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Edward's POV

Jasper had just left into the room we'd left the girl in, trying to get information from her. I, personally, didn't have an opinion on the situation, although Alice, found it particularly annoying.

For whatever reason, she couldn't see her future, or the future's of anyone whose timeline overlapped with her's. She was wondering if this was how I felt around Bella.. and yada yada yada. I found these thoughts annoying, and tried to simply ignore them, but she was a loud thinker, so after a few agonizing minutes, I answered her.

"I find it frustrating most of the time, but it's nice... to not always know exactly what people think; to have the chance to guess about things. It's refreshing." I said softly from the piano, where I was staring at the keys, idly.

"Yeah, I guess. But it's annoying. I can't help anyone if, keep us all out of danger- if I don't know what's going to happen to us! Besides, what makes her so special? And why does Jasper seem so interested in her?" Alice said, somewhat savagely. And then tried saying she wasn't jealous. Haha, right.

"It seems so." I mumbled.

"I'm not jealous!" she repeated vocally.

"I think he knows her." I started, moving on. "Though I'm not sure where from... he doesn't think about her around me, but I'm almost positive they've already met." I speculated. Might as well get her thinking about something else, that wasn't jealousy or shopping. God forbid she start on the topic of clothes. Kill me now!

"Well, what about her, haven't you gotten anything?" She asked, walking over to the chair by the piano- the one Bella often sat in to listen to me play.

"She has been unconscious for the past few hours, Alice. But her thought's are, admittedly, very quiet; almost like she only thinks in a whisper. I can hear some things, but, put simply, she's not easy to read." I said, frowning deeply.

"So, not only can I not see her but you can't hear her? We're about as helpful as Helen Keller!" Alice exclaimed sarcastically.

"Well, Jasper can still feel her emotions, maybe he can interpret for us." I shot back, if she wanted to get all smart with me...

Pop! Crack! Snap! Bang!

In an instant, there were four new, slightly dulled minds thinking right outside the house. What the hell was going on? They just appeared out of thin air! I turned to look, only to see four burly figures charging towards the window-wall opposite me, with strange sticks in their hands.

But, just before they could hit the glass, it exploded for absolutely no reason. I was shocked. It didn't make any sense. They all seemed to be thinking odd things, words like "muggles", "Riddle", "Pure-Blood Traitor" and many others which flashed through their minds at unimaginable speed.

"Where is she?" The tallest of the group called, staring at us. Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme were down the stairs in the next moment to investigate the situation. They were talking about the girl who showed up, "Riddle" as they referred to her.

"Not sure what you're talking about." I said, trying to be diplomatic, and evasive... at the same time. That's kind of difficult...

The guy just laughed shortly and gestured to his men to search the premises. None of us- the Cullen's- were moving, but not because we were stuck or something, we wanted to seem helpless so we could get them when they least expected it.

I just hoped Jasper had figured out a way to keep them out before we got them.I started to doubt he had as one of the men neared the door he and the girl were in. But there was a subtle crack and their minds went out of my range. Odd...

"Dammit!" The leader yelled. "They got away! Milo, trace her! And fast! Boss won't be happy to know she got away."

"On it!" the smallest of the group called as he moved the twig he held in odd patterns and started thinking in an odd language- perhaps a code of some sort... "Kevin, they're on the Eiffel tower."

They were all occupied, and Carlisle gave us a signal to get them. Rose, Em, Alice and I all ran at top speed to the closest intruder. I knocked the twig out of my guy- Kevin, I assumed- hand. Who knew what they actually could do.

"You're not going anywhere." I said, venom lacing every word. "What should we do now, Carlisle?" I asked over my shoulder.

But before he could answer- in thought or aloud- My leg went out and I stumbled to the floor. I'd been so occupied in my own mind, I hadn't heard the strange words he was thinking. I couldn't move my legs. "Jelly-legs-jinx! why didn't I think of that!" Milo exclaimed.

