A/N: Hey everyone! I just watched Frozen for the sixth time and I recently re-watched Rise of the Guardians, and I was struck by how I could practically hear Jack Frost making comments every time Elsa did something icy. So I felt compelled to write this. And I KNOW that Jack doesn't become a Guardian until well after the Frozen time line, so this is sort of AU I guess.

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Love Will Thaw

Jack Frost was… really bored actually. And when the Guardian of Fun gets bored you better watch out. He contemplated flying into the village and starting a snowball fight but that was just so… ordinary.

He lazily drifted about on his staff and allowed the wind to take him around to the castle. He glanced through a window and kept going, then backed up when he heard a strange sound. Jack floated through the castle of Arendelle and realized the sound was heart wrenching sobs. He entered the room and saw a woman with brown hair holding a bundle while a man with lighter hair sat in a chair with his head in his hands. Jack moved closer and realized the bundle was a small brown haired baby girl.

"She's not breathing…" He looked at the girl's mother. "I know you can't hear me… but I'm so sorry. I wish there was something I could do." He turned toward the door and saw the Man in the Moon.

"What was that Manny?" His expression changed from sorrow to surprise and wary hesitation. "I can? Manny what if I mess it up?" His eyes became determined. "Okay Manny."

Jack rose back into the air and hovered on his staff over the woman's baby. The woman shivered and Jack looked at her. "Hey Lady Queen … I'm going to try and save your princess." The queen was frowning and said, "Did it get cold in here all of sudden?"

Before the king could answer, Jack laid his palm on top of the child's hair and a whisper of power tingled through him and into the princess. The girl stirred and the queen gave a low cry as her daughter let out a lusty wail. Jack smiled as the king jolted to her feet. "What's happening to her hair?"

Jack Frost looked down in surprise: his hand was large enough that it had covered the tiny princess's head. When he'd touched her, her hair had started turning the palest of blondes.

"I don't know my lord, but I don't care! My daughter lives and breathes! It is a miracle! A winter miracle!"

Jack grinned and leaned over the baby again. She opened her ocean blue eyes and cooed in delight.

The queen nuzzled the child. "My beautiful Princess Elsa…" When she lowered the girl and Elsa turned to look at Jack, he froze. She was looking straight at him.

"Um… hi Elsa." She giggled loudly and waved an arm. Jack grinned and floated right over her, dipping his head to kiss the tiny princess's nose. "Jack Frost's nipping at your nose Princess."

The little girl cried in surprise at his cold lips and Jack saw in the pupils of her eyes a snowflake as tiny wisps of icy magic escaped the girl's fingers. The king and queen gasped. "She has magic my lady!"

The queen marveled at her tiny daughter. "She truly is a miracle my lord."

Jack scratched the back of his head and gazed up at the moon. "Was that supposed to happen? Oh well."

Jack turned his attention back to Princess Elsa and smiled again as the girl giggled again. "I'll come visit again soon Princess. Enjoy your childhood."

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