At some point I must have drifted off because I awoke in one of my nightmares. It was a memory, a memory of all of my life before I was five years old.

Him, torture, seeing others tortured, seeing death, seeing it all. I saw my brother killed and my mother commit suicide. I saw people hunt people. I saw another man save all of us. I saw myself run to try and help her. I saw her die.

I also saw all those people who I could have saved, and all those who I purposely killed.

I saw the worst of them all and let out a scream like and banshee.

I sat up and realised I had sweat running off my forehead and my fists and feet felt like they were about to break. It was like I had curled myself up into a ball trying to find a happy memory, which of course I didn't.

Storm came into my room with a flashlight and saw me sitting on my bed soaked in sweat. She surveyed me carefully

"Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."

I just said

"Just a dream, that's all. It's the reality that I need to think about not my silly little dream. I'll be fine."

I must have come across more cheery than I had thought because she just smiled, nodded and left.

My words had had a double meaning to them but she didn't know that. Of course it was reality I had to think about, but of course that was reality. I got up and wiped my face off with a towel and then I checked on the kids.

They were luckily still asleep, and I was glad they were so young that they could sleep through anything. I got up from kneeling beside Anna's crib and opened the door softly, and then closed it.

I walked around the empty halls and found myself heading towards my favourite recreation room in the mansion.

I sat down on a couch and sighed, why did my life have to be so hard? I wondered why he had taken Cauldron and if I should probably report it to the teachers. No, I don't want to do that, they'll ask so many questions and I will probably lose my temper at the past.

But maybe if I report it I can save her and make it up with Cauldron. We can just forget about our argument and live life how we used to.

*sigh* this is so difficult; I could just run after her but what would happen then? How would I get back here to safety without endangering others?

Then I had an idea, I could tell them about her being missing and then I could leave straight after. I could wear my fighting suit and tie my hair back in a side braid so that it didn't get in the way.

Yes, I will do that.

I got up off the couch and went to my room. I went to the dresser and got out my leather crop top and leather skinny pants. I wriggled into them and started stretching them out like usual.

I then went to behind the door and got my shoes on. I went to the bathroom and put my hair up in a side braid. I went to under my bed and got out my katana cases. I strapped them to my back and then got up from crouching on the floor.

I sighed, now or never. I went to Storm's door and knocked, surprisingly she was awake.

"Come in"

I heard. I opened the door and looked timidly around putting on a show of worriedness. She saw my face and asked kindly

"Are you okay? What's the matter?"

I sighed heavily and said quietly

"I can't find Cauldron ANYWHERE."

She looked at me and said

"I'm sure she'll turn up. She could be sleeping in a tree."

I nodded and got up to leave when she asked

"Why are you dressed like you're about to go into a fight?"

I looked at her and lied smoothly

"I thought I would practice with my katana's because it usually calms my nerves into a state of high alert."

She smiled kindly at me, but I felt her curious gaze burning into my back long after the door had closed itself. I went down the hallways and went out the door I had gone out of the night before. I went over to the flower patch and saw her dried up blood there with his boot print there.

I looked about and saw many more prints made by his boot. I followed them in a track and saw dried blood drops on the grass. I also saw marks in the grass which made me believe she was either unconscious or dead.

I followed them and then found a set of tyre tracks near the front of the school. I walked to the garage and opened the door carefully, hopped in my car and slowly followed the tracks.

I groaned as I got out of the car, the tyre tracks had vanished and I needed to take toilet break.

I walked into the trees and did my business behind a thick and tall tree, I think it was a pine- or was it a willow (yeah, I know, I should be able to tell the difference), anyway getting off track.

I walked around a bit to stretch my legs and to try and see new tracks but when I saw something, it wasn't what I expected. I say a whole crowd of soldiers surrounding a small structure; I tiptoed closer and almost gasped.

She was there, Cauldron, looking very beat up with her wrists bound by handcuffs to a chair. She looked like she was about to pass out but then her head turned my way, she looked at me and I felt an unbearable pain in my head.

I fell softly to my knees and heard a whispering from Cauldron

"Run, run you clever girl and remember me."

I shook my head, she was still able to make a slight joke about what we had been fan-girling about for years. I always said she was like Clara (this is a Doctor Who reference), and she said I was like the Doctor.

I shook my head again, 'don't get distracted' I silently scolded myself. I got up and took out my katana's making a slicing sound in the air as they came out, but they were masked by a sound of jet thrusters coming down for a landing.

I growled, why did they have to come now? But then again, I might need their help.

I crawled forwards towards the crowd of soldiers and felt my heart stop, literally stop. I started to feel the urge to disappear and never come back to this world, but NO I have to save her. I kept crawling and got a clear view; there he was with my brother. My brother looked like some kind of zombie raised from the dead (which he had probably done), he was sitting in a wheelchair with some kind of device around his head. I bet that was controlling him.

I saw him whisper something into my brother's ear and then my brother commanded Cauldron to do something. I felt a tiny prick in my mind and then I saw metal rings start to spin around my brother and Cauldron. The prick in my mind started to hurt and then realisation hit me.