Science I can't post this as a challenge I'll have too take a stab at writing it, here's the summery...

The Gundam Wing Crew live in a world where humans and hybrids live together, Duo comes from a rich and powerful family and has had his sights set on little kitty

hybrid Heero, science first seeing him and wants him for himself. When his parents ask him what he wants for his birthday he tells them that what he wants he can't

have but tells them anyway it's "his" little hybrid Heero Yuy. Heero lives with his Uncle known as Dr. J who has a big money problem (make it what ever you want) so

when Duo's father says wants him to sell Heero (because even though Hybrids have some rights they can still be bought and sold) Dr. J does. Heero is knocked out

and brought home for Duo. What will Duo do when he opens the box and finds Heero, What will Heero do when he finds out the truth, will Duo be able to make his

little kitty fall for him?

My Birthday Kitty Gundam Wing Version Chapter 1

Duo has been in love with a certain little neko hybrid, the most adorible he has ever seen in all the world. His little neko has dark brown hair and the most beautiful dark

blue eyes, that make you feel like you're drowning and a wonderful name Heero Yuy. All he ever wants to do with this little neko is get him alone somewhere, confess his

never ending love for him and then do all sorts of X rated things to him. Duo doesn't know if Heero is strait or gay but he hopes for the latter.

Duo has a birthday coming up soon and every night he dreams of having Heero as his little birthday kitty, only to wake up alone and hard as a rock. He doesn't know

what to do, but he has a wonderful mother and father and a group of friends that will help him and this neko at least meet...

I know it's short but this is just a trial too see if I can hack it at being an author so don't expect much...