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"Feliks, where are we going now?"

Feliks, who was currently walking down Jane street with a curious Toris following, kept walking. "To find the worst director who ever lived." He replied as he turned the corner into Northwest Boulevard. After the two producers had gotten Ludwig on board, they immediately left the building, which, much to their confusion, turned out to be abandoned, and Feliks began pacing toward their next stop. Apparently, they're next step was to find a really bad director. And not just any bad director, a director who has made grown men cry for butchering the very art of Broadway, as Feliks had 'nicely' put it.

"I'm assuming you have someone in mind."

"Two actually, they're twins."

"Oh, how do you know them?"

"They're some old friends of mine from college."

Friends? Toris stopped dead in his tracks. "Feliks, you actually plan on tricking you're friends into our plan?" It was one thing to trick strangers, but to trick people they considered friends was another.

Feliks stopped and looked back at his partner. He did have a point. And he would be lying if he said that he didn't feel even a little guilty for this. But he would also be lying if he said that he didn't want that money. "Look kid," Feliks began as he placed a hand on the brunette's shoulder. "If this plan is ever going to work, you like, gotta learn to be more thick skinned. And besides as long as they don't find out, they'll be fine." Giving Toris a pat on the back, Feliks turned around and contnued walking.

Despite what the blonde had told him, Toris couldn't shake the feeling that this would end badly. But he also couldn't ignore the fact that he had no job and two brothers he needed to support. Letting out a sigh of defeat, Toris followed Feliks who had stopped in front of a building. The building was rather large and had a couple of flags hunged around that Toris could identify as the Italian flag, the German flag, and a few others he didn't recognize. From where Toris was standing, he could vaguely see what looked like plants rest on the real eye catcher, however, was a shiny copper wire globe in the center of the large lawn that homed a couple of trees and a garden full of flowers.

"Nice place." Toris said after taking in the view.

"Yea, it actually belonged to their grandpa. Y'know, before he became a judge."

At the word 'judge' Toris tensed up a bit. "I feel like I should worry now!"

Feliks rolled his eyes at the brunette's little outburst. "Oh c'mon Liet, they'll never know."

It was a warm and sunny when Feliciano Vargas, co-owner of the house, woke up from his nap. Usually, he would have kept on sleeping, but he had heard the phone ring for the last ten minutes and figured that it will keep ringing until someone answers. Letting out a yawn and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the auburn walked over to the phone and answered it. "The living room of renowned theatrical director Lovino Vargas' elegant upper east-side town house on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in June." He said with a lovely Italian accent, tone as sweet as honey. "Who may I say is speaking?" After hearing who was at the other end of the line, Feli's lazy grin is quickly replaced with a frown. "Listen here, you broken down old queen." He said, his tone now angry and serious. "He was drunk. He was hot. You got lucky. Don't ever call here again!" Slamming the phone back down, the angry Italian ended the conversation.

"Feli?" Asked another Italian voice, a little deeper than Feli's, from the next room. "Who was that on the phone?"

"Wrong number!" Feli replied in a nicer tone. "Go back to your nap!"

Ding Dong!

Turning to the front door, Feli gave an excited little clap. "Ooh, guests!" Rushing back to his room, the little Italian fished out some clothes to make himself decent. After getting dressed, Feli practically skipped to the door and opened it to find Feliks and Toris standing at the door step. Recognizing his old college roommate, Feli gives the blonde a hug. "Feliks, it's been so long!"

The blonde returned the hug and gave his Italian friend a friendly pat on the back. "Like, yea, it has been too long."

After releasing his friend from the hug, Feli noticed Toris. "Oh, how rude of me!" Holding his hand out to the brunette, Feli smiled. "I'm Feliciano Vargas. Co-director."

Returning the smile, Toris shook the kind Italian's hand. "Toris Laurinaitis. Feliks' co-producer." Finally! Someone who actually seemed sane.

"So what brings you to the neighborhood?"

