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Ginger couldn't understand it.

She was the one all the boys wanted in school.

She was the object of every man's desire and every woman's envy.

So Ginger was shocked when she began feeling the first twinges of desire work its way inside of her. She remembered that night well.

Several Months Earlier

Ginger was watching the moon glitter over the dark water when she heard loud rustling behind her. She turned to see who was coming through the trees.

"Oh, it's just you Professor," she said, hand over her heart. "You startled me."

"I'm sorry Ginger, I didn't mean to frighten you," the Professor replied. "I didn't realize anyone was here. What brings you out here so late?"

"I'm just watching for any boats that might be around," Ginger answered nonchalantly.

Although she did keep an eye out for any vessels that could possibly pass by, she had really been writing in the journal she kept with her. She wasn't much of an outdoors kind of girl, but Ginger was always inspired by things like the moon and other aspects of nature. Ginger felt like writing in a journal about things that inspired her would keep her passionate as an actress. She also wrote simply because enjoyed it.

Very few people in her life knew that she liked to read and write. Most assumed she was just vain and simpleminded. Ok, so she was the tiniest bit vain. Other women would be too, if they were as stunning as she was. But she wasn't simpleminded at all. Ginger knew what people thought of her and she didn't mind. She was confident enough in herself to know that what they thought didn't matter.

She tucked her journal out of sight and looked up at the Professor who had come up to where she was sitting. "You're right – it is awfully late Professor. What are you doing out here?"

He gave her an excited grin. "I'm glad you asked – come with me."

Ginger got up from her spot on the powdery sand and followed the Professor a bit further down the beach. They walked in silence for several minutes before she suddenly squinted her eyes to see further in the dark.

"Professor – what is that? The sand is glowing!"

"Right you are Ginger! Those are bioluminescent phytoplankton," he said, sounding like a giddy schoolboy. "Come on!"

Ginger hurried to keep up with the Professor who had begun to jog through the sand. She had never seen anything so strange in her life. The creatures on the sand gave off a blue-green glow. She thought the glow gave the beach a dreamlike appearance.

Ginger was half walking, half jogging to keep up with the Professor when a wave crashed into her feet, causing her to stumble. The Professor heard her surprised cry and ran back to help her.

"My, the water sure is rough tonight," she exclaimed, lifting the hem of her dress to keep it from getting wet.

The Professor held her arm as she regained her balance. "It's a full moon Ginger – the gravitational pull of the moon makes the water rougher. The tide gets higher and the waves get bigger."

The pair began to walk again towards the area with the blue glow.

"What about the sun," Ginger asked. "Does it affect the water too?"

"It does, but not as strongly since it's further away," the Professor explained. "Here we are… now isn't nature just fascinating?"

"I have to say, I don't know much about it, but it is rather interesting Professor."

Ginger and the Professor walked around for several minutes, discussing science and nature when they heard someone yell from behind them.

"Hey, Professor! Ginger!"

Ginger and the Professor turned to see Gilligan and the rest of the castaways coming towards them.

"Excellent – you're all right on time," the Professor crowed. He ran over to the group and began talking with them and teaching them about the phytoplankton on the ground.

Ginger casually strolled back towards everyone else. She enjoyed watching everyone smile and laugh. She giggled as she watched them chase each other around and play like children. Well actually, they chased Gilligan around as he played like a child. They had become like family to her and she had grown to love them.

Present day

Ginger knew that was the night she began to see the Professor in a different light. She wondered if it was because she hadn't ever seen him so relaxed before. He was always so serious. All he ever did was read and build things using the bamboo and coconuts from around the island. She was never one for the nerds in school, but she suddenly found his intelligence extremely alluring.

She didn't join in with the group. Ginger was content to sit on the sidelines and watch her new family. She tried to listen in on what everyone was talking about, but instead she found herself just watching the Professor interact with everyone.

He had beautiful blue eyes, a smile that came easily, sandy hair that was begging to have fingers run through it, and a killer body underneath the boring khakis and button up shirt. But Ginger worked in Hollywood - she knew dozens of men with similar features.

At first, she couldn't understand what it was about him she found so fascinating. Then one day it hit her - underneath 'The Professor,' was a very rugged man.

She began to notice things like his jawline and strong chin. She also learned that she loved his hands, which were large and calloused. She imagined that they were strong, but could be gentle as well. Ginger caught herself eyeing his arms whenever he would be building something. She could almost see the muscles straining underneath his shirt. There was something very primal about watching a man - who she never really saw as a man's man - doing manly things.

He was a learned man, but not soft, unlike other educated men she had met.

In the end, her favorite thing about him was his voice. It was a deep, rich baritone that went right through her every time he spoke.

But it wasn't just his looks that she was so taken with. He was a kind man and very patient – especially with Gilligan. He was still serious, but Ginger knew he could be sweet as well. The Professor was very considerate of the people around him. She was also sure he had a sense of humor somewhere in him.

Ginger found him to be an enigma. Brains and brawn. Strength and tenderness.

Every time she thought about him, she would get a strange twisting sensation deep in her stomach. Ginger tried her hardest to ignore it. It distressed her greatly to finally come to terms with the fact that she might be in love with the man. It took her quite awhile to address her physical reaction every time she saw the Professor and to even look at the possibility of having feelings more than just mere curiosity.

'I like him fine - everyone likes that man.' She also tried hard to ignore the fact that she couldn't even address him as 'Professor' in her own thoughts without feeling like her heart was going to beat out of her chest.

