A Rock Stars Heart Beat 1/2

Description of what the girls look like to me(I was thinking of the Hex Girls)...I hope someone reads this chapter cause I want the reads to tell me who they most want with who.

Rhonda- Ruby Red Colors: (Red/Black) Band Name: (Greed) Hair: (Natural Black with long red tips) Length: (1 side neck length and the other just below the ear) Pants: (Black faded out skinny jeans with rips and holes 'also a Black belt with the word GREED on it in Red') Shirt: Red long sleeves with rips up the sides and arms, showing a shiny Black tank top) Shoes: (Black leather heel boots with red trimming) Make-up: (Black eye liner, Red shadow, Upper lip(Black)Lower lip(Red) Jewelry: (A neck-less with Greed on it, and a 2 figure ring that has S.D.S on it)

Helga- Neon Pink Colors: (Pink/black) Band Name: (Wrath) Hair: (Natural Blond with Hot pink highlights and Black underneath) Length: (Short to long layers that stops a little past the mid-back) Pants: (Black baggy pants with White/Pink paint splattered all over 'with the word WRATH going down the left leg in Hot Pink') Shirt: (Pink long sleeve with the sleeves half cut off. Some spots are un-evenly cut out to show fish net) Shoes: (Hot Pink sneaker wedges with Black spikes on the wedged heel) Make-up: (Black eye liner, Neon Pink shadow, Upper lip(Black) Lower lip(Hot Pink) Jewelry: (A neck-less with Wrath on it, and a 2 figure ring that has S.D.S on it)

Phoebe- Neon Blue Colors: (Dark Blue/Black) Band Name: (Pride) Hair: (Natural Black with Bright Blue highlights) Length: (Reversed bob that ends mid-neck, Front is to the shoulder, Straight bangs that are below the brow) Pants: (Black baggy pants with chain buckles cross connecting both legs) Shirt: (Black T-shirt with Blue calligraphy, Black button and buckle arm warmers attached by chains 'to the shirt') Shoes: (Black converse with Blue strings and chains hanging charms) Make-up: (Black eye liner, Neon Blue shadow) Upper lip(Black) Lower lip(blue) 'she has Black glasses with the word PRIDE in Blue on the rims in small lettering' Jewelry: ( A neck-less with Pride on it, and a 2 figure ring that has S.D.S on it)

Lila- Neon Purple Colors: (Purple/Black) Band Name: (Lust) Hair: (Natural Red, Black tips going up, Purple highlights) Length: (Layered curls going down to the waist) Shirt: (Neon Purple corset with lace buckles) Pants: (Black leather skinny pants with the word LUST on the right back pocket in Purple cursive lettering) Shoes: (Leather heels with Purple pattern) Make-up: (Black eye liner, Neon Purple shadow) Upper lip(Black) Lower lip(Purple) Jewelry: ( A neck-less with Lust on it, and a 2 figure ring that has S.D.S on it)

Olga- Neon Green Colors: (Green/Black) Band Name: (Gluttony) Hair: Natural White Blonde with Neon Green bangs and under the top hair and Black highlights) Length: (Loose curls that go under the bust) Shirt: Plaid Neon Green corset dress that goes to lower thigh) Pants: (NONE) Shoes: (Neon Green leather boots with Black buckles) Make-up: (Black eye liner, Neon Green Shadow) Upper lip(Black) Lower lip(Green) 'She has a Black headband with the word GLUTTONY on it in Neon Green' Jewelry: ( A neck-less with Gluttony on it, and a 2 figure ring that has S.D.S on it)

Sheena- Neon Orange Colors: (Orange/Black) Band Name: (Sloth) Hair: (Natural Brown with long Black and Neon Orange Tips) Length: (All one length, curly down to upper thigh) Shirt: (Long Neon Orange dress with long sleeve Black lace corset over top to bottom) Pants: (NONE) Shoes: (Black heels with the word SLOTH all over in Neon Orange calligraphy) Make-up: (Black eye liner, Neon Orange shadow) Upper lip(Black) Lower lip(Orange) Jewelry: ( A neck-less with Sloth on it, and a 2 figure ring that has S.D.S on it)

Nadine- Ice White Colors: (White/Black) Band Name: (Envy) Hair: (Natural White Blond with Black highlights and under) Length: (Dreadlocks down to her hip) Shirt: ('built in bra' Long fish net sleeve White shirt with the word ENVY clear enough on the front in Gothic Black lettering, slashed up the back, sides and a little in the bust area 'like a spider web') Pants: (Black skinny jeans with White crosses all over) Shoes: White leather heel boots with Black buckles) Make-up: (Black eye liner, Ice White shadow) Upper lip(Black) Lower lip(Ice White) Jewelry: ( A neck-less with Envy on it, and a 2 figure ring that has S.D.S on it)

Can you tell I like Gothic clothing, I mean most of this stuff I want to wear! I did want to put this in the 2nd Chapter, but it would have taken a lot of space and I didn't really want to do that. Well anyways I wanted to write this down for you guys so you can kinda know what they look like and how they are. Well I hope someone reads this chapter cause I want the reads to tell me who they most want with who. I mean you really don't have a choice with Helga=Arnold, Phoebe=Garold, Sheena=Eugene(maybe?) or Olga=Aaron (Aaron is my own Character, I might describe him and the boys in Chapter 3 if I hear who you guys want. I need an opinion on Who to go with Nadine=(?), Lila=(Arnie,Brainy, Stinky or Sid), Rhonda=(Curly or Harold) Maybe Sheena=Eugene(yes/no) For any of these 3 girls pick out of (Arnie,Brainy,Stinky,Sid,Curly,Harold...Peepod kid...'don't know much a bout him, but most want him with Nadine') I do have to Warn you Arnie has a big twist in the story... the actual 2nd Chapter will be up in a few days so I hope you guys can hold on till then.

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