Warnings: sap, possible ooc, post war, yaoi, Duo pov

Pairings: 5x2

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I love rain. I love the way it washes everything clean and leaves the sky clear and the air fresh. I love the feel of it on my skin and the sound of it falling around me. I love the rich colors, so full of life, that it brings out in the plants.

When it rains I feel as though I am normal, average, if only for a moment. Dancing in the rain I am able to leave behind my past and be happy. For most of my life I have cherished this alone, unable to share it with anyone lest they misunderstand and somehow tarnish the experience. But now, now I have someone to enjoy it with.

My dragon understands how I feel. He knows why I love water so much, and he accepts it as he does everything about me. Even now he sits on the porch, watching me dance with that almost imperceptible smile.

I have tried getting him to join me but he always refuses. He says that he would rather watch. That he takes joy from watching me be happy. I know that there is more to it than just that. I know how closely he observes me. I understand that he is keeping a lookout that he could not do if he were out here.

How do I know?

Simple. If I get too cold he always calls me in. Settles me in a hot bath and combs out my hair so that I do not have to expend the energy.

I have seen those beautiful eyes grow dark and hot as my clothes are plastered to my form and my loose hair wraps itself around me.

I have been wrapped tight in his arms and comforted when my older memories rose up and were not washed away fully by the rushing water.

I realize that only through careful observation could he notice and understand all these things. And I am truly grateful for his care and love.

The war has ended, has been over for some time. At first I was lost, confused. I had no purpose, no home or true family. The other pilots did not understand me then. Perhaps they underestimated me, though I doubt that. They knew what I was capable of, am still capable of. But they did not yet realize that the smiling fool is not truly me.

They have since learned better, for I no longer have a reason to hide my true self. Not from them anyway. I still laugh and play pranks, but I now allow myself to have serious conversations and to relax in their presence.

Looking at my left hand I feel my heart swell. My dragon, my Wufei, proposed. We have been engaged for a month now and still I cannot quite believe that such profound good fortune has befallen me. The others knew what he was planning. They greeted us that night with congratulations and then took themselves off to attend to their business, leaving us to celebrate in our own way.

I think that my love should come dance with me. I know he prefers to watch, to observe and make sure that I come inside and get warmed up before I get sick. But the day is warm and I feel the need to embrace him.

Lifting a hand I beckon him, smiling as he shakes his head slightly. I beckon again, and again he shakes his head. This time I grin wickedly, untucking and unbuttoning my shirt and placing a bit more swing into my hips, allowing myself to become lost in the song in my mind.

The feel of gentle hands wrapping themselves around my waist brings me out of my trance and I lean back, craning my neck around to deliver a heartfelt kiss.

We dance like that until the rain stops and the sun peaks through the clouds. Then he surprises me, lifting me into his arms and walking toward the house. His lips graze my ear as he speaks, murmuring something about a hot bath and bed. I can't help the lecherous grin that spreads over my face.

He has given me a whole new reason to love the rain.

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