After my performance, the room was dead silent. Tears started clinging to my eyes.

"That performance was spectacular," one of the judges recognized, "I'm speechless."

"I completely agree," another judge said. They all started nodding their heads in agreement. And before I knew it, I was smiling from ear-to-ear.

Once, I remember my former dance teacher remarking that if a room is dead silent after a performance that means you've done it. Your audience was speechless.

I snapped back to reality when one of the judges said, "Your extensions, your turns, your emotion…everything was flawless, beautiful. Paige Hyland, you have certainly made the cut."

At this moment, nothing could make me happier, prouder of myself. All the pain, blood, sweat, tears, everything has paid off. The tears do start flowing down my cheeks, not because I'm angry or sad, but because I'm proud. Proud to stand up and say 'I am Paige Hyland, and I did just do that performance.' My thanks given, I walk off the stage, to notice my mom, dad, and my sister, Brooke standing there. Tears streaming down their faces.

"Paige, that was breathtaking," Brooke announced.

I flashed her a smile in return, and noticed someone. This boy was…staring at me. I keep on walking, keeping my confusion hidden. Who was he? Anyways, I'm not going to let a stupid boy ruin my happiness.