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"Ward! C'mon get out of there, you're taking forever."

Skye was met by silence at the other side of the door. She'd been let out not an hour ago and was looking forward to a shower without someone standing by outside in case she fell. Moments of privacy were fewer and further between after being shot. 5 minutes would be fantastic, if only Ward would get out of the bathroom. "Ward! Hurry up!" More silence.

"Grant Elliot Ward, if you get out of there this instant I'll break this door down, I swear."

When her words were followed by more silence, prompting Skye's fist to bang against the door at unnatural speeds, trying to convince her lagging S.O to Get Out Of There Right Now, Please And Thank You.

She sighed and leaned her head against the door. Suddenly, she didn't care if Ward was ever dropping the biggest doozer he ever experienced, she needed that shower. Skye reached over to the keypad and over-rid the mechanical lock. Why have the skills if you couldn't use them?

The door slid open with a smooth, sigh like sound, and the hacker slammed her hands over her eyes, almost yelling, "I'm not looking!" as she scooted into the bathroom, though she had to be honest, she almost couldn't resist a peak. Almost. Nope, never mind, she peaked. But that's what surprised her. Ward was standing in front of the mirror, gauze and tape sitting uselessly in his hands, staring at his own chest.

If it were any other situation, Skye would tease him for this, but this wasn't a normal situation. Crescent moon marks trail up and down his back and front, slashed through by rough trails still leaking red, made, obviously, by someone's nails. Someone like…

"Lorelei," Skye breathed, "She did this to you?" Ward doesn't speak. He simply bows his head in shame and Skye knows. And Skye is angry. Not at Ward, but at the evil temptress who put him like this.

She traces the marks lightly with the pad of her finger, ignoring the gentle shudder that passes his form at her touch.

She takes the gauze and antiseptic to the marks on his back, sealing each one shut, then moved on to his front. When she's done, he comes back a bit.

"Thank you," he says, quiet in that Wardly way of his.

"What are friends for, if not bandaging you up after a sex assault?"

"Not just this. Thank you for… not dying."

He presses a kiss to her forehead, and Skye allows a tiny smile to engrave her face. Ward isn't usually affectionate, she knows that, but maybe he could be, when he tried. He smiles at her, then retreats to his bunk. Skye sighs. Maybe a cold shower would be the better way to go.

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