Me and my friend were playing this at school. (Note: I'm only on book 5! No spoilers here, it's a simple parody made for fun~!)

Ron sat at the table, wondering which cereal he should eat. As he picked one up, Hermione threw a box at him, very upset.

"Ow! Why'd you do that, Hermione?" Asked Ron, rubbing the ache on his head where he had been hit. She looked very appalled at his question, furious even.

"Harry was killed by Lord Voldemort, don't you care?!" She yelled, and Ron sprang back as she grabbed her wand. He held up his hands instinctively.

"Hey, it said in his will that I got all his money!" He said, pulling a tattered roll of parchment out, and opening it to read it.

"He said that you get his can opener. Here you go." Ron tossed Hermione a can opener. She slammed it on the table.

"I don't even eat canned food! I mean- arg Ron, do you even care? He was your friend, for crying out loud!"

Just then, Ginny ran into the room, crying. She looked up at Hermione with big, sad eyes streaming with tears. She looked at Ron, than turned to Hermione.

"Harry's dead!", she cried, "and I never had the chance to tell him I loved him!" She buried her face in Hermione's cloak, and Ron looked surprised.

"Well, you were too slow." Ron added causally. This made Hermione even angrier than ever, it was very scary.

"THIS IS YOUR YOUNGER SISTER CRYING, AND YOU MAKE FUN OF HER?! Come on, let's go, Ginny." She led Ginny out of the room. Walking around the Gryfindor common room looked the same, with the chess game in the corner and the glowing fireplace, but felt so empty with out Harry. Ginny must have felt the same way, and now Hermione was crying too. They went into the girl's bathroom, expecting to hear Moaning Myrtle blubbering about her horrible life. However, they didn't hear this. Instead, they heard an oddly familiar voice screaming, the voice of a boy who had been Hermione and Ginny's dear old friend...

"Help meeee!" Harry Potter yelled, his new ghost form flying away from a rather happy looking Myrtle. She was wearing a dreary and ripped wedding dress, and was holding wilted flowers.

"Come back here and marry me, Harry!" She called after him, leaving Hermione and Ginny in disbelief. Harry was a ghost!

"Harry Potter! Oh Harry, we thought that you were gone for good!" Cried Ginny, watching him run from Myrtle. She stopped and looked at Ginny.

"I got some pictures of Harry in his underwear! They look rather girly, though..." Myrtle threw some pictures on the ground, and Harry blushed deeply, and since he was a ghost, it was a deep silver color.

"Hey, these are my underwear! How'd you get them, and why were you wearing them?" Asked Ginny, blushing almost as much as Harry.

"Well, I needed some new underwear so Ron gave me them! Oh, don't look at me like that..." Hermione was staring at Harry in disbelief. How could Ron do such a thing?

Ginny and Hermione, followed by Harry, decided to see what was up with Ron. Why was he being such a jerk?

"Ron, why have you been such a jerk?" Hermione asked, still mad at Ron. He looked up and laughed.

"I guess I can tell you now. I'm actually a Death Eater!" Everyone gasped. "Not only that," he continued, "I'm also Lord Voldemort! Also, Harry, I have no idea how you became a ghost. So, since you are a ghost, please tell Myrtle that she still owes me ten Galleons."

So brilliant, me and my buddy! I hope she reads this and I hope you don't take this seriously!