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It was finally the summer holidays and the girls were off school. They were excited for the holidays, it was Monday and the girls were both up reasonably early. The past few days neither girls had been up by 12 but today was different.

The girls had spoken the night before and had both decided to make the most of today. They were going on holiday on the Thursday to Majorca and they both needed clothes. Eryn had been saving up all her wages and wanted to buy more clothes. She had recently starting working at the hospital crèche after school some days and one day at the weekend. She was doing about 16-20hours a week and was getting a good pay from it.

"Is mum up?" Lucy asked and Eryn shrugged as she nursed her cup of tea in her hand.

"Go and ask her" Eryn said and Lucy nodded. She got up and ran up the stairs to her mum's room. She flung the door open like she would always do and was shocked to notice Max in the bed. She panicked and ran out the room.

"Sorry" She said completely embarrassed.

"Lucy" Zoe shouted but she didn't get a reply from the 14 year old. Lucy ran down the stairs and Eryn looked at her.

"What's wrong?" She said noticing the girl was bright red.

"I walked in on Mum sleeping with Max. I swear she was naked as well" Lucy said cringing. Eryn laughed.

"Why is it always you that walks in on them?" Eryn asked.

"I didn't mean it" Lucy said.

"Don't worry, come on isn't it obvious that they are having sex" Eryn said and Lucy cringed.

"Don't say that" Lucy said cringing again.

"Why, what's wrong with the word" Eryn said. "Sex, sex, sex"

Lucy cringed even more.

"Eryn please" Lucy said and Eryn laughed before nodding.

"Okay, I'll shut up" Eryn said.

"What's going on?" Zoe asked walking into the room with her dressing gown on.

"Lucy is all embarrassed" Eryn said taking a bite into her toast.

"Eryn" Lucy complained, why did her sister have to tell her mum that?

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you walked in on that but it's not like you saw anything" Zoe said.

"Mum, you didn't have any jammie's on" Lucy said and Zoe laughed.

"Darling, it's like 25 degrees outside" Zoe said and Lucy sighed.

"I know but" Lucy said before shutting off again.

"She doesn't like the thought of Max seeing you naked" Eryn said as if it wasn't a big deal.

"Eryn stop it" Lucy said.

"Oh Luc, I thought we have spoken about this before" Zoe said.

"Just leave me alone" Lucy said storming out the room. She went up to her room. Zoe sighed.

"She just doesn't understand" Eryn said and Zoe nodded before deciding to change the conversation.

"So when are you working this week?" Zoe asked.

"I'm working 9-4 tomorrow and Wednesday" Eryn said and Zoe nodded.

"So me and Lucy were wondering if we could go shopping today" Eryn asked and Zoe nodded.

"Okay" Zoe said. "Go and get ready and we'll leave soon"

Eryn nodded and walked up the stairs. She started getting ready and within an hour all 3 girls were ready to go.

They clambered into the car and headed to the shopping centre.

"Mum, can I learn to drive after my birthday?" Eryn asked and Zoe nodded.

"Of course, I'll give you some lessons for your birthday if you want?" Zoe asked and Eryn nodded.

"I don't want to pay all your lessons but I'll help you pay for some" Zoe explained and Eryn nodded.

"Thank you, I understand how expensive it all is" Eryn said and Zoe smiled. The girl had matured dramatically over the last few months.

Zoe looked over at Lucy. The girl was sitting listening to her music, not listening to anyone.

They soon arrived at the shopping centre and they got out.

"So do you have anything?" Zoe asked.

"I ordered some things online so I have some clothes" Eryn explained.

"I don't have anything" Lucy said and Zoe sighed. They were going on holiday in 3 days.

"Okay, let's get going them" Zoe said. They started shopping and Lucy was just being very fussy. She didn't want to get anything. Eryn had disappeared by herself for a bit to get some clothes.

"Lucy, will you stop being so fussy? You have 3 days, that is too late to order things online" Zoe explained but she felt like her daughter wasn't listening to her.

"Okay, what's the problem?" Zoe asked and Lucy huffed.

"Speak to me" Zoe said.

"I'm scared, I don't look as good as Eryn" Lucy embarrassingly admitted.

"You do baby" Zoe said.

"I don't" Lucy said. She did have a good figure but looked slightly wider than her sister. Even though Lucy was just about an inch smaller than Eryn and lighter than her. She did look slightly bigger than her. Eryn was more toned than Lucy, while Lucy was just petite.

"Baby, I wish I could have a body like you" Zoe said and Lucy rolled her eyes.

"Sweetie, you are so skinny and light. You still fly in cheerleading" Zoe said and Lucy sighed.

"Come here, I don't want you to ever think of yourself like that" Zoe said hugging the girl.

"I love you and I love the way you look. Don't you ever wish to change it" Zoe said and Lucy nodded. She felt better after speaking to her mum and was able to continue shopping.

Once that little mishap, Lucy was able to find clothes that she liked as well as bikinis. They had been shopping for 3 hours and were getting hungry.

"Let's get some food before we get back to shopping" Zoe said and both girl's nodded. They were able to find a lovely restaurant and got something to eat. Zoe wanted to treat the girls. By the time they had finished eating, they were all stuffed.

"Let's do some more shopping" Zoe said and the girls nodded.

"I need to walk off all the food" Lucy said and Zoe giggled.

"Well we best get going" Zoe said.

They shopped for a further 3 hours before heading home. They were able to find more than enough clothes.

"Let's head home" Zoe said and both girls nodded.

"Shall we cuddle up on the sofa for a bit?" Zoe asked and both girls nodded. They arrived home and got changed into their jammies. It was after 7 o'clock at night so it wasn't to earlier. Once they were all settled their put a film on and cuddled up with each other.

Even though the girls were older now, Zoe still loved spending time with her girls. She still saw them as her little darlings.

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