5 months later...

"Mommy, I'm done my breakfast, can we go to the park now?" Emma impatiently tugs her mother's arm, as Rachel is per-occupied, setting a laptop on Central Perk's coffee table.

"Just a second, sweetie." Rachel replies, fiddling around with the computer. "We're going to video-chat with Daddy, first."

The 4 year old lets out a dramatic, less-than-impressed sigh, and props her chin on her elbow. "We already talked to Daddy this morning!"

"Yes, but.." Rachel tells her, adjusting the screen. "now that Central Perk has wifi, we can do it in here, too! Isn't that fun?"

"I wanna play with Jack and Erica.." Emma whines.

"Honey, you're just going to have to be patient. Jack and Erica will be here shortly, with Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler, and then we'll all go to the park. I'm just waiting for Daddy's call."

The Tribbianis are present as well. Joey, sat beside Rachel, his son in his lap, helping himself to breakfast, while Phoebe was in the bathroom, for the third time.

"So how's this whole long-distance thing been going so far, Rach?" he asks, before shoving what's left of the second bite of his muffin into his mouth.

"Great. If I could figure out how to set this stupid thing up..." She mutters. "Joey, do you know anything about computers?"

"I know how to get to the porn sites, but that's about it." he admits, speaking with his mouth full.

Growing frustrated, Rachel continues to try and get the wifi set up, and finally succeeds. She sits back, waiting for Ross's call, until Phoebe returns. The blonde lets herself collapses heavily next to her husband on the sofa, leaving him feeling very squished, in between the two 8-months-pregnant women. He lifts Greyson up, quickly, to protect him from being squished, and readjusts the toddler on his lap.

"Ugh..." Phoebe groans, oblivious to Joey's discomfort, or how much space she is occupying. "One sip of decaf, and you'd think I drank half the ocean!"

She reaches her hand towards the coffee table for the last muffin, and discovers only empty space where it use to be. Annoyed, she shoves the box they were in aside.

"Who ate the last muffin!?" She demands, her eyes immediately accusing her husband before he has a chance to swallow the last bite. Joey becomes flustered once he notices both she and Rachel glaring at him.

"You two ate the first six!" he points out.

"Yeah, so!?" Rachel snaps. "We're pregnant, if you didn't notice!"

"Well, I'm hungry, if you didn't notice!" Joey retorts, but soon realizes, from the looks on their faces, that it's no use arguing with them and their hormones. "Alright, alright...I'll go get some more."

He makes an attempt to stand up, but finds himself wedged between them so tightly he can barely move. Luckily, he spots Gunther, coming to clear the table. Rather than further upset Rachel and Phoebe, he decides to ask for help.

"Hey, Gunther, could we get 3 more muffins? And, uh...maybe a bigger couch?"

"We're fresh out of couches." Gunther replies, dryly. "But we have more muffins in the oven." the server pauses, to address Rachel. "Good morning, Rachel. You look quite beautiful and radiant today."

"Yeah, yeah..." Rachel replies, her eyes still fixed on the screen, and her hand waving him away. "Just make with the muffins, already."

Soon after Gunther hurries off to get them, she straightens up, excitedly, at the familiar sound effect her computer makes.

"Ooh! It's Ross! Guys, it's him!" She lights up with excitement as Ross's smiling face appears on a small square on the screen.

"Well hello, my sexy dinosaur-man." she says.

"Hello there, my very hot, sexy mommy-lady." He replies, followed by a cat-call sound.

Joey and Phoebe exchange a look.

"Ok, both of those sounded quite disturbing.." Phoebe comments to her husband.

"Ross, Phoebe and Joey are here." Rachel informs him, turning the computer screen to try and fit everyone in.

"Hey, guys!"

"Hi, Ross!" Joey and Phoebe reply, waving back to him,

"Hey, Ross, how does New York look from Canada?" Phoebe asks.

"Pretty much the same as it does from New York, Pheebs. Only a little more pix-elated."

"Oh, hey, Ross! Have you seen any poisonous snakes yet?"

Ross's brow furrows. "Where exactly do you think Canada is, Joey?"

Joey shrugs. "I dunno...probably near England or somethin'."

