kim was babbling around, trying to find an answer.

"Eh...beh...uhh..umm...fine! Yes, it's going fine!" she replied weakly.

"Anyways, I was wondering if you can come with me on a date tomorrow evening, June the 2nd, at the 'Summer Rocks' dance over at the Middleton Convention Center!" Josh said.

Kim bit the bottom of her lip and began to squeal.

"Okay..." she squeaked, trying to contain her joy, "...see you at eight tomorrow?"

"I'll pick you up then! See you tomorrow!" Josh replied as he ended the call.

Kim pressed on the button to get Monique back on the other line.


"Yeah, Kim?"

She screamed as loud as a fangirl of the latest boy band.


Her reaction made Monique's hair stand up on its end.

"Oh my gosh, girl! That's totally perfect!"

Kim began to panic, however, because of her past behavior of trying to ask Josh.

"I know, Moni! But I'm totally nervous! What do I do?!"

"Just calm down, girl! Take a few deep breaths!"

Kim breathed in and out and composed herself.

"Okay, Monique, I'm much better...for now..."

"What you have to do is to summon up the courage to ask him out to that dance!" Monique suggested a method of advice. Of course Kim had the courage to ask Josh to a dance once, but that was at school underneath completely different circumstances.

"But what can I do, Monique?! I'm only one person after all!"

"I'd suggest that you follow my relationship advice, girl! That way, you can conquer your nervousness around Josh!"

"Yeah...I guess so..." Kim sighed, before hearing a few taps on her bedroom door. "I'll call you back, Monique. Someone's at the door."

She hung up her cell phone and opened up the door. It was her dad, holding a notepad in his hand with driving instructions written on it.

"Oh, hey, Dad! What's going on?"

"Hey, Kimmie-cub!" James smiled, "Looks like you got a baby-sitting job to do tomorrow!"

"Wait, what?! Tomorrow IS June the second!" Kim dropped her jaw in surprise. She planned that day to go out with her crush to the 'Summer Rocks' dance.

"Oh no!" she proclaimed, "I am not going to baby-sit the Tweebs again! Don't you know what they did to me the last time I babysat those monsters?"

(4 days ago)

(The Tweebs rushed into the hall bathroom and flushed Kim's lip gloss from Club Banana down the toilet while James and Ann were away on their date)

"Oh you tweebs! You are so officially dead this time!"

(She accidentally pressed a red button on one of the tiles of the bathroom and shaving cream comes spraying out from the ceiling onto poor Kim.)

"And to top that off, I've got a date with Josh tomorrow night! Do you know how hard it is for me to go out on a date with him?!"

"" James wondered.

"Face it, Dad! Josh is a complete all-around hottie...!"

"I would prefer the term 'golden' around this house, Kim." James interrupted.

"Sorry, Dad...all-around golden boy!" Kim corrected herself.

"That's much better!" James smiled.

Kim continued, "I would melt like butter around him!"

"I can see, Kim, from those photographs of him." James said, pointing to the aforementioned small shrine to Josh on his dresser with all the photographs of him walking on the sidewalk.

Then he got back to the task at hand, the baby-sitting job that he was about to announce for his daughter. "Now where were we...oh yes! The baby-sitting!"

"Like I said, Dad, I am not going to babysit the twins for the rest of this summer! It took me five hours to remove the shaving cream from my hair!"

"That must explain the sudden cold water shower I've had yesterday..." James understood what had happened before adding, "It's not the boys this time. They're over at a friend's house!"

Kim sighed in relief, "Well, at least they won't bother me for a few days."

"What I am talking about, Kimmie-cub, is that a Mrs. Linda Flynn-Fletcher called me up."

" I guess she apparently found my site..." Kim said. She had set up her site for baby-sitting jobs at first before the crime-fighting began.

"She did. She's going to be headed on over to an antiques convention center at ten and she needs someone to watch over her sons." James replied.

"Well, if she needs someone that can help keep her sons in line, it's going to be me!" Kim exclaimed, pointing to herself.

Kim felt that she was ready to take on the job. After all, she is indeed the girl that can do anything.