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Prologue- Lilly's Diary-

August 1, 1980


What a day yesterday was, I finally gave birth, James and I were shocked that it wasn't the one boy we were expecting but triplets! Imagine our surprise when little Harry James arrived, then 10 minutes later his sister Elen Ifanwy surfaces, followed by the littlest Winifred Magge. James has gone to get Sirius and Dumbledore to share with them the shocking arrival of the two little girls. They all look so much like their father, we know we were in danger when we found out that we would be receiving Harry but we were not about to break our family apart and weaken it by sending the girls away. I'll write again later, one is crying and if you don't get to the crier quickly enough the other two will join in.


Got to the babies in time and no sooner had I gotten Winnie back to sleep than James and Sirius arrived. James immediately brought him to the nursery to show him the three new Potters. He looked in the cradles'; I had already put their initials on each one.

"W.M.P, E.I.P, and H.J.P," he read aloud "I know what H.J.P stands for, but what about the other two he asked?"

"Sirius I would like to introduce you to Harry James, Winifred Magge, and little Elen Ifanwy Potter" James said beaming.

"I'm so happy for you guys" He said clapping James on the back

"Sirius, there is one more thing we ask, could you be their godfather?" I asked James' hand was on my shoulder and I knew he was nodding to back me up.

"Sure, what are brothers for? Now let's get a picture of the happy family shall we" he said whipping out a camera.

I held the girls and James off to my side held Harry, it was perfect. He took three identical pictures.

Dumbledore arrived an hour after Sirius and he was just as happy and shocked as Sirius had been, because he was expecting to me one new Potter, not three! Well there they go again I'll write again when I can.

August 1, 1981


Has it really been a year? The triplets started walking and talking recently. They look so much like James, except all three seem to have inherited my eyes. Sirius got them each a toy broomstick for their birthday, as if James and I weren't having enough problems keeping up with them between walking and crawling now we have to worry about them flying as well! The poor cat seems as if it's about ready to have a nervous breakdown because Harry seems particularly fond of chasing it around. He also broke the vase my sister sent to me but then again I've been looking forward to getting rid of it for ages and not seem rude, while she may not know I would and I would still feel just as bad. James is beginning to get restless but he-who-must-not-be-named has been being spotted ever closer to our location and on top of that Dumbledore took his invisibility cloak last week. But we both know this will not last forever and as long as we stay positive I'm sure things will be fine. Well it's feeding time at the zoo so I will write again when I can.

October 31, 1981


It's Halloween and I feel bad that we cannot take the children out trick or treating but you know who has again been sited, but this time in this very town! I'm begging to worry that he-