The Rules to Survive Life Part 1

Voice Over: They say that magic is just the tales of the naive, wise, young and old whom love to see things in new ways. I however have lived through decade after decade and watched the world changed through my eyes. The basic component of life is that we make mistakes to learn, we fall to change but we still grow. Today is the day my life comes full circle because I was given a second chance to live for my life. We all have been giving a second chance of life and I will do it right this time I swear.

"Look this guy you just met is the grim reaper of souls and he has decided to reset our time button. We won't die because we have a higher calling here than we originally thought. I hope you understand this should not be taken lightly at all and you should not expect it to be easy as well." She said as Aiden's smile was wider then his mouth much like the Cheshire cat and Josh was completely lost for words. Josh quickly jumped up as he paced back and forth throughout the Boston apartment as if anything would change. "Sit your ass down werewolf before I make you." Aiden howled.

"Screw you and your blood sucking vampire existence." The inner wolf roared back at him. " Now guys remember we were all once friends in this house please no fighting" Sally said. Josh sat down as Aiden growled at him before looking away and rolling his eyes. "I think partly this is happening because all three of us had a fight before we started over. Think back carefully to before this day and let your mind float way." Sally said as she crossed her legs and floated to the middle of the room and closed here eyes. The room began to spin as the last seventy-two hours played for them in fast speed just like a blu ray or dvd player.

Aiden came home drunk after meeting four girls for sex that night and came in with a fit of psychotic laughter. Sally was annoyed and started to argue with him until Josh walked in. She sighed and disappeared into the void as she went to visit her ex. Josh walked into the house looking at a crazed Aiden then leaped so fast on to the staircase. He rushed upstairs closing the door and put some music on to drown the noise he thought he would hear. Aiden opened his door and walked in demanding to know what Joshes problem was and Josh let him have it. They all work up from the trance in shock as they turned to look at each other in disgust.

"Can we please start over guys?" Aiden asked as Josh rushed off in anger to the kitchen. The kitchen always made him feel better in times of great need or anger like now. 'What shall I make for dinner then?" he said out loud as Aiden quickly approached him. "Can we please talk Josh? I am so sorry about what I did to you and I want to do whatever it takes to make it up to you." He said to Josh. "Lets see you killed four girls, drank their blood and then attacked me as to say that's all I was worth." Josh said angrily. "I hate you Aiden Waithe for hurting me and making my life hell." Josh said. "Fuck you Josh than I hate you two were wolf. You turned your girlfriend, had a were baby and then she died so what now." Aiden said.

Josh angrily left as the were wolf took over and her raced out the house to his exes grave site. Aiden had been following him as he decided to head back home when he met the young boy again. "You're that grim reaper." Josh said as Aiden spotted them and walked over. He snapped his fingers as all three entered the house and Sally stood there speechless. He disappeared in the house as the three roommates were forced to face each other yet again and this time seriously. "Josh can't you just get passed all of my mistakes and past transgressions? You are really fooling yourself into believing that you are perfect and I am just an evil mess. Guess what asshole? You are exactly like me a complete and utter mess" he said to Josh.

He corned Josh as Sally sighed and noticed the grim reaper on the side calling to her. She floated over to him as he offered his hand and she gladly took it without any hesitation. She smiled as they faded into the background as Josh and Aiden instantly froze in time. As they completely faded into nothingness and both boys came back to life. Aiden angrily punched Josh sending him flying into the stainless steal stove. Josh hot his head and then his body as he slid down till he hit the floor and he lost consciousness. Aiden's anger subsided as he quickly cupped his face and trying coax him back again. He picked Josh up as he carried him to the living room and put him on the couch. He wiped Josh face of the blood as he placed a wet towel over his head and he slipped him onto his legs. "Come on Josh wake up you have to wake up…I can't lose you too." He said.

Josh woke up as he quickly jolted at Aiden's touch and jumped up from his lap in horror. Aiden looked worried as Josh stared at him horrifyingly and then he pulled closer. Aiden touched Josh face as he cupped it to pull him into a kiss and Josh tried so hard to resist. Josh pushed him away as he ran out of the window so fast and Aiden looked stunned. Sally Suddenly appeared happily hold on to the grim reaper as they kiss and Aiden smiled at the craziness that was unfolding. The Grim reaper continued to kiss Sally as a mutual cloud flew over them and it glowed. It was kismet for them and Aiden wondered if it could be with Josh as well.