"We're here to see Lovi." Feliks replied. "We sent you guys a script and want to know if you'll work with us"

"Oh! Of course!" Feli exclaimed as he remembered the play they had received this morning. Leading his two guests inside, Feli gestured toward the red velvet couch sitting in the middle if the room. "Just wait right here while I go fetch him!" As Feli turned to leave, the Italian suddenly remembered something. Turning back to the producers, he offered his arm. "May I please take your hats, your coats and your swastikas?"

Swastikas? Confused, Feliks looked back at Toris who just shrugged. 'The Nazi arm-band thing?' Feliks wondered. 'Why would we have-' Suddenly realizing the last couple of hours, Feliks cautiously looked down on his arms, hoping he wouldn't see the offending band on his arm. He did. Damn.

Tightly clutching the arm band, Feliks let out a nervous laugh. "Oh, these? We were just at a convention. Everyone was wearing them." After handing the band over to Feli, Feliks gave Toris an angry glare. "Like, why didn't you tell me we still had them on?"

"Well, you told me to look straight-ahead." The brunette replied as he handed his armband to Feliciano. After placing the articles of clothing on a coat hanger, Feli walked into the next room to get his brother. As soon as the Italian exited the room, Feliks and Toris sat down on the couch Feli had gestured to them earlier.

"I-" Feliks started, but quickly stopped when he remembered the task at hand. "Okay. Let's not fight. All right?" When Toris nodded in agreement, Feliks nodded back. "Good."

After a minute or so of waiting, Feli returned to his guests with a tray full of tea. "Here's Lovi!" Feliks and Toris both stand up, ready to greet the Italian, but, much to Toris' horror, when the dark haired Italian came out, he was in nothing but his birthday suit.

"Feliks," Toris whispered to his partner, hoping the naked Italian wouldn't hear him. "He's naked."

"Yea, that's sorta his thing." Feliks whispered back before walking to Lovino. "Lovino, how are you?" The blonde asked as if everything here was totally normal.

"Feliks, it's been a while." Lovino said as he stretched a bit. "I was just taking a nap. I wasn't expecting you for another 30 minutes."

"We got our first meeting out of the way pretty early, so we decided to stop by."

During the whole conversation, Toris couldn't help but to be completely baffled at the scene before him. The three apparent friends kept talking without even acknowledging that one of them is stark naked. But at this point of hanging around Feliks, nothing really seemed to shock the brunette anymore. When Lovino noticed Toris staring at what he assumed was him, the older Italian flashed him a mischievous, yet friendly smile. "Oh, I see that I've caught your friend's eye" Lovino said teasingly. Toris quickly looked away with a blush on his face. He really didn't mean to stare. "Don't think I didn't notice you staring at my tower of Pisa!"

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to stare." Toris said while avoiding the Italians gaze. God, was he embarrassed.

Lovino however, was not. In fact he just waved off the whole thing. "Ah, don't worry about it. I should probably explain myself. As I said earlier, I was just taking my siesta when you guys showed up."

"You sleep naked?"


"Sleeping naked is so much more freer than wearing PJs." Feli said as he put an arm around his twin brother.

Not wanting to push the subject any further, Toris decided to drop it and let Feliks do all of the talking from here. Since Feliks knew them best, it should be him to do all the convincing. "So, anyway," Feliks started before Toris' awkwardness went noticed. "I know you already texted me that you read the script, but I just wanna like, double check."

"Yes Feliks, I read it." Lovino said as he sat down onto his favorite black leather recliner. When they saw the head of the home sit, the rest of the men took a seat on the couch. "I gotta say, not bad. World War II is a very popular topic nowadays. And I'm pretty impressed on how much history is packed into it."

Feliks smiled. Already, step two was proving to be far easier than step one. "I knew you'd like it. So, you'll do it?"

"Do it? Of course not!"

What? "Like, why not?" Damn, maybe he spoke too soon.

"It's just not my kind of thing." Lovino replied indifferently as he got up from his chair. "I mean, World War II? Too dark. Too depressing."

"Are you serious?" Feliks questioned as he too stood up. "Like, since when has dark and depressing been a turn off to you?"

