As the train began pulling out of the station the Potters watched wistfully as parents and siblings waved to their loved ones. Some of the younger siblings even tried running alongside the train until the last cars left the platform. Elen had a couple tears as she thought of what could be.

Maybe they would have a younger sibling or two joining the crowd of those too young to go to school yet. Even if they didn't, James and Lily Potter would surely be there tearfully sending their children off. Instead of just getting to know Harry and Winnie she would have grown up with them. Sure they'd argue but they'd be a family.

Elen looked up feeling a hand in hers and an arm wrapped around her shoulder. Harry had slipped his hand in hers and Winnie was hugging her.

"We are together now and better late than never right?" Winnie asked, giving Elen a smile.

"I suppose and I am glad I am not starting another school year alone." Elen responded with her own watery smile.

"Yeah, it will be nice to know that not only will I have one person but two at my back this year and Dudley can't chase any friends I, or rather we, make off." Harry chuckled.

"I suppose. I just wish Mum and Dad were here still." Elen said wistfully.

"They may no longer be with us physically but our loved ones never leave us. They are in a better place looking down on us. I just hope we make them proud." Winifred said thinking of the many conversations she had with Sister Anne.

Feeling better, Elen reached up and tapped her trunk so she could easily get it down before tapping it again and disappearing into the apartment for a moment. When she came back she had her kitten in her arms. Winnifred decided on getting her own kitten before Elen put her trunk away. She came back with Harry's as well.

"Artemis didn't like the idea of being left alone," Winnifred said gently dumping the black kitten in her brother's lap gently.

Elen handed Alana to Winifred as she put her trunk away. Just as she sat down there was a nervous knock on the door.

"Do you mind if I sit with you, everywhere else is full and my brother's friend is showing his tarantula." A redheaded boy with freckles and on his nose was a small smudge of dirt. The three siblings shared a look before Harry Spoke.

"No problem, there is always room for more." Harry said

The boy smiled and sat next to Harry across from Elen. "I'm Ron by the way. Ron Weasley." the boy said.

"I'm Elen Potter" Elen introduced holding Regan in her other arm.

"I am Winifred Potter, but please call me Winnie." Winnie said, reaching across to the now slightly stunned boy as she juggled with her kitten Alana.

"And I am Harry Potter. And yes we are triplets." Harry Said introducing himself after his sisters. Artemis curled up in his lap.

"But… but we all assumed Harry was an only child!" Ron said in shock.

"Well until the end of July I thought I was as well." Harry said, trying to comfort the boy.

"Elen and I grew up in different orphanages and Harry grew up with our mother's adopted sister and her husband and son. We still are not sure if Petunia or our mum was the adopted child. I am leaning towards mum myself" Winnie explained.

"I'm the sixth to go to Hogwarts. Bill and Charlie have left, Percy is the oldest brother I have still at Hogwarts. Then there is Fred and George. They are twins and no one can tell them apart. Then there is me. My sister is coming next year." Ron explained gloomily.

"That must be something having such a large family." Elen said with a wistful tone.

"Bill works as a curse breaker for Gringotts and in school he was a prefect and head boy. Before leaving Charlie was Quidditch captain and a prefect and he works with dragons in Romania. Now Percy is a prefect and he will likely go one to become head boy and get a great job in the ministry. Then there is Fred and George who everyone finds funny and my sister Ginny, the first girl born in the Weasley family in seven generations. They are all special and I am just Ron." he said miserably.

"But you are special. You are the only Ron Weasley. Just because you haven't found your niche yet doesn't mean you should give up on yourself. You should also strive to do your best in classes because Ron has not made those accomplishments." Winifred said.

Ron adopted a contemplative look but didn't argue. Winifred knew that the issue of Ron's self worth was not solved then and there and it would be a work in progress but at least the groundwork had been laid down, and hey she had an entire year to work on what had just become one of her pet projects.

The small group continued to talk for a couple of hours when another knock happened. Elen again got up to open the compartment door. This time it was a shorter pudgy boy with blond hair and shining blue eyes.

"How can we help you?" asked sweetly.

"H-h-have you seen a toad by chance? I s-seem to have l-l-lost mine." The boy questioned with a stutter.

