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As the moon shines mysteriously above the sky, Kuroko receives a final blow on his face, a soft, fluffy white one. He has no idea how he got it. He immediately falls down and then he tried to fight from closing his eyes but he loses. He felt he was falling into a deep, deep black hole. Midorima is also lying down on his back. He also closed his eyes and tried to remember how it all started.

The Organized Pillow Fight

So as everyone see the mess we are currently in, I, Midorima Shintarou, will enlighten you all what happened in these past dreadful minutes of our lives. When the winter cup was finished, I thought I would no longer be troubled by my previous teammates. But as you know I could not get away from those annoying people especially when my life is at stake. They even asked my current teammates to join in this dim-witted idea.

After Kuroko hit Akashi in the face with a tomato, we have a chance to see a glimpse of hell in our small messy room. A tomato I tell you, but seeing him with a red liquid that is slowly pouring at the side of his jaw, felt like he had just murdered or eaten someone. He looked somewhere and then he spotted my lucky item. This is not going to be a good night.

Each and every one of us is down on our knees, well not really, because the others already fainted when Akashi released his menacing aura. I've seen their spirits literally flew away from their bodies due from too much fright. We received an equally shining lump on the top of our head while the red head devil is looking down at us. Only the stupid phantom is spared much to our disappointment. However I knew from reading the glints in his eyes, something was up. I looked again at the dead-panned, no-talent, irritating boy. This is your entire fault. I hope you rot in hell.

"Ryota, Daiki, Shintarou, Atsushi, I'm disappointed for all of you, especially you Tetsuya" we froze from his words.

I looked at that stupid Takao who started it all and imagine methods to torture him after we get back. Takao seemed to read my stares and shiver from it. You too, may your souls loiter and rot forever in hell.

"If you all wanted to fight, I will allow you but then you have to do it right" everyone looked at the red head, all having questioning looks. The captain just smirked from the sight. I snapped out of it and tried to ask but he signaled me not to talk.

"Since I always win, I'm always right. I'm going to dictate the rules of this fight" now I see some jaws are drop. What the hell did Akashi just said? I did not feel right about this and I'm sure the others feel the same way but no one would like to oppose this maniac.

Akashi looked at me as if he read my thought. I diverted my thoughts to fluffy unicorns and cute stuffs to deceive him. I think it work because he smirked at me. I will take a note of this and used it as a future reference.

"The rules will be simple. We will be divided into four groups. Each will take the corners as a fortress and call them as Kita (North), Minami (South), Higashi (East) and last Nishi (West). It's up to the group how will they build one." Akashi continued.

"Next rule is to have a King. A king that would be unknown to the other groups" suddenly all of us become interested in the game.

"You will take out by hitting the face. How will you do it or avoid it, is all up to you. However only pillows, no illegal pineapple this time" Akashi look at Miyaji-senpai.

"Hai" he replied looking extremely sad but I knew he will never be taken away from his pineapples.

"That also applies for bananas. And of course tomatoes for that matter-" the red head said looking at Koganei and then to Kuroko. They nod in agreement.

He did not mention scissors. Somebody please say scissors are also not included. However nobody have the guts to tell him that.

"I will keep the axe so nobody use it-"

Everyone hurriedly help each other to throw my lucky item out the window. They must have thought that Akashi with an axe is not a very good sight. I sulk in the corner. How could they do that in my harmless lucky item?

"Ahem, so I see the axe is already taken care of. As for you Eikichi, a gas could not be a weapon and if you disobey these rules I will throw you out in the window."

"But I can't ju-"before he could finish he already let out a gas and the ganguro who already half immune to his toxic gas throw him out of the window.

"Okay, so less problems this time. Let's continue. We will annihilate the group by hitting their King since it is unknown to each of us it's up to the group's strategy to win. I will assign an arbiter to avoid unnecessary conflict."

"I volunteer" I said because I did not want to join this mess.

"So Izuki will be the arbiter" Did Akashi just ignored me? This is stupid. Everything is stupid. Akashi looked at me again so I decided to imagine other things again.

"The last King standing would be the winner, however for the one who losses –"I could hear everyone gulp from nervousness.

