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Coco and Nico remaining.

Nico POV

We jump and land in a room that looks like a basement. Well, I hit the floor and Coco lands on top of me, yet again.

One little girl shouldn't be so hard to beat. Yet why can't I look her in the eye? There is a yell from above, followed by some choice words. I wonder if that's the 'Tag' guy that Diamond was on about.

There is an aura of death in the room. I turn to see a guy in chains leaning against the wall. He is deathly white, even his hair...wait, what? His hair is white.

He opens an eye and I jump. Surely he was dead. No-one can give off an aura of death that badly and be alive.

"Jack Frost?" Coco breathes.

"That's me." He croaks. Jack Frost? Isn't he that guy who runs around freezing everything and killing stuff in winter that gives dad so much extra paperwork? And on top of all that, he cheated death. So that guy is not exactly in my good books.

"You kill off everything in winter AND you cheated death?" I walk over to him and stare him straight into his eyes. He looks back without blinking.

"You think I wanted to?" This takes me by surprise.

"What do you mean?" Coco kneels down by him and takes an icy hand in hers. I kneel next to her.

"When I died, the moon turned me into Jack Frost and left me alone for 300 years before making me a guardian." He closes his eyes and gives a sigh. Even more death rolls off him. It's icy, like a lake in winter. "Only one of you can escape."

I start to stand up, then am swept off my feet. When I open my eyes again, me and Coco are on opposite sides of the room, wearing heavy chains with padlocks on the front. The chains are as cold and unforgiving as death, but for me that feels like home. That's a depressing thought.

"Floor Two: Fight for Freedom."

"Unfortunates, to pass this floor you must answer questions about your time in the tower. Whoever is first to get three right will win. When you get a questions right"

Okay. This should be easy.

"Time starts...now! Coco, who was Trapped on floor eight?"

She bites her lip and looks up to think. "Rapunzel?"

"Correct, Nico what are the names of the plants on floor seven?"

"Phyllis and Madge." I've never wanted to uproot two plants so much in my life.

"Correct, Coco what is the name of the challenge played on floor four?"

"Uhh..." She looks uncertain, then brightens. "Wicked Wardrobes?"

"Incorrect, it was One-eyed watcher. Nico, who was the Saboteur in Rotten eggs?"


"Correct. Coco how many unfortunates were there in total at the beginning of the game?"



We are both two steps forward. If I get my next question right, I win. If I get it wrong and she gets hers right, she wins.

"Nico, who was trapped in this room when you entered?"

What? Oh, does she mean...

"Too slow, Jack Frost. Coco, what floor was the break room above?"

Talk about unfair, she didn't give me a chance! This all hangs on if Coco manages to answer the question.

"Floor Four."

"Incorrect, it was above floor five."

Okay. I have to get this one right.

"Nico, who was trapped on floor seven?"

"Hermione." The answer springs to my mouth before I think it through.

"Correct. You answered the most questions right and therefore are free to go. Take your weapon and the key of freedom and go."

The key glitters in front of me and I grab it and turn it in the padlock. It falls away and I run over to Coco to unlock her too. They key dissolves in my hand.

"Take your weapon and go. Before I change my mind." I grab my sword from where it's floating lazily in front of me, before casting a look at Coco. She looks me straight in the eye.

"Get out of here. And if you ever meet my family, tell them I'm sorry."

"Nico?" A voice rasps. I turn to see Jack, covered in his chains. "Was Rapunzel with you?"

"Yes." My voice will break if I talk about her.

"Oh." He says in a small voice. I give Coco a small hug, before leaping down.

And this time, no-one lands on me.

Whoa...I think we just reached the last chapter! There will be a sequel called 'Trapped! The threequel' or something like that. There may be an extra chapter on this one. Maybe.


Okay, the real lyrics for Let 'em burn:

Let 'em burn! Let 'em burn!
They are no longer my concern!
Let 'em burn! Let 'em burn!
Time to show them it's my turn!
I don't care how they're going to scream...
Let the fire rage on...
Flames never seemed to bother me

Lyrics after Google Translate:

And hot! And hot!
You do not have a problem!
And hot! And hot!
It's time to tell them in my hands!
I do not know how to call
Let the fire rage ...
fire not overlooked

The creepy thing is, 'Let it go' started playing just as I started typing this...Now I'm listening to a punk version of it and it's weird coz I'm not the sort of girl people would say listens to punk music...huh.

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