"I'm sorry I haven't. Have you asked one of the older students? I believe there is a spell that they could use to help you find it." Elen offered.

"Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I'm Neville by the way, Neville Longbottom." The boy said. His eyes were still watery but he didn't look as likely to cry now that Elen had given him the idea to look for an older student.

"I'm Elen Potter, the girl next to the window is my sister Winifred, who prefers Winnie and the boy across from her is my brother Harry. Next to him is our new acquaintance Ron Weasley." Elen said, introducing the other three members of the compartment.

"But how is that possible? I know you aren't older siblings and younger siblings would not be coming to Hogwarts yet that means you'd have to be triplets. That has never happened." Neville said with the same shock that Ron had happened.

"Apparently the uses of impossible and never need to be reevaluated. Hey Neville, this reaction is actually kind of fun. Mind keeping mine and Winnie's existence a secret? Obviously people will figure it out but I want to be there to see their faces when they do." Elen chuckled with a mischievous look.

"As long as I can be around to see most of those reactions" Neville said, sharing that grin.

"You can count on it." Elen said.

With that Neville left to hunt for his new target, an older student, preferably a prefect. Several minutes after Neville left a lady pushing a trolley full of candies and sweets went by. Elen, Harry and Winnie bought several of each item so they could try everything and also share with Ron who only had a very squished corn beef sandwich.

The four were sharing a box of Bertie Box Every Flavor Bean when a brown haired girl with brown eyes appeared in the still open door. Ron's rat named Scabbers was sniffing at a discarded wrapper of a pumpkin pasty. Ron had just been telling them one of his twin brothers had told him a spell that would turn him yellow and had drawn his wand hopefully when Harry asked to see. Other than their trunks they hadn't done anything magical or seen any spell work yet so when Harry asked to see the red head beamed.

"Excuse me, have you seen a toad a boy named Neville has lost one? Oh are you doing magic? Let's see!" She said excitedly in a single breath.

Now with an even bigger audience Ron sat straighter in his seat and cleared his throat "Sunshine, daisies, buttermellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow" he decleared. There was a flash of light in response but nothing happened to Scabbers.

"Are you sure that is a real spell? Well it is not very good is it. I've only tried a few simple ones myself. For example oculus repairo." The girl said haughtily, pulling her wand from her pocket and pointing it at Harry's broken glasses.

Ron deflated. At his failure Harry took his now fixed glasses off his face and looked at the now repaired frame that was no longer being held together but an obscene amount of tape.

"Maybe it wasn't a valid spell but his wand and magic recognized he was trying to do something so that is a bonus and before getting on the train we weren't allowed to do magic. And just because someone grows up around magic doesn't mean you grow up consciously able to use it." Winifred said from the other side of Elen.

"Plus his whiskers do look a little yellow." Harry said, trying to bolster his new friend's confidence slightly more.

This caused the girl to look more closely at Harry "Holy cricket! You're Harry Potter" She squealed as she saw his scar "And who are you?" She asked, giving the others slightly disapproving looks which rubbed both Elen and Winnie the wrong way.

"I'm Elen, that's Winifred, and this is Ron" Elen said with a slight edge to her voice pointing at everyone in turn, purposely leaving out their surnames. "Who are you?"

"I am Hermione Granger." the girl said, finally giving her name. That was when the nerves the girl was trying to hide began to slip.

"It is nice to meet you, Hermione. And to answer your earlier question we already met Neville and suggested he find a prefect or other older student to help locate his toad." Winifred said mentally pointing out that the other girl's attitude was all for show.

"Oh my I didn't even think of that! I should go find him to let him know I didn't have any luck." Hermione said blushing at her error.

"I hope whatever house I am in she is not in it." Ron said after she left.

"She is nervous. Most of her attitude was for show. She is probably a muggle born and has already been insulted, maybe even kicked out of a carriage by a bigot." Winnie said. From the extra reading they had done they knew that blood prejudice was not as gone as everyone pretended it to be.

"I'll take your word for it." Ron said.

The group had just begun to dig back into their snacks when another person came to the door and unlike Neville and Ron who both knocked on the closed compartment door this boy yanked the door open. This boy had a sharp face and steel gray eyes and slicked back platinum blond hair. On either of him were two bulky boys both with scowling expressions and dark hair.