"Let's see, any suggestion for punishments?" he said while looking at us.

"How about we let him cross dress for this whole vacation" suggested by a stupid blond. Nothing really good coming out of that Kise.

"Huh? That is the most stupidest thing I ever heard" Kotarou said emphasizing the 'most' and '-est' to exaggerate his protest. I don't want to hear anymore for another low-life person in this group.

"How are we going to find a dress?" The tall guy of Seirin asked and everyone look at the shemale member of Rakuzan, I think his name is Reo and I heard Takao is afraid of him. I don't exactly know why but I figured I could use him for my revenge later. The said guy is currently applying a goddamn cream in his face, leaving me unsure if I will continue my plan of revenge. What the hell?

"What dude? Come on, seriously? What do you think I am?" he angrily shouted at us.

"Then we will have a queen after this not a king" added by that Takao while laughing. He only stops when Akashi already resumes talking.

"Since losers are deprived of everything, I will think of a proper punishment for those who will lose or taken out" the red head finally spoke. This is not going to be any good. Some are shivering from the thought of Akashi's punishment. I will make sure Takao will get his fair share of punishment after this. I looked at our fallen comrades and thought they are lucky enough to be sleeping right now.

~ the groups

Kita group – Akashi, Miyaji, Reo, Imayoshi and Mayuzumi

Minami group – Kuroko, Takao, Himuro, Kasamatsu, Kogane

Higashi group – Kise, Aomine, Hyuuga, Kotarou and Sakurai

Nishi group – Midorima, Teppei, Kagami, Murasakibara and Eikichi who we let in much to my disappointment since we need one person more

"Aominecchi, we are in the same group, let us help protect each oth-" I could hear the loud voice of Kise as Aomine already throw a pillow to him. Lucky I am not in that group.

"Meanie~" the blond cried.

"Sumimasen" Sakurai said to all his teammate. Their team is full of stupid junkie so I will officially called them the baka-group.

"This is going to be interesting" I could hear the red head devil said. I am wondering from that creepy smile if he already thought a plan to take us all out. Imayoshi, the captain of the ganguro and from what I heard is another devil himself agreed at Akashi and then he let out his own unique evil smile. I will call their group the creepy, spine-chilling, cunning group. Akashi looked at me again but this time he was smiling.

"I am in the best group ever. Suck on you Shin-chan" Takao said while group hugging his teammates and teasing me. He thought I would mind him irritating other people. I saw him pestering that Kuroko with his loud unmannered chuckles. I will call them the irritating group because of the obvious reason.

"How could this be? I thought that we need a small person to be the king so it will be easy to protect him" Kagami said to us. I looked at my teams and to my horror all of us are 190 cm tall and above. Both Eikichi and Kagami are 190 cm tall, Teppei is 193 cm, I am at 195 cm and Murasakibara is a freaking 208 cm.

Kise overheard Kagami's shouts. "Oh no, they are thinking the same thing, now we can't let Sakurai to be our king."

"Bastard, you are too noisy I will take you down now" Aomine want to punch him with his pillow. I could infer that there are no limits in his stupidity.

Takao let out a chuckle and then smirked. "Aw, Kuroko and I can't be our king so I volunteer the banana boy" I notice the said boy paled. So his purpose is to be the bait. Who's idiot would believe his bluffs?

"Oh my, banana boy is their king, what are we gonna do Aominecchi?" said by an idiot on the other side. I am getting a painful headache after this.

~ the fortress

Our group could not build one since we will not fit, so we could only rely on our covers held by Murasakibara which was lured by a tied maiubo.

The irritating group built a nice cover from their belongings and some things they acquired in the room. It irritates me more to see them comfortable in their fortress.

Akashi's group well I could not find any words to describe their wall. Apparently they are being creative since they made it by the bodies of our fallen comrades. Secretly I am glad that they are still sleeping.

The baka group is still living by their name because they build their covers with pillows then they realize they don't have any more weapons left. I think we should take them down now before their stupidity scattered in the air.

To be continued…

~ Preview of the fight ~

Miyaji let out an evil laugh while he covers his pineapple with a pillowcase.

A/n: I change some of the team members, it should be Imayoshi not Wakamatsu.