Chapter 2

(The next day)

Since Kim was going off to Danville for her babysitting duties, she had to have some backup.

Kim got out her cell phone and dialed Monique's number.

K: "Hey, Moni! Guess what happened?"

M: "What is it, Kim? Is it about Josh?"

K: No, it's about a baby-sitting job! I just needed someone to help me just in case if those kids, you know, get out of hand!

M: Oh no... don't tell me it's those little Frankensteins...

K: Don't worry, Monique! It's not the Tweebs this time, it's some kids up in Danville that I have to watch for a few hours before my date with Josh.

M: As long as they don't use my mascara for one of their freaky experiments, we'll be fine.

K: So, are you going to come over to my house.

M: Just let me get ready, girl, and I'll be there in about an hour!

K: Okay, Monique! See you then!

Kim closed up her flip-phone and went downstairs. She could smell the breakfast that Ann was making. It was a combination of scrambled eggs and sausages.

"Hey, Mom! Hey, Dad!" she smiled.

"Hey, my little bubble-butt!" Ann giggled.

"Mom?!" Kim groaned and blushed a little, "How many times do I have to tell you that I'm no longer seven?! I'm fifteen now!"

"But you'll always my cute widdle bubble-butt!" Ann cooed almost in baby-talk.

Kim muttered, "As long as you don't say it near Bonnie's presence, Mom, I'll be fine with that..."

She sat on her chair at the table as her mom gave her the plate of scrambled eggs and sausages.

"So what time are we leaving, James?" Ann asked.

James put down his paper and looked at the kitchen clock.

"We're going to be leaving at ten."

"For what, Dad?" Kim asked.

"We got invited to a seminar for married couples who have been together 15 years or more..." James explained where they were going.

"...such as us..." Ann winked.

"...and learn from the experts on how to make our relationship last even longer!" James concluded.

"It's out in the northeastern part of Alabama. So we might be there for the entire weekend!" Ann interjected.

"Wait..." Kim gasped, "...did you just say the entire weekend?"

"Um, yes we did, Kimmie-cub." James replied. "The seminar is going to be for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of this month."

"Um...excuse me...what about me?" Kim exclaimed in surprise.

" are fifteen after all. You can take care of yourself for one weekend." Ann said, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Um, yeah..." Kim admitted.

"Well, if you can survive the twins, the washing machine and the fire department, then surely you can survive one weekend without us!"

"'re right! I can do this! But can I invite two of my friends?" Kim asked.

"Okay..." James agreed, "Two friends. No more than that!"

"Yes!" Kim shouted for joy. "I'll get Monique and Ron!"

"Ah...such nice kids they are..." James grinned, as he resumed reading the paper.

"So wanna go shopping over at the Googolplex Mall over at Danville, a couple miles south of Middleton before my Joshy-woshy date tonight?" Monique asked.

"Would I ever say no to a 35 percent off sale at Club Banana?" Kim replied with excitement.

"Then I would take that as a 'yes'!" Monique grinned.

Kim hung up her cell phone and dialed Ron's number.

Ron picked up his cell phone, which was one of those from the 1990s that was the size of a brick.

"Yello! Stoppable residence! This is Ron-man, the inventor of the Naco and bon-diggetyest guy in all of Middleton! To whom am I speaking to?"

Kim chuckled, "You can drop the act, Ron. It's me, Kim!"

"Oh, hey KP! Wanna go over to Bueno Nacho with me for lunch today? Today's all-you-can-eat Naco Friday!" Ron asked.

"Sorry, Ron..." Kim groaned, "I have a baby-sitting job over in Danville. I have to watch someone else's kids for a few hours. Also my parents are going to a couples seminar for the weekend, so I was wondering if you can come to both Danville and over at my house!"

R: " least it beats baby-sitting your brothers! And of course I want to come!"

K: "Obviously! Last time, they not only dumped shaving cream over my face but those freaks also nearly took my diary."

R: "The one where you usually gush over Josh Mankey?!"

Kim was lost in her train of thought at the mention of the name...

"Ahh...Mankey! I can imagine getting married together in a beautiful church!" She was smitten and began to daydream.

"Uh...Kim? Kimbo? You there?"

Ron was trying to get her attention. "Ugh...I hate it when she daydreams about that person whose initial is one vowel away from a monkey!"

He then whistled to his pet.

"Rufus...the airhorn please!"

Rufus crawled over to his owner's side, airhorn in hand. He used his paws to cover his ears as Ron blew the airhorn as loud as he could from his phone.

This startled Kim out of her daydreaming.

"Oh...sorry, Ron! The thing is that I have a date with him tonight and I don't want anything...and I mean screw it up!"

"So see you at 11, KP?" Ron said with a smile.

"I'll see you at that time!" Kim replied, hanging up the phone.