Carlisle rushed to recapture Kevin, but he picked up his twig and was gone- just disappeared into thin air. Milo, who realized what Kevin had done, he too stunned his captor- Alice- before prying the stick out of her hands and disappearing.

With two of them having got away, and two of us down defenseless, it seemed we had lost. But of course, it wasn't an even fight to begin with so it wasn't now either. We had the upper hand and we would use it.

Carlisle was considering his options; we could just talk to them and I would get all the answers- which seemed like a bad idea as I couldn't read them well. Or, we could lock them up somehow until they decided to talk.

Neither option seemed the best, and all I really wanted to do was get unstuck and chase after those others. Who dd they think they were? coming in here and demanding things! Did they not realize what we would do? They obviously weren't normal- Like the wolves we encountered years ago and made a treaty with. They weren't traditionally human. Seems our world is riddled with abnormalities..

"Carlisle, we should just knock them out and try to get them to talk later," I heard Emmett mutter in a low voice I hoped the intruders couldn't hear. Carlisle nodded his consent to this plan

"You won't get away with this you know, we'll escape. The other's will find us. And then there'll be no hope for any of you." The man Emmett was restraining told us, a thick British accent coloring his words. He started laughing and I found myself wishing I could walk over to him and be the one to knock him out. "But until then, I won't tell you nothin'!" The man cackled before Em knocked him over the head and he crumpled to the ground. Carlisle did the same to the other man and backed away.

I locked eyes with Alice across the room and wondered how it was any of this had happened. This girl shows up, Jasper recognizes her, but hides all thoughts of anything related to her, and then when she finally wakes up, a new supernatural species pops up and breaks into our house. They would be "back for us" and there "would be no hope" when they did.

To me it all seemed a little too unrealistic, I mean, we were vampires and they were... well... they were something none of us knew.

Maybe we were in trouble after all.


Ana's POV

It only took a minute for Jack to get back, but it seemed like so much more than that. I only had the contents of my backpack- which, is actually rather substantial seeing as I magically enhanced it. Which, wasn't my idea, but the brilliant Hermione Granger's. I'd learned so much from her books... but that's off topic!

I was without my wand, something I hadn't been since last summer when I was unable to use magic at home due to the laws set in place by the ministry. I didn't like it. I still knew copious amounts of wandless magic, sure, but having a wand was reassuring.

Jack was beside me in the next moment, however, handing me my wand and I instantly felt safer having someone there to watch my back… and to have magic...

"Now what?" I asked. He shrugged and we sat there for a minute, mutually thinking of what our next move should be.

"I think we need tell someone what's happening. If the Death Eaters really are back, then you and I aren't the only ones in trouble." He told me. And, yeah, he was right… but I couldn't help but feel like he was holding back. He obviously knew everything about what was going on, and yet he refused to explain, or he subtly changed the subject.

"Umm, it's past midnight here, maybe we should wait until morning. Can you tell me about how you know about everything?" I demanded.

"Ana…" Jack started.

"Please, Jack?" I asked and he flinched. "Why not?" I asked, becoming annoyed.

"That is complicated, and the more you know about all of… this the bigger target you'll be. I know you want to know, but right now it's really not important and we could be doing more productive things right now." Jack rattled off.

"Jack, you're not listening. I know that my father and my brother and mother knew you, and at one point I did too- but it's been too long! I don't remember and the only reason I know I can trust you is because of what my father told me in his letter." I took a deep breath in then out. The topic of death was slowly becoming easier to talk about- mostly because I had to talk about it.

"Ana. We're just wasting time right now. We need to go find-"

I cut him off. "No, what I need is reassurance that I can trust you. Okay? I don't want to be left blindly following you! I barely know your name. I know nothing about the kind of person you are besides that you're a blood sucking vampire!" I whisper yelled at him. "I am not going to die because I falsely trusted someone just because my father said I could! He's dead now, and who knows how people could change!"

"Ana, I am not a killer." Jack murmured, and when I looked at his eyes I felt a false sense of calmness wash through me.