"I heard Harry Potter was in this compartment." The leader of the trio said eyes honing in on the only dark haired boy in the compartment.

"And you are?" Harry asked, giving him a leveled look.

"It's you is it? Well I am Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. This is Crabbe and Goyle '' The other boy introduced himself and gestured in either direction to introduce his very obvious bodyguards.

On snickered at his name while Winnie and Elen both giggled about how he introduced himself.

"No need to ask who you are. Red hair and a hand me down robe. You must be a Weasley. Though I do not know who you two could be." He said looking at the two girls who were clearly twins.

"Elen and Winifred." Winifred introduced this time.

"What no surnames?" Draco asked.

"None that we will tell you now." Winifred said with a challenging look.

"Must be muggles then." Draco responded in disgust.

"You are the boy that said something about Muggle filth." Elen recalled the day they visited Diagon Alley.

"Sure, we will go with that." Winifred said at the same time Elen spoke.

Not deeming Harry's three companions worth his time Draco looked back at Harry "You'll soon find out that some Wizarding families are better than others. I can help you there." Draco said, holding out his hand for the dark haired wizard to shake.

"I appreciate the offer but I would like to find that out for myself thank you." Harry said, shaking his hand.

Draco was shocked, sure Harry had turned down his offer but he was still polite and courteous and the twins, who were at least raised in the muggle world were not rude but they recognized him and had heard him make a negative comment about Muggles which his parents said he could never be caught saying in public. He would have to think about this.

"Come Crabbe and Goyle. We have wasted enough time here." He said before turning and leaving.

Ron then went into a tirade about Malfoy and his family and how they couldn't be trusted.

"That may be but by being polite to him yet turning him down it gives him no room to stand to start a fight where there doesn't need to be one. That may change but right now there is no need to start anything." Harry said silently agreeing with what his sisters had been saying through their mental bond.

"Oh hello again. I just talked to a prefect, you should probably change. We will be arriving soon." Hermione said, sticking her head back in the door upon seeing them still in their muggle clothes.

"Thank you for the warning." Winifred said. She received a nod in return before Hermione moved on.

The girls wanted to stretch so they left the compartment first so the boys could change. When they were done they let Elen and Winifred know that they were done so the girls could change. When the girls opened the door the four were just settling back in when an announcement telling everyone to leave their belongings and pets on the train as they would be brought to the castle separately. Elen quickly took all three kittens back to the apartment. She reemerged just as the train began to slow and she quickly shrank and resized her trunk after putting it back in the storage rack.

They watched out the window hoping to get a first glimpse of the castle but they were unfortunately disappointed as they approached the station. When the train stopped and the doors opened everyone began flooding out of their compartments.

Over the din of voices the small group could hear Hagrid calling for all of the first years. Once he was happy that all of the first years were separated and the second years and above were heading to the carriages he led everyone down to the darkened lake shore where there was a small fleet of boats waiting.

"No mo' tha' fou' ta a boa'" Hagrid called getting into the biggest boat by himself.

The first years eagerly piled into the many boats. Harry was in one with his two sisters and Ron. Hermione and Neville were sharing one with a sandy haired freckled boy and a dark skinned boy to their left. Back and to the right was Draco with Crabbe and Goyle and a girl with a pug face.

Hagrid turned to see if everyone was settled into their seats before commanding the boats to move forward. They sailed around a bend and finally got their first glimpse of what would be their home and school for the first time. Even the pure bloods who had older siblings in the school gasped in awe at the sight.

Standing proudly over the lake with several towers jutting out from the base castle and the many windows twinkling as they were reflecting on the lake lit by many candles offered a truly magnificent look.

"This view. It's amazing." Elen whispered. Harry nodded in agreement. The other two in the boat were too enraptured by the sight to register that she had said anything.

As they drew closer they could see a gently sloping lawn that eventually gave way to a darkened forest. No one could wait to see what the school had to offer by day when they could explore both the building and the grounds. They eventually could no longer crane their necks as they sailed under an archway that Hagrid had to duck to safely make it under. They sailed into a small underground room. The boats glided up to the dock one at a time allowing the new students to offload. When the boats were empty Hagrid led to a large door that he knocked on declaring he was there with the first years.