Letting out a depressed sigh, the green eyed Italian slumped back into his seat. "Since my grandpa left me this place."

At the change of his twin's demeanor, Feliciano placed a comforting hand on Lovino's shoulder. "Grandpa worried that since Lovi loved those kind of plays, he would end up depressed himself. So when Lovino told him his plans, grandpa told him he would support his decision both emotionaly and financially if he followed one rule.

"What was the rule?"

"See for yourself." Lovino replied as he pointed towards the back wall, face buried in his free hand. The two guests then turned their heads to the wall their hosts was pointing to find a solid gold plate with the words "Keep it Gay" etched into it. Next to it was a picture of an older Italian man, presumably their grandfather, winking and flashing a smile.

"Keep it gay?" Toris asked, eyeing the golden rule.

"He means camp style." Lovino clariffied as he and his twin stood up. "The old man isn't too familiar with theatre terms." Lovino recalled the day he started his career. His grandfather had found out about his plans to persue his dream job and had approached his eldest grandson about it. Lovi can still remember the old man's exact words "Oh, the theatre's so obsessed with dramas so depressed. It's hard to sell a ticket on Broadway." Lovino sang. "Shows should be more witty. Shows should be more pretty. Shows should be more hmm, what's the word?" Lovino asked, feigning ignorance, even cupping his chin to complete the action.

"Gay?" Toris offered.

"Exactly." Lovino said pointing at the brunette. "No matter what you do on the stage. Keep it light, keep it bright, keep it gay." Lovino sang not so enthusiasticly, more sarcastic really. "Whether it's murder, mayhem or rage, don't complain, it's a pain, keep it gay."

"People want laughter when they see a show." Feliciano sang, putting an arm around the elder twin's shoulder. "The last thing's they're after is a litany of woe."

"A happy ending will pep up your play."

"Oedipus won't bomb, if he winds up with Mom."

"Keep it gay. Keep it gay. Keep it gay." The twins finished in unision as Feli rubbed his cheek against Lovino's who, normaly, would respond with a head-butt, but today his heart just wasn't in it.

Knowing how stubborn the irrate Italian could be, Feliks, after giving it some thought, decided to compromise. Compromising wasn't something he was always willing to do, but he really needed Lovino on board for the plan to work. Walking over to Lovino, Feliks placed a hand on the director's shoulder. "Like, if thats all, then no worries. You have our blessing to make 'Springtime for Hitler' just as gay as anybody could possibly want."

It would be a lie if Lovino wasn't tempted, but he didn't want betray his gandfather nor take advantage of his trust. Shaking that idea out of his head, Lovino wiggled out of his brother's and friend's grasp. "I'm sorry, Feliks. It's simply not my cup of tea." He said regretfully. Damn, it wasn't fair. To him or his staff. Wait a tomato picking minute! His staff! Maybe he will be able to do this play. Proud of himself for coming up with a plan, Lovino turned around to face his guest and brought his finger up into the air. "Still, fair is fair. I should ask my production team what they think." God he hoped this will work.

"Your production team?" Feliks asked, suprised that people actually worked for him. I mean, come on, it was pretty obvious how...difficult...the Italian could be. And that was putting it mildly.

"Yea, they all live here as tax deductions." Lovino replied as turned to face the stairs. "Hey bastards!" He screamed. "Come and introduce yourselves to Feliks and Toris!"

A moment after the Italian yelled out, a man with the whitest skin anyone has ever seen appears and begins to walk down the stairs. The albino, which Toris assumed he was because of his snow white hair and ruby red eyes, was wearing a black muscle shirt, which only made him look even more pale, and dark blue pants. Toris also noticed that the man was shoeless, only wearing black socks, and had a cross necklace that looked vaguely familiar. Infact, the man's face looked familiar as well, only with different color. "This is Gilbert, my set designer."

Once Gilbert reached to ground floor, he confidently smiled and placed both hands on his hips. "Keep it mad. Keep it glad. Keep it gay." He sang with a German accent.

