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Chapter 1

Tris's POV (ALLEGIANT) She is dressed in the same clothes she wore the last time I saw her, Abnegation grey, stained with her blood, with bare arms to show her tattoo. There are bullet holes in her shirt; through them I can see her wounded skin, red but no longer bleeding, like she's frozen in time. Her dull blonde hair is tied back in a knot, but a few loose strands frame her face in gold.

I know she can't be alive, but I don't know if I'm seeing her now because I'm delirious from the blood loss or if the death serum has addled my thoughts or if she is here in some other way.

She kneels next to me and touches a cool hand to my cheek.

"Hello Beatrice," she says with a smile.

"Am I done yet?" I say unsure whether I actually say it or if I think it and she hears it.

"No," she says "You need to fight, fight to stay alive because Tobias needs you."

And with that my mother was gone. When she disappeared I heard footsteps and see the shadow of my brother Caleb, and then I drift off.

_page break_

Tobias POV We arrive back to the empty compound when a thought comes to mind 'Where is everyone.' Suddenly I notice Cara with a bruised face and a bandage wrapped around her head.

"Where is everyone," I say. I begin to notice the blank expression on her face.

"F-Four I'm so sorry," She says.

"Where's Tris?" I ask with a worried look on most likely showing on my face.

"She's in surgery the doctors are trying to save her," she says.

"W-what happened?" I say tears welling up in my eyes.

"Tris and Caleb were in the hall when she took his place and went to the weapons room. Caleb ran back in and found her barely breathing and covered in blood. David shot her twice. He rushed out and brought her to the hospital."

I can barely breathe when I realize that I'm now crying.

_6 Hours Later_

I haven't left the side of her bed since I arrived back to the compound. I just watch her hoping she will awaken soon not talking to her is killing me.

I suddenly see her eyelids flutter open.

"Hi Tobias," she says in a quiet voice.

"Hi Tris, how are you feeling?" I say.

"Well, I'd be lying if I said ok so I'll tolerable. How long have I been under?" she says.

"Only about six hours."


"The doctor said you can't have visitors until you're released but that's only a few days away."

"Good I'm glad I cant wait to see Christina."

"Yeah she's been asking about you non-stop and so have Zeke and Shauna."

"Oh how are they?"

"Good I was waiting to tell you but Uriah has been making some improvements in his condition since they arrived. Doctors said there is a chance he may wake up soon."

"Oh I'm so happy because I know Christina was seriously broken after that."

"Yeah well you should get some rest, and I'll be back when you wake up."

I give her a firm kiss on the forehead before leaving.

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