Chapter 4

Genevieve ran from the throne room overwhelmed with emotion. She failed the foreign princess failed now everyone in the kingdom would be miserable! Genevieve ran until she reached the garden. She hid among the bushes, she didn't wanted to found. She sat there and found her thoughts wander to the stranger she had encountered, it was so humiliating to be called out in front of the entire court! she shook her head to clear it. The she heard voices talking to each other.

"Harry a princess must be found for Dauntless and soon!" cried a young women's voice.

"don't worry Larken I will find one." sir harry said trying to comfort the weeping Lady Larken. Genevieve's eye widen in shock . Lady Larken was with child! Genevieve had only thought of herself she hadn't even stopped to think how a princess failing a test would affect everyone in the court , had her failing her test hurt those she had came to care about? What kind of a princess was she ? When she had a chance to help those in desperate need what did she do, She clamed up and failed everyone. Genevieve could feel a sob building in her chest and raced up to her throat. She shouldn't be here she was a failure.

Genevieve took a step back to run off , when her ankle caught a large root and she tripped. She was surprise when she fell in to a pair of warm arms that caught her into an embrace. It felt good. She opened her eyes to see the stranger she had meet before, who had her called out in front of the court. Genève pushed the boy away roughly. "Looks like you can't stop falling for me." he joked.

Genevieve felt her cheek go red. " You sir are bafflingly forward, Cad!" she huffed crossing her arms.

" It's part of my charm." the Minstrel chuckled.

He was teasing her! The nerve of him! " I fail to see how an eel can have any charm." she hissed. The boy's face flashed pain across it, and Genevieve felt horrible about it. " I'm sorry that was out of line, and frankly unbecoming of a proper lady."

" I may have gotten off on the wrong foot, Let me introduce myself I am Jordan , I am a minstrel and a cad." he winked.

Genevieve rolled her eyes. " I am Lady Genevieve, and and a pleasure meeting you sir Cad." She giggled. Jordan held out his arm for her to take it . She didn't know what the warm feeling she had in her heart as she took his arm , but she liked it.