A/N: Okay guys. I am writing a Digimon fanfic 'Darkness Reborn' and need a female OC for my main guy. He is bisexual but I prefer him being with a girl. Here's an OC profile of him, the template used is made by AspiringWriterGirl.

Name: Seth Thompson

Age: 16

Key trait (Crest): Trust. He needs to learn to trust people more.

Personality: He is silent and is able to disappear in crowds. He is a solo music artist and hates the company of people. He comes across as a jerk as he lives on the streets so he's rough and uses street language.

Appearance: Black hair that falls all over the place, a piercing over his left eye and one on his lip.

The clothes they wear in the human world: Black baggy shirt and grey shorts

The clothes they wear in the digital world: Grey baggy shirt and black shorts

Partnered with:

Shonemon (In-training): A small yellow digimon who is shaped like the crest of sincerity that Mimi had, so she looks like a teardrop.

Attacks: Bubble blast

Shadowmon (Rookie): Looks like Pikachu from Pokemon

Attacks: Thundershock, Lightning Strike

Shadesmon (Champion): Wears a yellow and green helmet, has long flowing blond hair and holds a long, white staff.

Attacks: Trident Rod, River of Destiny

Beelzewomon (Ultimate): Looks like a female Beelzemon. I can send a picture.

Attacks: Double Shot, Plasma Blaster, Star Shot

Digimon partner's personality: Shadowmon is bubbly and sweet, usually getting along with most people and although Seth finds her irritating at first, she makes a place in his heart somehow.

Family (optional): I had something in mind that he ran away from home as a kid but I'll see if I can come up with it.

Likes and dislikes (optional): Likes: Singing, being in solitude, peace and quiet Dislikes: Noise, people, drama

Other notable comments?: He is not a people person at all. However, he always repays his debts. If someone helped him, he'll return the favour. He looks at everyone with a suspicious gaze. Think Koji or Kiriha but 10 times worse.

What I look for in his romance interest: Someone who doesn't cry easily but is caring. Maybe someone like Rei from Sailor Moon? Just a suggestion.

I will be using this entry to ask you guys for more OCs in the near future, mostly females. Despite being a girl, I'm very guy-like in many things so I tend to write male OC's a lot better.