After a few tense seconds a stern looking witch in green robes and a large black hat answered. Thanking Hagrid who then left through a second door. The witch then ordered the students to follow her. She led them through a dimly lit corridor that was definitely heading up and they came out into an anti chamber.

She then proceeded to describe the four houses and told them she would be back for them shortly for the sorting and she left the room.

Neville has lost several shades and was intently listening to Hermione muttering spells she would need. Ron looked as if he was about to vomit which he explained was a result of Fred and George saying that they would have to face a troll. Elen and Winifred shared an eye roll.

"And what did Percy, Charlie and Bill say?" Winifred asked.

"Percy refused to say anything. Charlie said we would have to face a dark creature but it was random and Bill said we had to answer a series of questions." Ron said.

"Honestly Ron Bill's seems to be the most reasonable answer." Elen said.

This seemed to make Ron feel better but made Hermione more nervous. Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle seemed to be the only ones not nervous in the least.

All of a sudden a girl with her strawberry blond hair in two loose pigtails yelped in shock as several ghosts descended from the ceiling discussing what one could only assume was another ghost and he wasn't allowed to join the feasts. One of the ghosts whose neck was surrounded by ruffles seemed to be more in favor of allowing a second chance. A balding monk was firmly in this same camp. The male ghost covered in blood and wrapped in chains was the polar opposite of the monk. The only female ghost didn't speak but the look on her face made it clear that she didn't particularly care.

"Ah first years, must be waiting for the sorting." The ghost with ruffles said happily.

The bloody ghost humphed in acknowledgement while the woman remained aloof.

"Hope to see you in Hufflepuff. That was my old house you know" The monk said cheerfully as the witch Hagrid called Professor McGonagall returned to lead the nervous first years into the hall for the sorting.

The ghosts took their leave and the Professor had the students form a single file line which she led across the main hall and through the large doors of the amazing great hall. All of the older students were sitting at various tables waiting for the sorting to begin and Elen could hear Hermione telling a girl with lighter brown hair all about the ceiling of the great hall. The new arrivals stopped facing the teachers table that was in front of the large window and Professor McGonagall put a stool down and a hat on top of it.

She didn't say anything and the entire hall stared at the hat as if waiting for it to do something. As everyone else was quiet none of the first years dared ruin the spell, no pun intended, by asking what was going on. Turns out their confusion did not need to drag out long as a tear opened and the hat began to recite a poem. Well it sounded like it was trying to sing but it wasn't very good.

Once the hat had finished it's song McGonagall stood in front of the students and told them how the sorting would work. Ron sighed in relief all they had to do was sit under a hat. That was easy and painless. There were still the nerves that he would end up in another house other than Gryffindor but that was not as bad as what he was expecting.

Professor McGonagall unrolled a parchment and called the first name, Hannah Abbott. The light brown haired girl Hermione has been spewing information from Hogwarts, A History at nervously walked to the stool and put the hat on her head.

It had barely settled on her head when the hat called out Hufflepuff. Susan Bones, the strawberry blond girl, also went to Hufflepuff after barely putting the hat on. Lavendar Brown, a wide eyed blond girl, was the next to be called up. It took her slightly longer than it had taken the two before her being sent to Gryffindor where the red headed twins wolf whistled at the first new addition to their house.

After Lavender was a larger girl named Millicent Bulstrode who quickly became the first Slytherin. She was quickly followed to Slytherin by Vincent Crabbe and then Tracey Davis.

There were a few more Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws before Gregory Goyle quickly sat near Vincent Crabbe at the Slytherin table, clearly leaving room for one Draco Malfoy. After Goyle it was Hermione's turn. So far she ended up having the longest sorting. From the way her mouth was angled she was clearly having an argument with someone but the unsorted first years would never guess who.

Finally after nearly five minutes the hat finally shouted out Gryffindor. Ron groaned. Winifred pinched him. A girl with light blond hair and ice blue eyes named Daphne Greengrass followed Hermione. It didn't take nearly as long as Hermione but she was not far behind when the hat called out Slytherin.

