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My master plan, after a few months, did not develop. Will looked at me in the hallway with a blank, unassuming stare. I was the shell of the girl I once was with him. But I was not broken. We would text all the time. One night, I was babysitting a small boy who was already in bed and we started to fight. He said,

All you are is a manipulative little tool. You wanna be Jem's little whore now too.

As I responded to the blasphemy, he said

GO Tess. Just go. I never want to talk to you again. I do not love you. I never hurt you. Now you're coming on to my best friend? Just go. Go. And never talk to me again.

I was shocked of course. It was true, I had been talking to Jem out of sheer curiosity. He was charming but it was never flirting or anything like that. Jem was too predatory. His silver colored hair, he told me, was from a drug he takes. He showed me the small silver box with a JC on it. That's when I noticed his long, pale fingers. They looked almost double-jointed and 's when I noticed his subtle muscles in his arms, that though slim, very strong. Okay, so maybe he had a point but I was done dating people who partied and got drunk and high. But my old friends weren't the same. Nathaniel was gone, he had quit his job to join a metal rock band called The Demon Lovers. Regardless of all that, I continued to read and study diligently. Though I admit, I am not the best of students.

Later in my sophomore year, after Jem and I were together, I convinced him to quit the delicate, white powder that held him in balance. Not cold turkey of course but slowly as he was so dependent. He stole my heart by simple gestures, unlike the grand ones that Will tried to pull. The color in his cheeks brightened and his once silver hair darkened to a brilliant shade of black streaked with red that turned light in the summer . Color returned to his complexion. He was amazing. That first threat, he was partially right, if not entirely. I was happy. He kissed me because he liked me, whilst Will had only because he wanted more. Which I never gave. I truly admit that, I wanted to marry Jem, yet this was not to be.