Leap Through the Rip

Chapter One: New, Fresh Prisoner

"...And he makes the thirty-second of the month—wow, there's a lot of rebellious demon beasts." The chain around the navy blue puffball's wrists were tugged once again, and the puffball cringed. It hurt. The chains were adorned with spikes, and it hurt. His wrists bled. But bleeding wouldn't kill him, no, it never would. What killed his kind, he didn't know.

"It means more torture!" the guard on the left exclaimed, grinning. It was an eagle of sorts, giant black wings flapping right above the puffball's head. His sadistic laugh made the puffball cringe inwardly, and his expression must have shown it—the black eagle tugged on the chains, pulling him down in that direction, spikes cutting against his wrists even further. The puffball let out a cry. "You're disgusted by me?"

By your sadistic nature, the puffball thought, not you, of course, I'd never be disgusted by my own kind.

...My own kind? They don't even care for me, are they worthy of that title?

A sigh came from his right, and the puffball turned to see a weasel. The upper half of her fur was a brown, while her underside was completely white. Normal-looking, the puffball heard them call her. "I am a mind-reader, dear prisoner," the weasel warned. "You should have the sense not to think anything."

"What was he thinkin'?" the eagle demanded, slackening the chains for once. The puffball inhaled sharply, looking at the weasel pleadingly. "Eh, Furino?"

Furino the weasel ignored the puffball's pleading look. "He doesn't like our sadistic nature, not us. But he doesn't call us his 'kind', and we're not worthy of that title..." Furino yanked on the chains, smiling as he cried out. "Eh, Meta Knight? Feeling brave enough to call yourself a coward, now?"

They laughed. Meta Knight hated it. He spoke up; stupid move. "I-I'm not a coward," he said quietly, looking at Furino who stared back at him in surprise. "I-I w-won't c-call myself a c-coward." He winced as the chains suddenly pulled two opposite ways, and he cried out in a mixture of pain, alarm and fear. He felt like his wrists might rip off.

It stopped. It still hurt. Meta Knight bit his bottom lip, looking forward and hearing Furino's uncaring, smooth, cruel words. "What? You wouldn't call yourself a coward, now? So tell me why you're relenting towards the 'baddies'? Tell me, hmm?"

"Furino, you can quit it now," the eagle cackled. "We're at the cells now."

"Hm? Oh, sure, Erphin." Furino dropped the chain, and Meta Knight almost bolted, until he realised Erphin, the eagle, was still holding onto the other chain. Furino slid open a cell and Meta Knight walked slowly, careful not to hurt himself with the spiked chains even more. They waited until he was in the cell and the weasel laughed. "That's it! No longer Meta Knight, Meta Coward!"

"Fitting," Erphin replied, smirking as he slid the cell shut. Through the iron bars, Meta Knight saw their haunting, daunting expression. "Very fitting. He's not even fighting back, I—"

"Are you fooling around, Erphin, Furino?" a sharp voice cut through. Meta Knight flinched. Why was the telepathy connected to him, too? "Enough with the foolish chatter."

"I'm sorry," Erphin said aloud, "my lord... Hmm, are you confused now, Meta Coward?" He smirked, leaning over. Furino protested, but Erphin ignored her.

"No," Meta Knight replied, puzzled, "you're having a telepathic conversation with Nightmare, right?"

A gasp was heard, but it was cut off quickly. "...How... does the demon beast hear?"

"You don't know anything 'bout us, Nightmare!" a feminine voice yelled from another cell. "Don't act like you do, you jerk! I'll shove your ass down the barbecue grill and everyone can eat your barbecued ass!"

"Marilyn, shut up!" Furino's voice was anything but calm, though. She turned and stalked away quickly. She was panicked, Meta Knight could tell. "Let's leave these freaks alone!"


...I'm not a freak, you freak.

Erphin quickly followed her, mumbling something. Meta Knight could tell he felt very insecure. He looked at the cell beside him, and noticed the walls were transparent. Huh... funny.

"New prisoner!" the same voice who had talked about barbecuing Nightmare's ass exclaimed. She was a silver-furred wolf with three tails. Apart from that, she was quite plain. "Super fresh, too!"

"Fresh—" He could finally speak normally without those chains hurting him, at least. He winced as the sharp, stinging pain shot through his wrist, and further. "W-Well... it kinda hurts..."

"Hm? What does?" What. Could she not notice? His bleeding wrists that felt like they were on the verge of being torn off? "Oh, that! Must hurt a lot, hun. I'll get you fixed up in a jiffy, no big deal! Come closer to the wall, now!"

Meta Knight hesitantly stepped closer to the wall, and a soft, silver glow curled around his wrists. It felt soothing, but he wasn't sure if it was healing. And then, the silver glow disappeared, and he could see the silver-furred wolf frowning. He looked back at her blankly, and she looked at the ground dejectedly. Meta Knight frowned, brows furrowed.

"Oh, um... I'm sorry, I can't heal you. Your blood has something... different in it, and it's immune to any sort of magic..." the silver-furred wolf said slowly. "Um... I can't do much about it."

"Oh... never mind, it's okay." I just hope it heals.

"I'm Marilyn, by the way, what about you?"

"Meta Knight."

Marilyn smiled. "Oh, that's cool! What are you gonna do now, y'know, with being trapped in here... and stuff?"

Meta Knight frowned, looking around at all the odd, mutated demon beasts around him. He frowned, an action he loved to perform, and then turned back to Marilyn with a confident answer.


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