Dragon Ball Z- The Day of Lavos

Chapter 4: Goku Versus Lavos

Goku was silent for several minutes. He watched in horror as Vegeta's limp body slid down Lavos' spike, leaving a streak of blood behind. Lavos' shell began to glow a bright blue color, another attack perhaps? But instead, the blue light just consumed Vegeta's corpse and burned it off of the monster's spike, leaving nothing behind. Tears welled up in Goku's eyes at the abrupt loss of his friend- one who could never be wished back again. Goku thought to himself,

"That monster... he made me kill... Vegeta. I can't let him get away with this!"

He then began to shout at the beast,

"Why!? Why do your type always have to go out and kill people; always have to rule something, or destroy something!? You heartless bastard! Grrrrr, I will make you pay for what you've done!"

Goku's brilliant golden aura flashed brighter than ever as he dashed full speed towards the maw of Lavos. The beast's eye opened once more in order to observe the incomming attacker, but Goku's full Super Saiyan Three speed seemed too fast for this "all powerful Lavos" as Goku effortlessly slammed both of his fists into Lavos' eye, bypassing all of the beast's defences. Goku began to pound on the eye mercilessly, making the creature wail in pain as its only weakspot was being damaged heavily. Goku, with his aura flashing ever brighter, began to charge his signature move, the Kamehameha Wave, right in front of the stunned Lavos' eyeball. He chanted,


He brought his hands back at his side, cupping a small blue energy ball,


The energy grew to the size of a beach ball, he was not holding back,






Goku released his full powered Kamehameha Wave, firing an absolutaly massive blast into the eye of Lavos. Goku was pushed back by the sheer force of his own attack, and was pushed a few hundred meters away from Lavos. When Goku finshed, a gigantic explosion, one that would put nuclear bombs to shame, erupted from the maw of Lavos, throwing a huge cloud of dust and debris around the beast. As the dust cleared, it revealed a much more damaged Lavos, whose mouth was twitching in pain. The beast let lose a multitude of ear killing screams and cries, it looked furious.

Lavos managed to reopen its mouth, and began to charge a beam attack of its own as shone by a glowing energy sphere within its maw. Goku thought to himself,

"Oh no, that last attack drained nearly all of my energy. I'm really in for it now!"

Lavos seemed to take quite awhile to charge its attack, longer than Goku expected. After a few minutes Goku thought,

"I must have done more damage to this thing than I thought! He's given me enough time to recover a quarter of my strength; I need to act now!"

Goku placed two fingers on his forehead and began to concentrate. In a flash he vanished, and in another he reappeared directly in front of Lavos. Goku reached his fist back and unleased a powerful punch into the energy sphere within Lavos' mouth, releasing all of its stored Ki in a huge explosion, dwarfing the previous. Goku was flung back at high speeds, but managed to recover mid air. The explosion that engulfed Lavos was nothing short of massive, and the amount of power it contained could have easily destroyed the Earth if it were intended for such a thing. Goku was panting, the blast had done a number on him. Suddenly, Goku lost control of his Super Saiyan Three form, and reverted back to his normal self. His breathing was extreamly labored as he tried to recover.

Out of nowhere, he heard a voice- one that he could never forget. A smooth, sinister voice; one that could send chills up your spine mearly by listening to it... Frieza,

"Nice to see you, monkey! I'll make sure to kill you right and proper this time!"

Goku spun around to see him, Frieza in his final form, hovering in the air a few meters away. Goku in an angry and exhausted voice said,

"Frieza, you died... how- how are you alive?"

Frieza laughed in his usual way and said to Goku,

"I'd love to tell you, but unfortunately you'll be dead before I get the chance! Oh I love this so much! Oh, and while I'm at it, I'll kill all of your friends. How does that sound?"

Goku told him bluntly,

"I don't know how you got here, but I will never allow any of that."

He quickly powered up to Super Saiyan form, and with one swift punch he completely anhilated Frieza. He was taken back by how easy that was, and how weak Frieza really was compared to his other foes. But still, Goku was confused- how did Frieza come back to life? Goku heard another screech come from the crater, confirming his suspicion that Lavos was still alive. He spead his way over to Lavos in the hopes of finishing the job before the beast recovered. Before he could reach his destination however, he was knocked out of the air with a strong punch by an unkown enemy. As he crashed into the ground and made a small crater, he looked up to see who attacked him. To Goku's surprise and horror, it was Cell, Perfect Cell to be exact. Goku thought,

"Cell too? What in the world is going on!?"

Goku did not have enough energy left to stand up to the likes of Cell. Even if he did make short work of Frieza, Cell was many magnitudes stronger.

It was then that Goku felt a familiar energy headed his way. Goku thought,

"Gohan, stay out of this- this is my fight... I don't want you to get hurt."

End of Chapter

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