Not a moment later, a man dressed in a garish purple suit descended the stairs as well. He had fair skin and long blonde hair kept neatly in a ponytail. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he stopped and gave the producers a rather suggestive smile, complete with a mischievous look in his eyes. "And this is my costume designer, Francis."

"Keep it happy. Keep it snappy. Keep it gay." The man sang, his french accent smooth as silk.

After his introduction, Francis walked over to Gilbert and put his arm around the albino. "We're clever, creative. It's our job to see that everything's perfect for little Lovi!" The two sang together, casting Lovino a look of pure adornment. From the looks of it, it appears that Lovino's employees are quite fond of him.

Unfortunately, judging by the glare Lovino was sending the two, the feeling was not mutual. Toris could even swear he heard the italian mutter the word 'bastards' as his scowl grew. "Next is Antonio, my choreographer."

"Hola!" said a spanish voice from the top of the stairs. Wearing a black unitard and holding the play, a man with bronze skin and brown curly hair slid down the stair's rail and jumped off into a perfct split. Toris would've been impressed, if said man hadn't stood up and revealed a large bulge in his trousers. At the sight of the man's 'standing ovation' Gilbert let out a huge laugh, Francis grinned in amusement, even Feliks couldn't help but chuckle. Toris, however, was horrified. It was almost as bad as Lovino being naked. Almost. Thankfully, Toris wasn't the only one bothered by this.

"You bastard!" Lovino yelled, his face now red from both anger and embarrassment. "Cover that shit up! We have guests for christ's sake!" Jesus, the tomato bastard is going to be the death of him one of these days.

Upon seeing his little issue, Antonio let out a bashful laugh. "Sorry Lovi, it's just that dancing gets me excited!" The spaniard said as he wrapped the jacket Francis offered him to wrap around his midsection.

"Yes, I can see that." The angry Italian stated as Antonio joined Gilbert and Francis. Thank god that his next employee wasn't an idiot. Infact, she may be the most levelheaded person in the house. "And last, but not least, our lighting designer, Elizeveta."

On que, a woman whose bright green eyes flickered with excitement appeared. Her long brown hair was tied into a ponytail and was wearing a simple green t-shirt with blue jeans. Like Gilbert, she had no shoes on and was wearing pink socks. "Keep it gay! Keep it gay! Keep it gay!" The woman enthusiastically sang in a heavy accent. Was everyone working here foreign in some way?

'Great, they're all here.' Lovino thought to himself. With his staff now present, maybe they can 'force his hand' into doing the play. If they wanted to do it, who was he to deny them? "Now, you've all read 'Springtime for Hitler. What do you make of it?"

After a moment of thinking about it, Antonio snapped his fingers. "It needs glamour..."

"...and glitz!"

"Needs sequence..."

"...and tits!"

Feeling as if he was losing Lovino, Feliks quickly thought of something. "Liet," Feliks whispered to Toris, leading him to the side. "Like, why don't you go over there and say something nice to Lovi? I think he likes you."

"But Feliks,"

"Come on, kid." The blonde interrupted, pushing the brunette towards Lovino who was currently talking with Feliciano. "It's just show biz."

After shooting a his partner an apprehensive look, Toris took in a deep breath and approached his host. "Erm...Mr. Vargas? Uh, Lovino?"

"Yes, what is it?" Lovino replied, turning his attention from his twin to Toris.

"Um..." What could he say? He had only just met Lovino. Luckily, Toris managed to think of something quick. "I-I think that the play would be a sure fire hit if you were the director."

"Really?" It was rare for someone to actually complement Lovino's work like that. Well, rare for someone he didn't consider family, but still, it was nice to hear these things. Especially since he usually hears only negative things from the public. "Grazie, amico!" Lovino exclaimed as he pulled Toris into a friendly headlock. Normally, he wouldn't be so comfortable around strangers, but what the hell, he liked the guy.

Toris, however, was not comfortable. At all. As he was being headlocked by his naked host, the ex-accountant slowly took out his blue blanket and comfort himself with it. After finally being let go, Toris stumbles back to his blonde partner. "Feliks," he whispered. "I think we're getting in too deep."

