A Lettera ultime parole appeared in front of me.

The last words to a certain person, which appear only when the recipient is alone and the writer has passed.

Before I had time to do anything, the letter came to life, speaking in my fathers voice though I didn't want it to... I wasn't ready... not to accept his death...

A single tear streamed down my cheek.

Dear Ana,

If you have this message, I am dead. By death eaters most likely. I'm sorry. I never have wished this kind of life upon you. Your mother and brother gone, and now your father too. But I need you to be safe. The death eaters, Thanatos in particular, are after you. I don't know why.. but they need you for something. I'm sure it's because of our lineage and being related- closely- to Voldemort, but I've salvaged no other details..

Ana, in the summer of 1996, when you were seven we went on vacation in America. We met an unusual family, all with pale skin and auburn eyes. You need to remember them. Their house was more of a large, window bearing manor. They had been in Forks Washington.

The Van Whites I had called them. We had stayed with them for a few days on our adventure across the west side of America... Dad had gone to Muggle College with one of the family members... but, why did they matter?

Ana, remember them, and find them. They may not be in the same place as they were before, and they don't know what we are, but they can help you. And they can hide you. You'll be safe, and they can teach you to fight if you need. But, Ana... they're vampires. They're safe though... so, don't fear them... There's a small family of wizards in Seattle just north there as well.

Go, find them, and get ready for what's coming to you.

I'm sorry this is the life you have to live.. Goodbye I wish we had gotten more time.

I love you, Adriana Izzel Riddle.


The urgent voice left a tense remorse in the air, and though my stomach was twisting uncomfortably, and my head was spinning, I knew what I had to do. I shoved all my feelings into a box in my head, and sent them into storage for later. Think logically. Ignore what you feel. Numb your thoughts and think of only what needs to be done.

With that last thought, I took the letter, and put it in my pocket. I imagined the big white house from eleven years ago. I imagined it as closely to what I could remember as possible. I raised my wand, and with a swift wave, I was gone. Never to see any of my family again. Gone, to see a new world, where it was much the same, but where I held no connections. Where I was a broken, emotionally compromised, outcast.

I was dead. My spirit died with my father, and I was merely a ghost, floating through the actions of a broken, dead life.

So... I'm not so sure I like this so far, but this is just the prologue, so hopefully as the story goes on, it'll get better... I'm still playing around with ideas, but I really want this to be good. Reviews are preferable, so, take a minute, and say something you liked, didn't like, thoughts on the future for this.

Thanks for reading! ;)