"Stop with your mood thing. It's weird. I want to feel how I feel." I told him, my voice sounding the calm I was feeling. Jack sighed in resignation, and I felt the odd blanket-like serenity lift from my shoulders and I was finally able to relax naturally.

"Thank you." I said. "I can't stand how that feels, it's like being controlled from the inside of my mind." I told him.

"Sorry, after years, it's kind of become a habit to influence people." He said. I nodded and leaned my head back against the gravestone, exhausted. Fighting really did no good with Jack.

"That's all right." I said with a sigh. "But please, can you tell me how you know all of this? Even if you don't have time to explain it all?" I pleaded. The mystery was making me want to rip my hair out.

Jack sighed nice and big. He took a moment before responding. "Okay. Try to keep up, though." Jack started. I nodded eagerly.

"Nearly seventeen years ago,

I was revisiting my hometown, Houston Texas, when there was a giant explosion at a farm. It was reported nobody died, but there were three people that were the supposed cause of the explosion... Or at least that's what the cops thought before they found out the truth.

"Two of the three were minors. More specifically you, an infant at the time, your... Brother Michael who was only four." I frowned. I was in an explosion as a baby?...

"So, how did that lead you to learn about wizardry and the events with my family?" I asked. This didn't make sense yet...

"Well," Jack started. "You three were burned pretty bad, so you were taken in to the local hospital. At that hospital there was a nurse I knew who was tending to your father. I popped in casually to visit her, and it was night by then, so she was expecting me... When I entered the room he was in, your father was awake, and, I guess I looked like someone somebody he used to know, because he started saying all these weird things about barns and cousins and things.

"I honestly had no idea what he was talking about... But he insisted I help him. So, I did. We became friends after that." Jack finished. I could tell he was holding something back.

"But how do you know about magic?" I asked.

"He slipped up and had to explain it." Jack replied quickly. He was lying. Big time. Why wouldn't he just tell me? Oh well...

"Sure." I said suspiciously. But I was done questioning him... For now.

"So, now that you're done interrogating me, we really have to tell someone about this association trying to murder people."

"I think I may know just the person..." I smiled secretively.


"This isn't going to work." I said as we walked up the path towards a certain persons house.

"Sure it'll work. I mean it was your idea after all." Jack responded.

"Well, just because a person has an idea, doesn't mean its a good one! I mean, it's the middle of the night at the most famous wizard in the worlds home! What if there are like, bodyguards and special alarms or spells that'll go off when we touch the door?" I asked, nervously. I'd never spoken to Harry Potter before and I'd only ever seen him in person one other time; my brothers funeral... In joint with all the others that died at the Battle of Hogwarts.

"Don't worry, Ana, we'll be fine. If anything happens, I've got your back." Jack replied soothingly.

We reached the patio in a matter of moments, and I was considering knocking at the door when Jack reached up and did it for me. I smiled gratefully at him.

We seemed to stand on that porch for an eternity. Finally, though, there was a voice asking through the door "Who are you?" Suspiciously. It was a man, presumably Mr. Potter.

"My name is Adriana... Ryder. I know it's late, but please, I have to tell you something." I said urgently. I did hesitate on my name however. If I said my name was Riddle he would no doubt push me away.

There was a pause on the other end. After a few moments, there were the sounds of locks being moved, and the door opened.

"Who's he?" Harry Potter asked me, looking superstitiously at Jack.

"Jasper Hale, Sir." Jack said for himself. Jasper? That was his real name? Wow, kind of a weird one...

He nodded. I noticed he had his wand in his pocket.

"I'm really sorry to just pop in on you like this Mr. Potter, but this is important, and you're in the ministry, so maybe you can help." I said looking hopefully up at him.

He seemed to hesitate before nodding and opening the door. "Come inside, we should talk where it's more private." Mr. Potter insisted, ushering Jack and I inside.

Oh, man. We were in for a long night...


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