The Time Travelers : Sneak Peak

Aiden, Sally and Josh were spending time in the living room of there Boston Brownstone apartment. When a sudden fear took over there bodies and there faces became glued straight ahead of them.

A dark shadowy figure appeared, his power shook the house in a mysterious form as the entire room disappeared and they were shocked to not be in there home anymore. The Mysterious figure pointed to a widening gap that took the shape of an eye, as the darkness dimmed, and visions from the past four years flashed before there eyes.

"Are you the..the..the Grim Reaper?" Aiden asked for once unsure of what was to become of his friends and himself.

" Ok the hell with this…What i mean is…um…what do you want?" Josh started off a bit confident and stammered off into a gibberish slur.

Sally was being drawn to him in a hypnotic trance as her body was being forcefully pulled to the being and her face plastered with the biggest smile on earth. She stopped right in front of him as her senses came back to her, realizing the situation has changed, and she finally understood what was going on.

"Guys…Yes he is the Grim Reaper…however he is not here to take us to death." Sally said as she turned to Aiden and Josh with this perplexing look of confusion and shock at what she has learned. "Are you reading his mind?" Both Aiden and Josh spluttered out at the sometime much to there surprise. " "Actually yes…a new ghostly power…more importantly

he was to give us a second chance." Sally uttered out as her mind began to race at all the possibilities including finally winning back her door. Aiden rushed over to her trying to shake her back into reality, but she just shoved him away to continue her racing thoughts. "If one of us sacrifices ourselves he will set back the clock of time to exactly four years ago and we can start over.

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