~ Ten Years Later ~

I try not to let Edward cross my mind too often, but at least once a day, I am reminded of him in some way. For instance, I remember seeing somebody running, and he had chocolate brown hair stuck to his forehead, just like Edward did. Anyways, I'm about to graduate from nursing school in a few months, for I am twenty-five at the moment. I've had very few relationships since Edward, but they never turned out very well. They always end up with me telling them about Edward, and then they walk out because they realize that I still have feelings for him. And of course I do.

It's hard to keep going after someone that you had deep feelings for leaves, just like that. I didn't know Edward was going to die, I didn't even think that when he was in the hospital. All I know is that I have to keep going, even if I don't feel like I need to. I need to for my family, friends, and even for Edward. I would put my loved ones in grief for me, and who wants to do that? And Edward would certainly not want me to end my life just for him. That would be completely illogical, as he would say.

But even if I do end up marrying some other guy and have a family with him, I will certainly love Edward Mulvoy for eternity.