Me, a few days ago, on the outside, I was an average human being. On the inside I'm a mutant who is 15 years old and owns her own car, to be specific I own a Volvo XC90 . I have brown hair and rainbow eyes and my eyes are the only thing giving away my mutation. My mutation, well I'm an elemental user and I can control life and death in battle. I know the latter because I was playing fighting with my dog and I almost killed him, and then I healed him. This is what I was a few days ago and how it all changed.

*beep beep beep* I groaned and rolled over to smash my hand on the alarm clock. Whenever I wake up to the sound of and alarm clock I'm always asleep on the other side of the bed facing the wall.

I grabbed my other pillow off the ground and shoved it under my head to keep me awake. I grabbed my headphones off the bedside table of mine and chose Monster by Skillet and played it at full volume. It always woke me up.

Then I jumped off my bed and had a very abrupt bad feeling about today, I mean it's normal to have a baddish feeling about a school athletics carnival but this feeling was very bad and I only ever get it if something is about to go REALLY wrong.

I mean what could go wrong if you were a level five mutant at a school for humans, I am thinking, just maybe, something could go wrong (notice my sarcasm).

Thankfully I'm not the only mutant at my school; there is another person, just one. Her name is Cauldron and she's my best friend. She has beautiful blonde hair and green eyes.

You still don't know my name *sigh* it's Tiger.

Anyway just to be cautious I packed my stuff away into my three bags. I grabbed all of my clothes and put the suitcases into my closet so if my 'mum' was to come and look in my room it would just seem like I had decided to go back to using my suitcases for clothing storage.

You notice how I made the " marks around when I said 'mum', well, she's my foster parent and she has a husband and no other kids. They adopted me when I was five, and for a five year old I have a very good memory. But there's no need to go into .

I rushed out of my room with my sports bag packed and briskly walked past 'mum' and took the $20 from the table saying "thanks" as I left for the bus.

I ran as fast as I could, trying to slip past Cauldron into first place before the finish of the 800m but no luck. I stopped and stood there panting for a few seconds then I walked over to Cauldron.

"Hey Cauldron, good run."

She nodded and whispered

"It's so easy to check how far people are behind you when you are using a mutation."

I scowled, her mutation was telepathy and I had a feeling she was reading my mind waiting for a stupid retort but I did not give in and so I said to her

"Be careful."

She just smiled at me and we walked to the medals table in silence, I jumped slightly

Is there something you want to tell me?

I sighed and said aloud

"Later, alone."

She nodded at me and went into the queue for her medal, I went after her. She was obviously getting gold and me silver. When I went up to collect my medal someone pushed in front of me. I scowled, it was Jeri the girl who Cauldron and I can't stand, but the feelings were shared.

The staff at the table told her that she came fourth NOT second, but then she whined

"That's not how my father will see it, he'll know that she cheated."

I raised my eyebrows and, hiding my rage, calmly asked

"How was I cheating, I swear I was running by the rules?"

She just turned and shot daggers at me as I collected my medal.

I walked off to where Cauldron was sitting by our bags. I smiled at her and said

"Let's go get something to eat shall we."

She nodded and waited while I grabbed the $20 note out of my bag. We walked over to the canteen and got 2 hot dogs each and a water each.

I surveyed the area over which our school was spread and saw a deserted spot right over the other side of the oval and so we began our walk.

We were silent for a bit while we ate our food and walked slowly then when I was finished I licked my lips and cleared my throat

"So, have you got a right headspace for what I need to say?"

She nodded shoving the rest of the hotdog in her mouth as we reached the deserted space.

I took a deep breath of the fresh air and said to her

"I have a very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling."

Cauldron raised her eyebrows with a slightly amused expression and asked


I shook my head, she didn't understand

"Look last time I had this feeling we were about a millisecond away from revealing ourselves."

She nodded understanding and said simply

"We will just have to wait till it happens."

I nodded, unhappy about how we were leaving things hanging. She shook her head probably having just read my mind and known about my uncertainty.

And then silence, not the type of silence you get when you and your friend just stay silent for a few minutes listening to everyone else chatter around you. I mean complete silence, everyone was silent and they were looking at the middle of the oval. Cauldron and I carefully sneaked back to where everyone else was and followed their gaze to the oval.

My breath got caught in my throat as I saw my grandfather there; no one and I mean no one knew he was my grandfather. Magneto.

He was standing there in silence with other mutants, Sabretooth, Toad, and Mystique. He opened his mouth to speak and said loudly

"I have come here to-"

He was stopped short by a staff member, I think it was Miss Williams, aiming a gun at him, and I looked at Cauldron. I whispered to her

"Here we go, remember I will always be here for you even if the whole world is against us."

She nodded with a grim face and said simply

"The same applies to you."

I nodded.

Magneto was starting to levitate in the air and Sabretooth's claws were coming out, Toad was looking a lot more interested and Mystique, she was cracking her knuckles as a silent threat.

The gun in Miss Williams hands started to turn and I checked my hair like I always do when I'm terrified (which isn't very often).

As the gun was starting to aim towards her face Miss Williams let out a scream and Sabretooth sprang forward.

As Cauldron was a martial arts expert and I had the most powerful mutation I ran towards Sabretooth with my hair ablaze. I shouted at Cauldron to take down Toad and Mystique while I dealt with Magneto and Sabretooth.

The battle whirled by and soon we (Cauldron and I) were starting to get tired being outnumbered 2-1. But luck came when I managed to push them back with vines growing out of the ground and Magneto said

"Very well, but this will not go without a final act."

And then they disappeared. I looked at Cauldron panting and I said to her

"Pack your clothes and your money, I'll come pick you up in half an hour."

She nodded terrified and ran, I did the same.

When I got home I grabbed my bags and pulled out and outfit to wear while on the run as a teenage mutant. I decided on my capris pants, tank top, grey hoodie and runners. I tied my hair back in a wavy ponytail and wiped my face with a cool cloth.

I grabbed my keys and grabbed two of my bags, a shoulder bag and a big rolling duffle bag. I opened the boot of the Volvo and chucked them in and ran back for my last bag. As I was putting the last bag in I had a bright idea of adding two pillows and sleeping bags, oh and a tent.

I slammed the boot shut and locked up the house. I wrote a note to my step-parents:

Hey guys,

I know you took good care of me but I need you to know the truth about me. I'm a mutant. People are either scared of mutants or are disgusted but I want you to know I am grateful for how you have cared for me.


I stuck it to the fridge and ran to my car, I locked the outside door and opened my car door, and soon I was on the road to pick up Cauldron.

So you've heard what caused us to run but now I'll take you to how we are now, see you soon.