Rachel looks at Joey, curiously. "I didn't know England had venomous reptiles.."

"That's what they want you to think, when their not shape-shifting." Phoebe explains, as though everyone else understands her strange theories.

"Well...I haven't seen any snakes, but there are definitely reptiles here. Or should I say, reptile fossils. You wouldn't believe how far we've had to dig to uncover this thing. The entire skeleton took us about 3 weeks to unveil from the earth. And did you know that it actually has an 'S' shaped vertebrae, like a coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur, or rather, a t-rex. Only it's clearly a herbivore...You know I really can't say much more about it, because it's still a top secret kind of project.."

"Thank GOD!" Joey blurts out, annoyed, as usual, when Ross begins talking anything science or dinosaur-related.

"But do you wanna know who I think put those bones there, Ross? Aliens." Phoebe pipes up, nodding in agreement with herself.

Recognizing how extremely flustered her husband looks by the blonde's comment, Rachel decides to butt in, to avoid a long, unnecessary, and never-ending debate between the two, and their waring beliefs.
"Now, Ross, does this mean that you're almost done over there?" she asks.

"Well...not exactly. We still have so much research to do. I mean, we know virtually nothing about this animal, so far."

"What's there to know? It's dead!" Joey remarks.

"You know, he actually has a point there." Rachel tells Ross. "Besides, Ross, you said a few months! I can't hold this baby in much longer! The doctors are saying it could come as early as 2 weeks."

"Yeah, and not to mention you'll be missing the birth of our baby." Phoebe adds.

Joey nods, agreeing with her. "And you also missed Greyson's first birthday party last week. What's next, you gonna miss his first steps?"

"Greyson's not my kid!" Ross points out, becoming frustrated.

"I'm just sayin'...we had a magician there! You really missed out, man!" Joey continues.

"Would you two stay out of this?" Ross says. "Rachel, turn me away from them."
Rachel does as she's told, turning the laptop towards herself and Emma, so Joey and Phoebe could no longer see Ross.

"Look, honey, we discussed this earlier today...I will be back on time, I promise. I just may need to stay a little bit longer than planned, that's all. A few days, at the most. We're discovering important information that I really don't want to miss right now. Especially after all the work we've done over here. But I wouldn't miss our baby for the world."

"But, Ross..." Rachel begins, when Ross's head suddenly turns towards the door in the background of the room he's in, as someone opens it.

"Professor Gellar? You'd better come see these DNA results, it's incredible!" a female voice says in the distance.

"Yeah, I'll be right there. I'm just talking to my wife." he explains, before turning his attention back to the screen. "I'm sorry, Rach, I've gotta go."

"No, wait...Ross." Rachel attempts, as she isn't done speaking or pleading her case to him.

"I'll talk to you later this evening, alright? Bye, everyone. Bye, Emma! Daddy loves you! I'll see you soon, ok?"

"Bye, Dad!" the girl waves to her father's image on the screen before it disappears, much to Rachel's annoyance. She closes the laptop shut in frustration.

"Ugh! I can't believe that guy!" she says, before her daughter is tugging her arm again.

"Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom." she says.

"Ok..." Rachel tries to hoist herself up to her feet, but gives up after a few attempts. "I can't get up. I'm too big."

"Well, so am I." Phoebe points out. "Joey, why don't you take her."

Joey's brow furrows in confusion. "I can't go into the ladies room!"

"Oh, yes you can!" Rachel replies, in a tone that tells Joey she's in no state to argue, after the conversation with Ross she just had.

"Alright..." he says, handing Greyson off to Phoebe, so that he can squeeze his way off the sofa. "Come on, Emma. Uncle Joey will take you."

"Seriously..." Phoebe says, once he's out of hearing range. "What is he going to do if we have a girl?"

"So you're changing your mind about having a boy?" Rachel asks.

"Well, no...I still think Celeste is right." Phoebe explains, before pausing, thoughtfully. "Speaking of which,though...I've been thinking. Your baby could be a girl."

"Well...it could be, I suppose. I mean, I'd love to have another daughter. But a boy would be nice, too. I don't really have a son of my own, just Ben."

