Dragon Ball Z- The Day of Lavos

Chapter 1: Encounter

Goku woke up with a start to Vegeta slamming his bedroom door wide open. Having fallen out of bed, Goku stood up while scratching the back of his head. Goku, with a dazed expression, said,

"Heh-heh... well hi Vegeta, now why'd you have to go and wake me up like that?"

Vegeta retorted,

"Look Kakarot, this isn't time for your clowning around. There is something that you should see. Now get dressed and come to my house, and don't keep me waiting!"

Vegeta immediately broke through the roof of Goku's poor old home and took off flying. Goku, still dazed, lumbered over to his orange gi and began to dress himself.

Meanwhile- At Vegeta and Bulma's place

Bulma stood astonished at a large screen. The display showed a diagram mapping the Earth's interior and its stability. About three hours ago, a huge energy spike was found around the Earth's core. Since then the energy souce began to rapidly aproach the outer layers of the Earth, and at the rate it was moving at it would surface in only a few more hours.

Piccolo had also sensed this approaching power, and had made his way to Bulma in order to monitor the situation. He sat across the room from the hard-at-work scientist and meditated, focusing his concentration on the ever closer energy. He couldn't help but notice that the energy grew with every passing moment, almost like it was waking up. Just then, something broke his concentration. A vile voice began to speak to him in his head,

"Piccolo... Piccolo..."

It chanted this over and over until Piccolo finally snapped out of his meditation. He shuddered, the energy source spoke to him telepathically. He shouted to Bulma in a worried tone,

"Bulma, how does it look down there!?"

She replied while still staring intently at the screen,

"It-it-it's moving faster!"

Just then Vegeta arrived at the scene, and in a while so did Goku. There was a huge clammer going around as more and more of the Z Fighters started showing up. As the converse was occuring, Vegeta came over to Bulma and asked a question,

"Where will it surface? Whatever it is, I'm going to show it the true power of a Saiyan, if you catch my intentions."

Bulma answered in an irritated tone,

"About five or six kilometers south of here, and I hope you know what you're getting yourself into."

Goku, hearing the whole thing, came up to Bulma and Vegeta and said,

"Great, I'll come too!"

Vegeta fiercely replied,

"Oh no Kakarot, I can handle myself! If you do come, then just sit back and watch how the prince of all Saiyans gets things done!"

Goku was puzzled for a second, but then he started to laugh as he said,

"Alright Vegeta, it's all yours. I'm glad to see that you're the same old Vegeta that I've always known."

Vegeta gritted his teeth and went up to Goku's face,

"And what is that suppose to mean!?"

On that, the ground began to rumble. It was faint at first, but after a few minutes the building was on the verge of shaking apart. All conversation had stopped and Bulma stumbled back over to the monitor. Her eyes shot open in amazement as she stated the position of the energy source,

"It's nine kilometers from the surface, eight kilometers, six, four-" the shaking became even more violent, "two... one kilometer! It's here!"

The shaking stopped, and in its place was a massive booming noise reminiscent of a nuclear bomb comming from the south. The two Saiyans took that as their cue, and blasted off to their destination.

In the air, Goku yelled over to Vegeta,

"What do you think we're gonna find?"

Vegeta replied,

"I don't know, but whatever it is, it's going to die!"

Goku began laughing at Vegeta's overinflated ego, whose anger seemed to grow with each passing moment.

After some time, four or five minutes to be exact, the Saiyans reached the end of their journey. Both of them floated in shock, mouths agape at the sight that layed before them. A huge, green insect-like monster at least five hundred meters in girth sat in a crater that it most undoubtedly created. Red, glowing markings were layered upon its barbed bodymass as its huge maw opened and gave a shrilling cry. Goku and Vegeta found the wails of the beast almost unbearable as they held their ears in pain. The screams stopped, leaving Vegeta and Goku paralyzed with something that they've never really felt before, fear.

Just then, a familiar voice spoke in Goku's head,

"Goku, hello? This is King Kai! Now I know what you're thinking, but whatever you do, do not underestimate your new opponent! That beast's name is Lavos; it landed on the Earth long ago and burrowed deep beneath it. Over billions of years it sat dormant, gathering energy from the planet and its life forms. Now it's come up to destroy civilisation as you know it to create a habitible environment for its foul offspring! You must stop it Goku, the fate of the universe lies in your hands! If you don't destroy it, its young will spread to other planets and continue the cycle, growing more powerful with each generation!"

Goku made a mental "OK" to King Kai and turned to Vegeta. Vegeta shakingly asked,

"What is that thing?"

Goku replied,


End of Chapter

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