Chapter 32

(3:30pm, 3 hours and 30 minutes to permanent platypusization for Kim)

Back at the Danville Mall, Bonnie headed back to Center Court in the hopes of getting out of here quickly so that she could complete her humiliation of Kim.

She scanned her eyes around the bench and saw only Stacy with the Club Banana bags.

Coming to the bench, the brunette asked, "Stacy, where's the Candy girl?"

"She went to Mr. Slushy Burger across from here at the food court, making goo-goo eyes at Jeremy as we speak." Stacy replied.

"Stacy, you stay here with the CB merch." Bonnie said while taking the bags, "I'll try and get Candace!"

"No problem!" Stacy insisted. She stayed on the bench with the bags.

(2 min. later)

Candace sighed in love, staring right at Jeremy while he was flipping burgers at Mr. Slushy Burger. She rested her elbow against the counter, unable to control her giggling and flirty ways.

"Aww...isn't it cute when you're flipping the burgers again and again?" Candace asked with a slight giggle.

"Hey, Candace!" Jeremy said, smiling at her back. "Listen, my shift is about to be over in 15, but if you want, I can play a demo of my song for you at my house a few hours before the concert begins tonight at my house!"

"Ohhhh...of course, my little handsome rock star!" Candace cooed.

"I'll get back to filling some customers orders. I'll see you then!" Jeremy said.

"See you then!" Candace replied, waving to him.

As Jeremy left, Candace felt like that she was forgetting something. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Wait a minute. It's at 3:32pm right now. It seems like there's something familiar that's missing, but what?"

Bonnie came up to her and said, "Candace, are you going to come with me?"

"Huh? Oh, sure, Bonnie!" Candace replied, standing up from her seat.

"Stacy is at the Center Court with the glam clothes, so we should be meeting her there." Bonnie said, walking with Candace.

A text notification then came up on Candace's cell phone.

"Ooooh! I got a message!" Candace exclaimed excitedly, "Is it from Jeremy? Is it from Jeremy?"

But it wasn't.

"'s Jenny Brown who texted me!"

"Another one of your friends, Candace?" the Queen asked.

"She's another good friend of mine." Candace said, "I don't spend time as much with her as I do with Stacy, but we're good pals!"

"Well, if that's the case, then open the text!" Bonnie insisted.

Candace opened the text and it said:


Enjoying fun water ride right now, lol. Wish you were here. Attached are pics.

Your second BF


And she also saw that the email had three pictures inside.

One was a picture of Jenny on the water ride.

"Oooh, that must be exciting..." Candace smiled before sliding onto the second pic.

The second pic was a pic of Django Brown, Jenny's brother, and Isabella also on the slide.

'That sense' was kicked into her brain.

"Oh no...don't let it be them...don't let it be them...

The third and final picture that Jenny took showed a blurry image of two kids. One of them was enjoying the ride and the other was silent. She recongnized, from the blurry shapes, who those two kids are.

The busting sene has officially kicked in as Candace shouted from the top of her lungs.