Okay, AquamarinePisces here! I rewrote this prologue because I thought it wasn't very well done, so for my old, loyal readers, this is the same idea, but different...stuff, I guess. Yes, I know this idea isn't very original- modern people ending up on Berk, but my own personal twists make things more...interesting. Just stick with me until the ending and you'll see what I mean.

Disclaimer(just because I wanted to): I do not own HTTYD, just my OCs and plot changes.

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Isabella's Point Of View

I just got home after a long day of school. Trust me, I was exhausted, more so than usual. Long tests, boring lectures, and tons of schoolwork; can you really blame me? I walked up my house and thought about other kids who went to my school. Since I went to a private school (on a scholarship), everyone there was pretty rich and saw me as a little street urchin. I knew going to that school was a bad idea, but my parents wanted me to have a good life, so I had to keep going to the school, no matter what. I honestly didn't understand why the other kids saw me like I wasn't good enough for them. I mean, sure my house was a bit old, cheap and small, but I still had all the stuff needed to live. I sighed, knowing they'd never accept me.

Oh, sorry. Forgot to introduce myself. Just so you won't feel like a total stranger is talking to you. My name is Isabella Lorenson. I have a middle name, but I'll keep that secret until later. I'm just a normal 13 year old girl, or at least I think I'm normal. I mean, there are a few strange things about me. My eyes are two separate colors: the right being my dad's bright sky-blue and my mom's emerald green in the left. I was pretty short and light for my age- 4ft, 10in. weighing at 73 pounds? It seems kinda small. Let me describe myself a bit: I have dark brown hair that reaches to halfway down my back, which is almost always in a high ponytail. I'm one of the smartest kids in my class(I have to if I wanted to stay in that school) and considered a loner nerd. I'm awesome at art and love reading, but pretty shy and a bit of a smartmouth when I have to. Some guys at my school think I'm a bit pretty, but my strangeness kept them away from me. My school has a dress code(augh): white top and black bottom, but instead of wearing the blouses, short skirts and dark flats the girls always wear, I preferred my white V-neck sweater, black pants, and deep blue sneakers because...I don't know, it's more practical?!

I climbed up the stairs leading to the top floor, took my house key out from my pocket and unlocked the door. My house was pretty small: it had two stories. the bottom floor was rented out to this guy who just suddenly appeared in town. He was a weird one, but he still paid us the rent and didn't cause trouble. My family lived on top. It was just me, my dad, and my brother, Derek. My mom, Karina, died about a year ago in a plane crash. It was hard losing a loved one, for everyone, but we had to move on with our lives. The outside of the house had three windows in front, two on each side, and a single big window in the back, all with rotted wood and chipped paint. I stepped in and looked around. Sure, compared to my house, my classmates' houses looked like heaven on Earth. The only reason why I knew how their houses looked like is that some invited me to 'get away from a commoner's life.' I groaned at the thought of them showing off things they didn't earn for themselves. I wanted to just forget school life for a while.I didn't want to deal with anything and it was Friday. I wanted to just kick back and relax, unfortunately, my dad had a list of chores for me to do.

"Dang it! Just when I wanted to take a break from life. Why Dad, why?!" I cried to no one. "Great, I'm talking to myself. Again." I slapped my forehead, a really old habit of mine.

My 17 year old brother yelled from his room " Oh, just shut your mouth and do them! I don't want to deal with your whining!"

"Okay, I'll be quiet when you realize how hard my life is! You don't have to deal with an entire school judging you by your house. You don't have to deal with being a loner and living in a world where you hate yourself!" I rambled on, letting out my thoughts on my life.

"Calm down. Sheesh," Derek said, stepping out of his room and coming out to the living room. I still didn't get how we looked so different and had different personalities. He looked more like our dad while I looked like our mom with a bit of our dad mixed in. Derek was 5 feet and 7 inches tall, had his dirty blonde hair in an military-style haircut, and a muscled physique. He wore a white T-shirt, black basketball shorts, and was barefooted. His sky-blue eyes seemed to raged with sibling anger. My brother was the sporty type: a jock, popular, and considered 'good-looking'. Some girls from school even talk about him sometimes, the one of the only times they willingly talked to me. He wasn't, however, the smartest guy, but his confidence and ego made up for his lack of brains.

I tried to convince my brother to help me, "Come on, Derek. You don't have to deal with my hard life everyday. Please help me with a few of my chores." My multi-colored eyes stared at him with a touch of desperate ness gleaming in them.

"No way," Derek stated, not wanting to change his mind at all.

