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The Winter Cup ended with Rakuzan winning with the score of 100 to 92.

"Congratulations, Akashi-kun." The teal haired phantom, Kuroko Tetsuya said.

"Thank you, Tetsuya." Akashi replied not even glancing to Kuroko's direction.

"Sei-chan!" somone yelled and the two turned. It was Rakuzan's Mibuchi. "Sei-chan, the coach said that we'd already leave." And that is when Reo noticed Kuroko.

"Hi, Kuro-chan!"

"Kuro-chan?" Kuroko tilted his head to the side in confusion. "He's so cuuuute~~~!" And Reo hugged him. Someone from the behind 'coughed'. "Ehem! Ehem!" Reo turned and saw none other than Akashi.

"Reo, I'd appreciate it if you'll stop suffocating my team mate."

"Aaww is Sei-chan jealous?" Reo teased.

"Am not!" Akashi denied, his cheeks tainted with a faint shade of pink. "Sei-chan is so cuuute~!" And now it is Akashi's turn to be crushed in Reo's bear hug. "L-let go!" But Reo didn't budge. "Tripled training menu." After Akashi said the magic words, Reo immediately let Akashi go. Akashi adjusted his clothes. "Goodbye, Tetsuya." And he walked away with Reo. 'I never saw that side of Akashi-kun. He must be having fun with his new team mates.' Kuroko thought. And Kuroko walked back to the locker room.

When Kuroko entered the locker room, the aura is gloomy. He turned to his left and saw his seniors, the freshman trio even their coach so down. And to his right, on the bench there sat a teenage buy with a buil body. His head down and on his head sat a towel. He's crying.

Kuroko felt a twinge of pain.

Seeing his team mates like this especially his light. "...Kagami-kun..."

"ARGH!" There was a shout and everyone inside the locker room turned to a guy with glasses and spiky right. "Damn it! Don't act so down you dumb asses! You played with everything that you've got, right?! Now hold your headds high!" There was a stunned silence inside the locker room. "That's right!" They turned again and saw a brunette. "We atleast had fuuun~~" Some cracked a smile. "Kiyoshi can shut up." and everyone started to laugh even Kagami.

Outside the locker room Rakuzan team passed and they heard the laughter coming inside Seirin's locker room. "They sure are back to normal again, huh." The only third year, Chihiro Mayuzumi commented. "Well that was fast. One second they're crying like pussies, now they're laughing again." Kotaru commented.

Back inside the locker room, the laughter died down. "Okay as a reward for your hard work, you'll receive a kiss on the cheek from me!" Riko announced. There was an awkward silence. "Wh-What about a hotspring instead?" Izuki suggested, meanwhile Riko is in the farthest corner of the room with a gloomy aura surronding her. The others packed their things and left except for Hyuga and Riko.

Riko is still in her emo corner when a shadow loomed over her. She looked up and saw Hyuuga. "W-Well a k-kiss in the cheek wasn't th-that b-bad." Hyuuga stuttered his face beet red. "I-idiot!" and Riko hurriedly out of the locker room. 'And I was so serious...' Hyuuga thought. "Oi we'd left without you!" Riko shouted. Hyuga sighed and grinned and followed everyone.


The Seirin team finally checked in inside a hotspring. "'Sup brats!" someone said the Seirin team turned around and saw a brunette.

"Papa!" Riko exclaimed in shock.

"Riko! Papa missed you!" Riko's dad ran to her to hug her but Riko took cover behin Hyuuga and Hyuuga was hugged inside. "K-Kagetora-san!"

"Man, this hotspring is so noisy~~" someone said. Again. Seirin turned. Again. And saw the whole Shutoko team and their coach. "I never knew that you swing that way, Kagetora." Shutoku's coach commented. (Yeah, Riko's dad is still hugging Hyuuga XD) "Ma-Boy!" Kagetora grinned. "Can you please not call me that infront of my students." and Takao snickered. "Pft!"

"Mou, Dai-chan don't be a killjoy, will ya?" This time the two teams, Seirin and Shutoku heard a female voice. They turned AGAIN. And saw the whole Touo team. "Aomine! I challenge you in a one-on-one!" Kagami challenged and Aomine snorted "Don't wanna."

"Katt-chan!" Kagetora grinned and the Touo coach rolled his eyes. "Katt-chan?" Wakamatsu mumbled. "Bwahahaha!" Aomine bursted out laughing "What the heck?! Katt-chan?! Bwahahaha" The Touo coach ignored Aomine and turned to Kagetora and Nakatani (The name of Shutoku coach) "Nice seeing you here."

"KUROKOCCHI!" Everyone turned AGAIN. "Hello, Kise-kun." Kuroko bowed politely. "Kise, stop pestering the young boy." Kaijou's coach reprimanded. "Yes coach!"

"GenGen?" and Kaijou's coach's eye twitched.

"Sorry do I know you?"

"Stop pretending like you don't know us, Takeuchi." Nakatani smirked.

"What the F happened to ya?!" Kagetora shrieked.


"What happened?! Why did you become so FAT?!" The whole Kaijou team was taken aback. No one ever insulted their coach's appearance and lived. There was silence. The Kaijou team forgot to breathe waiting for what's coming next. Takeuchi knitted his eyebrows. He formed a fist. The Kaijou team gasped. "Long time no see, man!" and he fist bumped to both Kagetora and Nakatani.

"Muro-chin, what are we doing in the hotspring anyway?" a lazt voice asked and was soon followed by a munching sound. "The coach said that we'd have to have some fun since the winter cup just ended and the third years would graduate soon." As soon as they heard those voice Everyone quickly turned their heads to the direction where the voice came from. AGAIN.

"'Sup sweet tooth." Aomine greeted. "


"GOD DAMMIT! I'M TIRED OF TURNING MY HEAD OVER AND OVER AGAIN! SO WHAT'S NEXT?! AKASHI'S TEAM?! C'MON SPEAK UP MAN!" Kagami shouted in English and the rest just sweatdropped.

"You are right Kagami Taiga."

"Good evening, Akashi." Midorima greeted

"Good evening to you too, Shintarou."

"Good evening, Eiji" Nakatani greeted

"Good evening, Nakatani."

"Masa!" and Kagetora lifted Yousen's coach.

"L-let go ya pervert!" Araki Masako, Yousen's coach shrieked.

"D-dad?" All eyes turned to Riko. "Y-You know them?" Kagetora gently put Masako down.

"Riko-ta, do you remember that papa once told you that I used to be a very great basketball player?!"

"Y-yeah, but not the part that your a very great basketball player." Riko deadpanned and some snickered and Kagetora pouted. "Oi Tora you know the Seirin's coach?" Nakatani asked "Of course, Ma-boy!" and Nakatani twitched in annoyance.

"Riko-tan is my daughter!" Kagetora announced proudly. "Riko-tan these is my former team mates!"

And everyone else was shocked.


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