So I eventually decided to do a sequel to Zoe's Little Darlings. I might occasionally still update Zoe's little Darlings if I come up with anymore ideas.

At this point Lucy is now 12 going on 13. She has become quieter and is struggling to settle into high school. She isn't as loud as Eryn was at this age and has lost a lot of confidence later. She is also quite self conscious.

Eryn is 15 soon to be 16 and is currently sitting her GCSEs sadly she is less interested with work and more with hanging out with her friends and her bad boy boyfriend Jamie. Zoe is trying her best to keep Eryn on track but she is struggling.

"Girls come on" Zoe called as the girls came running down the stairs. They can down the stairs. Eryn was wearing a short skater skirt and a face full of makeup while Lucy was wearing a plaited skirt and a makeup free face.

"Eryn, how many times do I have to tell you? You looked like a clown" Zoe said and Eryn just huffed and strutted to the car. Lucy got in the back of the car.

"Lucy let me get out and walk ahead before you get out. I wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near you, it's bad enough we have to share the same last name" Eryn complained.

"Eryn, don't you dare talk to your sister like that" Zoe said hitting Eryn on the leg. Eryn just huffed and looked out the window. They arrived at the school and Eryn jumped out.

"You better wait, nerd" She said and Lucy just nodded feeling intimidated.

"Lucy, ignore her" Zoe said and Lucy nodded before getting ready to get out the car. She then started walking into the school. Zoe sat looking at Lucy. She was so worried about her, the girl wasn't right. She couldn't settle into school and it was affecting her badly.

Lucy arrived at the school and walked up to the library, it was the only place she could go without getting hassle from someone. She used to be best friends with Malia but now they were only friends when they were at cheerleading. Malia just ignored Lucy at school. She stayed up in the library until the bell rang and then she went to class.

Eryn had English first and she couldn't be bothered. She sat down and instantly got her phone out and sat texting her friend.

"Eryn, phone away" The teacher said and Eryn huffed.

"Now" She said.

"Why, I don't need to do this practice close reading thing?" Eryn asked.

"Eryn, you may have gotten an A in your prelim but if you don't buckle up and get working you will fail" The teacher said and Eryn sighed.

"Come on, I need you to do some work" The teacher said. Eryn just sat there. She then started talking to others and soon the whole class was disrupted.

"Right, Eryn Hanna out the room" She said and Eryn sighed getting up. She took her bag and went outside. Her guidance teacher walked passed.

"Really, Eryn" She said and Eryn just stood there.

"Come with me, we need to have a chat" She said. Eryn reluctantly walked to the office.

"Eryn, your behaving is appalling at the moment, you need sit down and seriously consider your attitude and I will be calling your mum" Mrs Anderson said and Eryn nodded.

"You are going to go back to Miss Duncan's class when the bell rings and apologise for your behaviour" Mrs Anderson said and Eryn nodded. She stayed with her until the bell rang and then went to apologise to Miss Duncan.

Zoe was sitting at her office when the phone went.

"Zoe Hanna clinical lead speaking, how can I help you" Zoe said.

"Hello, Zoe it's Miss Duncan here, I was wondering if you have time to talk about Eryn?" She asked and Zoe said she did.

"What has Eryn done now?" Zoe asked.

"I don't know what is going on with her, she is slacking greatly, her grades are slipping and if she doesn't sort herself out she will not be able to be a doctor" Miss Duncan explained.

"I completely understand, I will try to talk to her again today but I can't promise anything" Zoe said. They chatted for a bit longer before Zoe hung up. She rested her head in her hands and sighed. What did she do wrong? The girl was a nightmare.

The day went quickly and soon the girls were walking home. Lucy arrived back at the house first and she darted up the stairs. She went into her room and got on with her homework. She set it all out on her desk and looked at it for about 10 minutes before she noticed drips landing on the paper. She wiped her face. Why was she crying, today hadn't been any worse than any other day.

Zoe arrived home soon later, she quickly started making tea before calling the girls.

"Come on" Zoe shouted and they both came running down the stairs. They sat down at the table and ate.

"So Lucy how was school" Zoe asked trying to make a conversation.

"Same as normal" Lucy said.

"Did you talk to any other girls today?" Zoe asked and Lucy took off to her room.

"Lucy" Zoe called after her but the girl was gone. At least she had managed to get Eryn by herself.

"I got a phone call from Miss Duncan today Eryn" Zoe said and Eryn just looked up.

"What the hell has happened to you? You take your eye off the ball for 2 weeks and now look at you. It's that Jamie boy. I told you from the start he was bad news" Zoe said.

"You don't even know him, he is really nice" Eryn said and Zoe huffed. Eryn went storming off. Zoe sighed two storms off in one night.

She sat down in front of the TV for the first time all day. She looked at her watch soon later and noticed that it was time for the girls to go to cheerleading.

"Come on, girls" Zoe shouted. They came running down the stairs with their training kits and joggers and hoodie on before bundling into the car. They arrived at the gym and the girls got warmed up. Eryn sat next to Zoe as Lucy did some work with one of the coaches. Zoe noticed that she kept her t-shirt on but usually she would take it off.

"Eryn, can you please be nice to Lucy, she is having a really hard time at school at the moment. Can't you try to talk to her for me?" Zoe asked and Eryn sighed but nodded.

Once Lucy was finished they went for their squad practise. They warmed up and then did the routine. They were doing the pyramid. Lucy and Eryn were both flying but Lucy was doing the harder stunt and Eryn was flipping her.

"Lucy, trust Eryn" Alisha shouted but again the stunt came down.

"The pair of you, watch Gabby and Malia" Alisha shouted as they came down and watched them.

"Do it again" Alisha shouted and Eryn and Lucy went up.

"I can't" Lucy said to Eryn.

"You can, I promise I will catch you" Eryn said and Lucy nodded. They did it and it worked perfectly.

"Eventually, well done" Alisha shouted.

They continued for the rest of the night and soon it was time to go home. They arrived home and quickly had showers and got ready for bed. Lucy disappeared up the stairs instantly but Eryn kept Zoe company.

"Right, can you tell Lucy to go to bed" Zoe said and Eryn nodded before walking up the stairs.

"Lucy, it's bed time" Eryn said and Lucy nodded.

"Are you okay?" Eryn asked and Lucy nodded.

"You would tell me if you weren't, wouldn't you?" Eryn said and Lucy nodded again.

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