Ginger noticed one day while putting on her makeup that her pupils would dilate every time she thought about the Professor. She threw down her mascara in irritation and walked away from her mirror, willing herself not to think of him.

'Ginger Grant does not fall in love. Men come to me. They fall in love with me.' She repeated this in the mirror every day for almost three months until she realized she could deny it no longer.

She sat down in front of her mirror dejectedly one morning after several sleepless nights.

'The impossible has happened,' she thought, almost mournfully as she brushed out her copper hair. 'Ginger Grant... has... fallen in love. With a teacher no less!'

Ginger never planned to be in love. It wasn't part of her plan - she was faithfully married to her career as an actress. Or, she was until she became shipwrecked on the island.

She eventually came around to the fact that she was painfully in love with the Professor. She had never felt so deeply for anyone before - herself included.

Ginger admitted to herself that she wanted to be with him and decided to try as hard as she could to win the Professor's affections, despite the fact that she had never attempted to woo someone before. Ginger was unsure of what to do, so after careful deliberation, she came up with a plan.

Her first course of action was to pull him in with her looks. It was something she knew she could fall back on.

'No man with a pulse could resist me looking like this,' she thought as she smoothed down the white gown she had put on one day.

She seldom wore it, but it was one that fit her like a glove while still leaving plenty to the imagination. Plainly put, she was absolutely ravishing in that gown.

She sauntered out of her hut in the dress and joined the group. Gilligan's eyeballs looked like they were ready to roll right out of his head. The Skipper and Mr. Howell tried to be a little more discreet in their ogling but they were also mesmerized by the curves of her body. Actually, Mr. Howell tried to be a little more discreet - Mrs. Howell was bound to be close by - but the Skipper just let his eyes roam everywhere, mouth agape.

Ginger was right. No man with a pulse could look away while she was in the gown - except the Professor.

He walked by, attention sucked into a set of blueprints to one thing or another. Eventually, he looked up at her, said hello, and kept going.

Ginger stormed back into her hut and promptly tore the gown off.

'He didn't even notice,' she thought, trying to be upset and only feeling shunned.

She put on the dress she normally wore and sat on her cot. Ginger had to think things through. Apparently the Professor wasn't so interested in beauty.

'Well, what did you expect,' she asked herself in a chiding tone. 'The Professor surely isn't so shallow. Maybe I should just try talking with him. Yes, I think I'll try that!'

Ginger began to spend most of her time with him. She talked with him about anything and everything in an attempt to become close with him. She dropped hints which got less subtle with time. The other castaways began to notice.

Phrases like, 'Maybe I can come with you,' and 'You're so smart, Professor,' said in a sultry tone were said so often that Ginger became thoroughly tired of speaking that way. It wasn't normal for her. It wasn't normal, period. Ginger began to think she sounded stupid. Gilligan commented once, saying she sounded like she was out of breath. Ginger ignored that.

She grew weary of trying to get his attention but she pressed on. Unfortunately, nothing worked.

She couldn't understand it.

Ginger had to beat most men away with a stick, and yet the Professor didn't seem to realize she was a woman. He didn't seem to notice much when it came to women.

After awhile, she gave up.

She came to the conclusion that her love for him would be an unrequited one. It was a hard pill to swallow, but Ginger accepted the fact that he would never realize her affections for him - and if he did, he probably wouldn't return them anyway.

'Why can't he see me? I'm right here... I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Oh well,' Ginger thought sadly. 'I still have my dreams at least. I can see him there, and he'll notice me.'

She got up and walked slowly back to her hut, lost in thought. She didn't realize her journal had fallen out of the bag she carried it in.

Two hours later

The Professor and the Skipper were on their way back to their huts. They had just finished gathering firewood and left Gilligan to guard the bonfire in hopes that they would be rescued. The men were walking and casually talking about what they planned to do when they left the island when the Skipper looked down at his feet.

"What's the matter Skipper," the Professor asked.

The Skipper didn't answer right away but bent down and picked up what appeared to be a small brown leather journal. "I wonder who this belongs to."

The journal looked very familiar to the Professor but he couldn't remember where he had seen it.

"Open it up," the Professor suggested. "Maybe there's a name inside. If it's someone we know we can return it to whoever dropped it."

The Skipper opened the journal and read it silently. "I don't see a name Professor," the Skipper said after a moment. "You read it. Maybe you can make more sense of it. I'm going back to camp."

The Skipper handed the journal over to the Professor before lumbering away. The Professor sat down on a nearby rock and began to read.

You are the moon, and I am the sea

You attract me with your pull, I cannot resist you

When you disappear, I am flat and unmoving

When you appear again, you move me

I ebb and flow, my tides rise and fall as you come and go

You are my light in the darkest hours - I need you, my light

I want you to see my waves as they reach out for you

You are so far away, but still I try to touch you

You are so distant, but I wish you could see me

So high and mighty, maybe you'll never notice the sea beneath you

But I am glad as long as my moon appears again, I am content just to look at you

You are the moon, my moon

And even if you never know it, I am the sea, Your sea

Yours and yours alone. I am here for my moon

Whenever you see fit to look my way

The professor was very still after reading the poem. He knew he recognized the leather journal. It was Ginger's private journal, and there was absolutely no doubt in his mind who she was referring to when she wrote about the moon. He immediately thought back to the night he showed everyone the bioluminescent phytoplankton, and the conversation he had with her about the tides.

He never realized that she…

He had no clue.

Absolutely none at all.

It was a long time before the Professor rejoined the group again.

He needed time to think.