I know many of you were expecting a new chapter in a time for war but I've decided to rewrite everything from chapter 2 forward. Chapter 1 will remain the same. I'm going to be publishing A Time for War V2 pretty soon and it will have just as many chapters as the original when I left off. The main reason I'm rewriting it is because I think it's getting overly complicated how ships are going from one galaxy to the next. Instead of a singularity (or other anomaly) being stationary on one side and moving around on the other I decided to use the locations of the Death Stars when they exploded to make a subspace conduit. I will also be changing the time period in which Star Trek intersects with Star Wars. The new version will take place approximately 15-20 years after the battle of Yavin. The first few new chapters will be meet and greet and establishing relations between the New Republic and the Alpha Alliance. The majority of the story will take place during the Camaas Document Crisis.

Hope you enjoy the new version coming soon! And please review.

Also keep an eye out for a Halo: Defection update as well. It's possible I'll get one out in the near futureā€¦