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Leonard McCoy had often been heard to quote the old adage "time is a healer" and he was a doctor, he should know. When the Andersen family and thier team of friends and colleagues had returned home to stay with thier families they were still exhausted from thier ordeal. Even now, after they had returned to Weisshorn, there were still nightmares and scars but the recollections of thier incarceration and the death of thier friend were becoming easier. They had buried Simon West under a pretty tree, in the first grave on that moon, with his family's blessing. Another healing adage was "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and that was true of the Weisshornian team as well, as life and work on the station returned to normality with a renewed vigour. Thier capture and rescue made them appreciate first hand what a force for good the Federation was. None of the team had decided to leave. It wasn't something they would have openly asked for, but it was decided that T'Rallah should also be given time with her family After a short period on her native Vulcan, T'Rallah had also returned, much to the relief of Dani and her parents.

Another thing that had been decided upon was that they did not want to know who the 'mole' in Starfleet had been. When the internal investigation had discovered the man responsible for selling information to the T'Resh'ka faction, Spock had commed them, tactfully informing them of the arrest that had been made and asking whether they would like to know any details. They said they did not and Spock quite understood.

The crew of the Enterprise hadn't heard from Balski Huvran since he abruptly took off before the rendezvous on Vulcan saying that he disliked 'mushy stuff', Vulcan was very boring ("no offence, Commander, not enough bars for me.") and that he had 'stuff to sort out'. "See ya around someday, huh, kid?" He had grinned at Dani and ruffled her hair before departing in the standard issue shuttle they gave him. Jim Kirk knew that broke several major regulations but thought that it was the least they could do. Starfleet never had to be any the wiser after all. They had carefully wiped the data banks before he set off of course, Kirk didn't trust the guy that much.

It was about three months after the rendezvous on Vulcan that Spock received a call from his second cousin. "Dani, you are well?" Asked the Vulcan.

"Yeah. Great, actually. You'll never guess who dropped by Weisshorn the other day!"

"I expect I could, given an appropriate interval of time but I shall allow you to relate it yourself. Particularly given our lengthly list of acquaintances."

She laughed which had been Spock's intention. "Only Balski! He dropped by. Apparently he's starting a new delivery business. He called it going 'legit'".

"Indeed." It had been quite obvious to Spock that the Orion who had called himself 'trader' was probably more accurately described as 'smuggler' "what brought him to Weisshorn?"

"Well he's gonna get us some new medical supplies. Apparently there's a sort of cream you can get that keeps you warm now. Mum reckons it might help with her Tellman's.". Spock had heard of the clinical trails of Thermapan and was pleased they had come to such quick fruition.

"How has your mothers health been since...we were able to rescue her." Spock did not want to mention the horrifying attack Alex had had in the T'Resh'ka's hands for his own sake as well as Dani's.

"Fine. She and Dad said they might comm later. I think Auntie Kaycee's having a party for her and Uncle Ben's anniversary and they wanted to know if you can get leave. Can you? I'd love you to come!"

Spock almost smiled at the memory of the wedding of that couple and also at the knowledge that his cousin had probably asked Dani to be the one to make the enquiry. Children were, after all, more persuasive than adults "I will discuss the date of the gathering with your parents and will ask the Captain if my attendance is possible."

"I'm sure Jim'll let you come." Dani grinned. She had become firm friends with Jim and if allowed to speak to him would no doubt have him virtually pushing Spock into the transporter room. "How is he and Leonard? And Sulu and Uhura and everyone?"

"They are...fine" responded Spock "I apologise, Dani, I must return to the bridge. We are leaving orbit of Filja Nine."

"Okay, don't forget to ask him!"

"I will speak to you shortly, Dani" he said, switching off the connection.

"A whole minute late, Spock! What kept you?" Teased McCoy. The unorthodox presence of the CMO on the bridge now went largely unnoticed by the crew, as did many of the other idiosyncracys of the Enterprise.

Pointedly ignoring the Doctor's jibe, Spock turned to Jim. "I apologise. I have been speaking with my young cousin."

"Ah, how are they all?" Asked Jim with a broad smile.

"They are very well, Captain. Dani was asking after both yourself and Doctor McCoy as well as the rest of the crew."

"Nice to feel loved" smiled McCoy.

"Indeed, Doctor. Children have a tendency to be forgiving of faults."

"Hobgoblin" sniped McCoy.

"Aaaanyway" intervened Jim "did they have any news?"

"They were visited by Mr Huvran who has, according to Dani, started a legitimate delivery enterprise."

"Good. The straight and narrow will do him good." Jim commented.

"If he stays on it!"

"So cynical, so young, Bones! Well, when I say young..."

"Alright, alright!".

Jim laughed "right then, we're off! Warp factor 5 Mr. Sulu."

And so the Enterprise continued her journey across the stars...