"Too deep?" Geez was this guy a quiter. "Like, this is nothing. I'll tell you when we're getting in too deep." Turning their attention back to their hosts, the producers catch the end of their weird song.

"So, the rule is when mounting a play," Lovino's staff sang all together. "keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay."

'Damn it.' Lovino cursed inwardly. 'Looks like we're not doing it then...' Turning over to Feliks and Toris, the Italian shrugs. "Well, you heard them." Gesturing for his staff to leave, Lovino grabs a disappointed Feliciano by the shoulder and starts to leave the room himself.

Upon seeing Lovino and his staff leave, Toris looks at Feliks in concern. "Feliks, I don't think we're getting to them."

'Damn, he's right.' Feliks thought to himself. Luckily, Feliks still had a trick or two up his sleeves. "Don't worry." The blonde whispered to his partner before approaching Lovino. "Watch." Before Lovino and his staff culd go upstairs, the Italian was grabbed by the shoulders and yanked back down "Lovino, look," Feliks said, holding the dark haired Italian in place. Damn, for someone who looked like a twelve year old girl, Feliks had a pretty strong grip. "I think Springtime for Hitler could be like, a marvelous opportunity for you. After all, up to now, you've always been associated with, dare I say, frivolous musicals."

"I know. You're right." Lovino admitted. "I've been wasting my time on showy entertainment. Dopey show girls in gooey gowns. Going two-three, kick turn, two-three, kick turn." God, just thinking about those assholes pissed him off. "It's enough to make a man heath. Yet, I'm sorry, Feliks. I just can't do Springtime for Hitler."

Seriously? "Why not? Like, think of the fame!"


"Think of the glory!"

"No! No!"

"Think of...the Tony!"

At the mention of the word Tony, all of the staff, including Feliciano, stopped dead in their tracks. If their was one thing they all had in common, it was the desire to be honored with such an award. "Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony!" They chanted, rushing back downstairs.

'A Tony? For me?' It had always been his dream to win a Tony. Ever since grandpa took him and Feli to see Le miserable. To think, Lovino, win a Tony! With all of the thoughts and emotions running wild in his mind, poor Lovi grabbed his throbbing head with his hands and began to fall into a motion sickness.

Baffled by Lovino's little episode, Feliks takes a step back from the Italian. "Lovi?"

"Is he all right?" Toris asked Feliciano in concern.

"Hmm? Oh, he's just having a stroke."


"Of genius!"

Snaping out of his "stroke", Lovino began to pace back and forth with a face of pure determination."I see it. I see it! At last, a chance to do something important. While still keeping my promise."

"Lovino V presents history." Feliciano said as he stretched his arms in front of his brother, as if presenting him the future. A glorious one at that.

"Yes, it's a wild idea, but it just might work." Sensing that his twin was on the verge of spillng some ideas, Feli takes out a notepad and waits for Lovino to speak.

"I...see...a...line of beautiful girls, wearing storm trooper outfits, each one a gem." With leather boots and whips on their hips. It's risque, dare I say, S&M!"

"Love it!" Lovino's staff exclaimed as they watched their liittle boss in action. It was quite adorable whenever little Lovi got that excited.

"I see German chorus boys charging through France. Each of them wearing very tight pants." Lovino proclaimed, making sure his twin was writting this down. Especially the last part. "But wait, there's more. Those bastards win the war!"

Win? What? To confirm what he heard was correct, Toris turned to Feliks, who just shrugged. Oh well, why not. They needed Lovino to cooperate, so they put up with the Italian's 'vision'. However crazy they may be.

"Oh, the dances they do will be daring and new." Picking up his legs, Lovino begins to dance. "Two-three, kick turn. Three-two, kick turn. Keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it..." but before he could finish, the Italian fell limp and passed out onto a nearby chair.

Feliks, Toris, and Feli rushed over to the fallen brunette and kneeled down to his eye level. Feliks grabed Lovino's hand and held it to his chest. "Lovi, it's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! I think I speak for Liet and myself, when I say you are the only man in the world who can do justice to Springtime for Hitler. Will you do it for us? Please?"