Sandy haired Seamus Finnegan took a good 15 seconds before the hat put him in Gryffindor. Neville was also under the hat for five minutes before it yelled Gryffindor. To the boy's embarrassment he forgot to take the hat off and had to bring it back for The quickly sorted Ravenclaw Morag MacDougal. There was another Hufflepuff before the quickest sorting of the night went to Draco Malfoy of Slytherin, the hat never fully touched the boy's head.

Several more names were called before they reached the P names. Padma Patil was the first of a set of twins and also was the quicker of the two as she was sorted in just over a minute. As Padma sat at the Ravenclaw table her twin Pavarti spent nearly 2 minutes under the hat before it sorted her to Gryffindor.

This worried Harry, Elen, and Winnie as they wanted to be in the same house together. As Sally-Anne Perks was being sorted Elen caught Neville's eye and winked. She would be next and the true fun of the night would begin. Hermione had seen the quick silent looks sent between

Neville and Elen and her eyes narrowed in curiosity.

No one noticed McGonagall make a double take at the list as Sally-Anne headed to the Ravenclaw table.

"Potter, Elen" She called. Silence. Before people began whispering. Harry had no known siblings. Was her surname a coincidence? Could it be that she somehow escaped Harry's fame and was his twin.

The last thing Elen saw before the hat settled over her eyes was everyone staring at her.


Elen gasped as she felt her still building bond with Harry and Winifred get dampened.

"Do not worry, child. I am able to dampen bonds such as yours so that I can sort you as an individual and not as your sibling, or in your case siblings." A voice said comforting her.

"Are you the hat, are you talking to me?" Elen thought in shock.

"Yes, I can speak to you and no one can hear this so I can best sort you. Now let me see what we have going on in that mind of yours." The hat said.

Elen sat there quietly for sometime as the hat sifted through what made Elen Potter, Elen Potter.

"Smart as a whip you are. Ravenclaw would love to have you. But I can see that while you love to learn the studious nature of Ravenclaw would end up stifling you so while you would be a good fit in some regards in others you would hate your time here at Hogwarts. You can be cunning and have ambitions for proving you are more than your start to life and your name but beyond that Slytherin is not the place for you. You are fiercely loyal to those you call friends and family, a trait revered by both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. You enjoy hard work which Hufflepuff would appreciate but let's be frank if something does not interest you the bare minimum of work is considered an accomplishment. This would put you at odds with the Hufflepuff crowd. You are not overly chivalrous and you can be petty at times and you do not rush into danger, you prefer to plan and prepare but you are not adverse to a spontaneous adventure either, look at the way you were willing to go with Hagrid. Now where to put you. That is an interesting question. You could technically go to any house and do well. No but I think you have the most to gain by being in-" The voice of the hat said before trailing off and yelling Gryffindor for the entire hall to hear.

Elen smiled and lifted the hat from her head and gently placed it on the stool for Harry. She happily made her way to the cheering Gryffindor table and sat across from Neville. They gave each other a conspiratorial look as Professor McGonagall called out "Potter, Harry".


If the whispering for Elen had been loud it was nothing compared to what he got. He knew he was the only one of the three that was famous but he knew Winifred would get more whispers than even he did. He silently thanked his parents for not putting Winifred's name earlier in the alphabet than his. He would hate to be the last sibling called.

Despite his insides feeling like they had turned to worms he held his head high and forced himself to approach the sorting hat and stool with a fake confidence.

"Ah the second Potter, and currently the most famous one to boot." A voice whispered in his mind. He again felt the connection to his sisters weaken but had expected it after Elen was sorted so he didn't panic like she did when it happened.

The hat chuckled as it went through Harry's thoughts and memories.

"Like your sister before you, you don't have a bad mind but through years of holding your academic interests back for fear of repercussions it is not overly important to you. You would still do well in Ravenclaw. You also like to go unnoticed and you have a thirst to prove yourself you would do marvelously in Slytherin. Your loyalty to the family that deserves it and your inability to work hard as often as allowed would make you a model Hufflepuff. You are also the first to put yourself in harm's way to protect others. In Slytherin you could foster your ambition but also work on that lack of self preservation." The hat said. It already decided where he would go but it wanted to see how the boy responded before it confirmed its choice.

"I trust you to put me where I have the best chance but I would really prefer to be with my sister please" Harry thought to the hat.

