Author's note: Surprisingly, I am not Shakespeare.

It was still hard to look at her. She treated her like a sister, but she didn't feel the way she felt about a sister. She didn't love her that way. She loved her the way she'd always loved her. Sebastian doted on her and he was a good man. She had fun with him, but she was never going to love him. Foolish a plan as it may have been, Olivia had hoped she'd love him as if it had always been him. It didn't work. She loved Cesario. She loved Viola.

Viola and Orsino rose to leave. Olivia stood and hesitated. She wanted to ask her to stay. Being near Viola made her so happy and so sad, but she never wanted it to end. Olivia hugged Viola tightly, finding comfort between Viola's arms. But she let go. She always let go.