Path to 2409


- After Shinzon's defeat, the Romulans held a special election to reform the Senate. Senate Elects Commander Donatra as Preator.

- Donatra opens negotiations with Federation

- Signs non-aggression treaty with Federation

- Federation proposes permanent Alliance between the Federation and the Romulan and Klingon Empires.

- Tal Shiar opposes alliance, attempts to assassinate Donatra.

- Donatra begins purge of Tal Shiar


- Tal Shiar joins with rouge military groups to attack Federation

- Picard, Worf and Donatra join forces and destroy the Tal Shiar. Remans granted independence.


- Tal Shiar remnants reformed into Romulan Intelligence Ministry.

- Construction of transwarp network connecting Earth, Romulus and Qo'nos begins.


- Starfleet Launches the Odyssey class starship.

- Starfleet security adds two special branches. MACO (Marine Assault Command) and Omega Force. (Special Ops)

- MACOs assigned to Federation ships, stations and colonies to supplement security forces.

- Omega operators assigned to exploration ships and Starfleet facilities.

- Personal Shield technology developed at Daystrom Institute.


- Alpha Alliance Treaty signed.

- Dual citizenship program approved.

- Personal armor developed.

- B-4 android restored as Commander Data.

- Special MACO/Omega armor modified to work in vacuum.

- Transwarp network Completed.


- First major military action of Alpha Alliance, crack-down on Orion and Nausicaan piracy.

- Gorn Hegemony signs treaty with Alpha Alliance.


- Cardassian Government reformed into Constitutional Republic.

- Bajor joins the Federation

- Cardassian extremist group the "True Way" attempt coup.

- Cardassian civilians support Republic government.

- True Way driven off Cardassia completely


- Cardassian Constitution ratified, includes right to bear arms.

- Cardassian Republic joins Alpha Alliance, Gorn quickly follow suit.


- Stipulation in Treaty of Algeron prohibiting the Federation from developing cloaking technology lifted.

- Cloak now standard on all escort-class ships.

- First Galaxy-X dreadnought launched.

- U.S.S. Zeus goes missing in Delta Volanis Cluster...


Admiral Keys' Personal Log: We're on an exploration tour of the Delta Volanis Cluster and we've already surveyed a number of interesting systems. Recently our sensors have detected an increase in neutrino emissions. Neutrino emissions are often associated with wormholes. My crew is eager to see if these emissions will lead to another stable wormhole like the one near Bajor.

"Bridge to Admiral Keys. We're approaching the source of the neutrino emissions. It appears to be a rift of some kind." said Lucian, the senior science officer.

"Very well. Begin scanning the rift, I'm on my way." replied Keys.

Keys was in the turbolift when the ship was rocked by a wave of energy. He stumbled out of the lift onto the bridge. "Report!" he ordered.

"Our scans appear to have triggered an energy surge from the rift, we're being pulled into it." replied the science officer.

"All engines full reverse!" ordered Keys.

"No effect. We're still being pulled inside." replied Lucian


A/N: The Alpha Alliance is in my mind a lot like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Individual governments retain their own armed forces but are far more cooperative then they've been in the past. MACOs are the 'Marines' of Starfleet. Starfleet still uses it's normal security but the MACOs function as a standing 'army' of sorts. Omega Force is used much like the Delta Force of the US Army. Please note that this is an Alternate Timeline to the official Star Trek Online Version.