"It takes a great amount of bravery to allow another to take charge of your life. I can make no guarantee about your sister but you better be-" The hat said.

Harry had a quick second to panic, had he answered wrong? Should he have fought harder? He heard a small chuckle before he sank in relief as the Hat yelled out Gryffindor for the hall to hear.

As he made his way to sit next to Neville he gave Winifred an encouraging smile. As he sat Elen gave him a beaming.


McGonagall took a quick look over her shoulder hoping Dumbledore was ready for this next name. The rest of the staff, minus Hagrid and Dumbldore, looked at her quizzically. The students also picked up on something being off with the normally stoic Professor. They saw her take a long breath before calling out "Potter, Winifred"

Harry and Elen watched from their places at the Gryffindor table as Winifred nervously made her way to be sorted. The hall had froze as someone identical to Elen Potter, who also shared some features with Harry Potter, approached the stool. Then the whispering broke out.

Not just siblings, not twins but triplets. Magical triplets on one had any memory of that happening before. Draco's mouth dropped. He had insulted the Harry Potter's sisters and he was still polite while Malfoy had made an even bigger ass out of himself.

As Hermione put everything together she looked at the two sorted Potters.

"But that can't be possible." She said in shock.

"Improbable maybe. Impossible, apparently not. Thank you Elen for allowing me to watch the school's reaction to your identity.

The red haired twins looked at Elen thoughtfully having heard Neville's comment. If what Neville said was true she had masterfully pulled off the earliest and biggest pranks in Hogwarts history.

Somewhere in the wizarding afterlife one James Potter could not be more proud of his three children. Lily on the other hand was pinching the bridge of her nose. She could feel a migraine coming on, and the dead didn't get migraine. Merlin, save Hogwarts if her three hellions and the Weasley Twins join forces.


As Winifred made her way to be sorted she swallowed nervously. She wasn't sure if she preferred the silence or if she wanted an overabundance of noise. As the hat slipped over her eyes she felt the now familiar yet uncomfortable bond with her siblings get really weak.

"Ah, the last Potter." A voice chuckled in her ear.

"You must be the hat, hello." Winifred said with a neutral tone.

"You are correct. Usually I have to introduce myself to even the Ravenclaws. And as joyful as a Hufflepuff. Like your siblings you have a thirst to rise above your past and you have the cunning and ambition to do it. You like to learn but you do not push yourself to learn just for the sake of learning." The hat said.

"Sir, please put me with my siblings." Winifred pleaded.

"With loyalty like that you would fit in well in Hufflepuff. And to answer the question you are formulating about your parents, they were both Gryffindors.

"Please put me there." Winifred thought even more earnestly.

"You are extremely loyal to your siblings and to yourself. But wait what is this, eight years old and pushing a classmate out of the way of a car only to avoid getting seriously hurt yourself. Oh cunning, very cunning indeed. Showing specific memories to try and get me to choose Gryffindor. But no, your cunning is only a means to an end, your loyalty and kindness are your biggest traits.

"That is an interesting situation Ravenclaw would have suited your sister almost as well as Gryffindor and your brother walks the Slytherin line far more. You on the other hand favor the Hufflepuff traits. You would do amazing in Hufflepuff." The hat said.

Winifred held her breath in anticipation. She almost didn't hear the hat yell "Gryffindor" for all to hear as she thanked the hat.

"I couldn't separate you three. Once Elen was in Gryffindor your brother and yourself could not go anywhere but Gryffindor. You are stronger together than apart, just like the school" the hat explained before Winifred took the hat off and put it on the stool before racing to the Gryffindor table.


The Hogwarts class of 1998 sorting would go down in history when all was said and done. Gryffindor gained two more students, Dean Thomas and Ron Weasley. Ravenclaw gained its final student in Lisa Turpin. The last student to join Hufflepuff was Zacharias Smith and finally after a minute of sorting Blaise Zabini, the last student to be sorted, became the final Slytherin. There were two sortings that nearly became hat stalls, Hermione and Neville, and three actual hat stalls, Elen, Harry, and Winifred. It was also the first time triplets had attended Hogwarts and all three ended up joining the proud lion's den of Gryffindor.

As Dumbledore stood to make the pre-feast announcements he couldn't help but be excited to be alive as history was made.


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