"But say if you DID have a girl.." Phoebe went on. "and me and Joey have a boy...how would you feel about trading?"

Rachel stares at her friend for several seconds in disbelief. "Trading?" she repeats.


"Trading our children?"

"Yeah! Cause I really want a girl...and you were just saying you wanted a boy. We're both having babies sometime within the next few weeks. I mean babies are babies, right? Who would know the difference?"

"Phoebe, I would know. Ross would know. Joey would...well, actually, I'm not sure about that."

"Well, the thing is..." Phoebe begins. "I was just thinking...I already have one Tribbiani boy. I mean this kid has his father's good looks...he could very well be just as charming as he is. In about 15 years, he's gonna be all 'How you doin'' and girls are just gonna fall head over heels for that, because I mean, who wouldn't? And then, y'know, he'll have like 10 girlfriends. At least one of which, I'm sure I'll have to kill, for breaking my son's heart, eventually, right? Because what kind of mother would I be, if I didn't?"

Rachel nods, attempting to follow her. "Okay?"

"And not to mention, a teenage boy, with Joey's appetite is going to eat us out of house and home. Now imagine there's two of them."

"Ah..." Rachel nods again, more understandingly. "But, Pheebs...you can't just take my baby and exchange it for yours. Sweetie, it doesn't work that way. In fact I'm pretty sure there are laws against that in this country."

Phoebe appears disappointed, and slightly annoyed. "Ok. I'm sorry you feel that way. But if you change your mind, let me know."

"Yeah..will do." Rachel mutters, unconvincingly.

Joey and Emma promptly return to the couch. As Joey lowers himself to take his place between the girls, they hear a faint, but unmistakably creaky sound. All three adults freeze, looking at each other. Their curiosity is interrupted when Chandler enters the coffee shop. He walks over to them.

"There you guys are. We're ready to go to the park. Monica and the twins are waiting outside." he says, placing a hand on the arm of the couch. As he applies his weight into it, there is a sudden, frightening snap. One of the legs of the couch buckles, causing the entire piece of furniture to collapses to one side. All three of them let out a startled scream, as they slide unexpectedly to one side, the other side of the couch suddenly elevated from the floor.

"Chandler, what's wrong with you! You broke the couch!" Rachel cries angrily, holding on for dear life."Someone could have gotten hurt!"

"I broke the couch? Are you kidding me? Look at the size of you two!" He pauses, realizing how much trouble he was going to get himself into for that comment. "I mean, of course I broke the couch. I tell ya, I knew I shouldn't have had that extra bowl of Wheaties, this morning."

Joey's arm suddenly pops out, flailing frantically, as the rest of his is being smothered some where between the two large pregnant women.

"Help! HELP!" his muffled cries come out. "I can't breath!"

Chandler acts immediately, first grabbing Rachel by the hands, to help her to her feet, and then pulling his former roommate out as he gasps for air.

"You got me out just in time, dude." He says. "It was like being sat on by a polar bear, and Monica, before she lost all that weight."

"Hey!" Phoebe snaps, rising to her own feet.

"Oh no, guys...look at the couch." Rachel says, with a sorrowful groan.

Gunther stops by, finally bringing the 3 muffins they ordered. He pauses, to survey the damage, and shakes his head. "I knew this would happen, sooner or later. What with all 6 of you sitting on it for over 10 years..."

"Sorry, Gunther." Joey mutters, regretfully rubbing the back of his neck.

"Not to worry. I'm sure it can be fixed." he assures them.

"In the mean time, maybe we should get going." Chandler says, and leans over to say more quietly to Joey."Before the floor crumbles beneath them, or something."As the two stiffle a laugh, Rachel flicks her nail at Chandler's head.

"I heard that, you jerk! Do you want us to sit on you, too?"

"I hope that's a rhetorical question.." he responds, seemingly worried.

"Move it, funny man!" Phoebe shouts, giving Chandler a bit of a shove towards the door.

A/N: Yeah, I know...this chapter is short and not as exciting as I promised, but I swear, exciting things are coming soon! Thanks again for reading, as always, hope you enjoyed this silly chapter.