When Lovino came through, not only did he noticed his two guests giving him a pleading look, but his brother nodding in approval, while his staff watched in curiosity. Guess he's gonna have to give an answer. Good thing he's come to a decision, but theres no harm in messing with them. "Look, this is a very big decision. It could affect the course of my entire life. I will have to think about it. I'll do it."

Relieved that Lovino finally agreed, Feliks falls backwad from exhaustion, only to be caught by Toris and seated in a chair besides Lovino's. Feliciano, thrilled with his brother's decision, jumps up and down in excitement. "He said yes! Champagne! Someone break out the champagne!"

Upon hearing the good news, the entire staff danced and cheered. "So, if at the end, you want them to cheer, keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay." The staff sang as Gilbert broke out the champagne and began pooring it into people's glasses. "Whether it's Othello, Hamlet or Lear, keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay."

After helping himself some congratulatory alcohol, Feli draped an arm around his twin. "Drama is joyous, a constant delight."

Too happy to be angry, Lovino returns his brother's affection by puttung his own arm around the younger Italian. "Comedy annoys us and ruins our night." Lovino sang as Feliks took out a contract and showed it to the Italian. As he took out a pen, Lovi's staff began to crowd around their boss in anticipation. "So, keep your Steinbergs and Ibsens at bay. I will sign..."







Suddenly, as Lovino finished signing the contract, the door swung open and at the sight of the terrifyingly all too familiar man now walking in, Toris let out a rather un-manly scream.

"I'm home." Ludwig stated as he walked into the house, stopping to remove his coat and place it on the coat rack.

"Hey Luddy!" Feli said as he waved enthusiastically to his friend.

"Hey baby bruder!" Gilbert said, flashing the tall blonde a sweet smile. Wait a minute. Brother? The producers looked at the albino in total shock. Noticing the distressed looks focus on him, Gilbert looked at the two guests and winked. "What? Can't you tell we're related?" Instantly, the producers turned to face ludwig, who was currently being hugged by Feliciano and responding to Lovino's glares with indifference, and back to Gilbert. Now that he had mentioned it, they did kinda resembled eachother. "Luddy, guess what! Lovi agreed to direct your play!"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Ludwig replied boredly as he walked past his housemates, his three dogs following him. Noticing Feliks and Toris, Ludwig stops and eyes them carefully, making both guests quite uneasy. But, despite being stared down by a man they knew for fact was unstable, both noticed that instead of the crazy, imbalanced look they had received when they first met, the German's stare now seemed more controlled and focused. "And who are they?" The blonde asked, eyes not leaving the producers.

After hearing this, both Feliks and Toris became quite shocked. "Wait a minute." Toris started. "Do you not remember us?" How couldn't he remember them. They had spent most of their meeting dancing the freaking Guten tag hop clop at his request. Which was only thirty minutes ago! And why was he suddenly talking like a normal person?

"Remember?" Ludwig asked, confused by the brunette's question. "Have we met?"

Toris was completely taken back. Was he wrong? Was this a different person and he just simply mistook him for the crazy German? No, he knew he was right. He's wearing the exact same army helmet and lederhosen as when they met. He was even wore cross identical to Gilbert's. But how can he not remember them?

Before Toris could asked, Feliciano, who knew what was coming, as did everyone else, suddenly yelled out "Conga!" At that instant, Gilbert pulled a rope, which was located at the side of the room, causing multiple balloons of different colors to fall down. Knowing exactly what to do in this situation,everyone formed a line and began to conga while Feliks and Toris stood dumbfounded at the sudden turn of events. The only one who was not joining in, besides themselves, was Ludwig, who appeared to be used to this sort of craziness.

''Sha la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la." The dancing employees sang as they pushed Ludwig and the producers into the conga line. "La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. Keep it gay! Keep it gay! Keep it gay!"

It had only been a day, but from that moment, while he was sandwiched between a naked Lovino andahandsy Francis, Toris came to a conclusion. This was going to be one crazy summer.

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