Alright. Hi guys. UMMM…. I would love if you would r&r. It would be extremely helpful considering the fact that. Thank you all for reading in general normally I hate disclaimers but here's one…

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, just the story, the plot and my own life.

I still remember the first day I met Will. Freshman year, First trimester, First day of school. Well technically the second because the Actual first day was a weird get-to-know-you day. And not actual classes. Anyway, It was 5th hour Science. 5th hour is the last hour of the day so I was jumpy and excited. Ready to get out of there. I mean summer's just ended. I want my freedom. I walked into the class room and of course we have a seating chart. I was between Will and Ben. Ben is not a kid I want to get to know, he did some Bad things last year. And when I say bad, I mean rape. Yeah, no. Will watched me walk in, his black hair curling just above his shoulder and his blue eyes slightly amused at my bounciness as he called it later. He had on a loose black and blue hoodie that fit loosely but just right. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I took the whole class period staring at him. Just about a minute. Class started and Will was texting on his old phone from 1999 under the table. So nudged him. He looked up at me in surprise. I motioned him to put his phone away and surprisingly he did. His blue eyes still amused by me. Yeah me the biggest goody-two-shoes in the world. Class was long and when it finally ended I decide that it would be a good idea to walk out with him. It was a warm day and feeling giddy because A) I was out of school and B) I WAS OUT OF SCHOOL He looked at me his black hair shining in a good way. He asked "What are you doing that for?" I stated the facts. That it was a great day, and summer won't last forever. We walked and talked about much of nothing. Science, Books, etc. He was a good guy. And the Best thing about him is that he loves to read. Unlike most idiot teenage boys who don't know what they're missing, He Actually Literally Likes to Read. Me, myself and I love reading. I am a complete booknerd, worm whatever. I always carry a book, because I can and at my height people already judge me, so why not? What I think sparked my crush Was the reading. His bus came up, number 9 and mine was farther down, number 16. So we parted ways. And in the end this story is very, very, very, very complicated. And my feelings are mixed up. I'm telling you this story to ask for help on it. Please do…..

Sorry I know it's short but I just wanted to put in that first day to see what you all think.-SDoA