I groaned and screamed, "Fine! The next time you don't to do something you have to do, don't try asking for my help!" I grabbed the chores list and stormed to my room, shoving Derek in the process. I slammed the door behind me and finally looking over the list. My pet snake, Slither, was in her cage and I let her out, allowing her to go up my left leg and up to my shoulders. I smiled and gently patted her. My old worn out leather bag ( my backpack) was still slung on my right shoulder. It was my mom's: it was black with a sliver marking that looked like a pentagram with a dragon, surrounding it. My dad left my mom's possessions to me, knowing I'd take good care of them.

"Mom, I miss you," I whispered, clutching her necklace that hung from my neck. It was a silver pentagram with a weird looking dragon slipping through every hole of the pendant, a black leather cord tying around. Honestly, the list was very short; all I had to do was sweep the house and take out the garbage. I decided to take out the garbage first, since that required me to leave the house. I tied up the trash bag and left the house, heading to the trash cans with Slither, still hanging from my shoulders. I put the bag into the garbage can when Slither decided to go exploring- into the busy street.

"Oh, Slither!" I said, running into the street to grab her. I just managed to pick her up, but a guy in a moving truck couldn't see me. I stared at the blinding headlights, realizing I was going to die. Before I could do anything, the truck slammed into me. I felt blood trickling from my head and felt dizzy. The thing I heard was my name, "Isabella!" I finally closed my eyes and fell into the emptiness.

A Few Minutes Later

Darkness. That's all I saw for a while. I actually thought that I was dead, until I felt something nudging my face. It felt rough and scaly, like a lizard, but it was bigger, definitely bigger. I thought it was just my older brother, trying to scare me again.

"Nice try, Derek, but I'm tired. Leave me alone," I said in a sleepy, but still annoyed voice, forgetting of what just happened. I was about to fall back asleep when I heard a low roar. I thought, 'Wow, Derek really stepped up his game.' "Okay, okay. I'm getting up. Now, what's the big deal for wake-." Instead of seeing Derek, the street, or even the house, I saw a small cove with a lake and a forest, surrounding it at the top. To add onto that, a huge reptile with a black, sleek, body was staring at my face with its green catlike eyes. The huge reptile also had long wings, scaly skin, four arms and legs, and these 'ear' plates near the top of its head. I was leaning against a rock with Slither still around my shoulders, unconscious, and my leather bag laying on my lap. My first thought was 'where the heck am I?' I was scared to death(almost) and thought I was going to die since the dragon had an angry look on its face and seemed hungry, too.

My heart bested faster and faster, staring back at the dragon with eyes as big as dishes, until I realized that the reptile before me seemed familiar. I got a closer look at its face and let out a surprised gasp."Toothless?!" I finally said. The black dragon looked at me with confusion, probably wondering ' Why isn't she scared of me?' I looked around and realized that I was in the movie " How To Train Your Dragon"! It was a movie that came out just this year and I have to say:it was an amazing move. I tried to remember what happened earlier. The last thing I remember was the truck, blood, and my brother. 'Why am I here? The last thing I remember was being on the street, dying!' I thought with worry on my mind. I slowly inched away, getting to the entrance near the bottom of the cove. Toothless saw this and chased after me. I quickly got up and ran to escape. I got through and was lucky that Toothless couldn't get through. I ran up to the top of the cove, hid behind a tree, and tried to wake up Slither.

I gently shook the snake and whispered, "Slither, wake up." Slither woke up and while she was trying to get completely awake, I looked over myself. I was wearing a long sleeved black tunic with a thin strip of cloth that wrapped the area between my chest and stomach,tough, dark blue pants that reminded me of jeggings, black boots with white fur around the the top, and leather fingerless gloves, matching my tunic. I was still wearing my mom's necklace and my hair was loose and wild, all over my face. I looked into my bag and found some new things in there: a journal, a dagger, and a piece of paper, folded up. Some of my old stuff was still in there like my camera and food for me and Slither. Slither finally woke up and also seemed surprised by her new surroundings, too. I looked down into the cove, carefully hiding behind a shrub so Toothless wouldn't see me. I saw he still had his left tail fin, so that means I came before the movie started. The dragon seemed to be sleeping, so I quietly tiptoed to the village. Before getting there, I decided to have a snack with Slither near a small stream. We took a sip and I gave her a dead mouse while I snacked on an apple. I dug through my bag for the paper I saw earlier. I found it and opened it up. It said ' You have a reason to be here. Don't worry. Just be yourself and you'll discover your destiny. Also, you'll return home once the movie is over.' It was signed off with a 'V'.

"Sigh. Looks like I'm here until Hiccup defeats the Red Death and returns to a dragon- filled Berk." I said, shoving the note into my bag, picked up Slither, and started my journey to the village. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for anything the movie threw at me.

Author's Note

This is my first fan fic, so it's okay if you guys hate it. I was thinking of the villain for this fanfic, so give me ideas for names and what they want.