Okay! Another Frozen fic from me! This is set way before Frozen (obviously). But I'm planning on having it AFTER the movie too. You guys just need to read and review to find out ;)

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King Georg watched as his wife, Queen Elaine, slept under the covers, thin layer of sweat beginning to form on her creased forehead. She had these restless nights for ever since she was seven months pregnant, and that was one and a half months ago.

The doctor has told them that the pregnancy would be risky for the Queen, but Elaine loved her child already, and so she kept it. And now, the pregnancy began to take it's toll on her health.


The King looked at his wife when her soft voice called his name. He gave her a small smile and brushed away a strand of brown hair off her face. "Yes dear?"

"You were so deep in thought…" she whispered as she sat up and leaned onto the headboard carefully. "What were you thinking?"

He took her hand and rubbed small circles with his thumb. "I was just thinking… about what the doctor has said to me."

Elaine raised a delicate eyebrow. "About…?"

"Your health, my dear." Georg said, "He said he might know what could make you feel better."

"Is it- is it going to harm Elsa?" the Queen asked with worry evident in her voice. She didn't want to take any cure that could possibly have bad effect on her unborn child.

The King looked down at his wife's soft hand in his. "He did not know. But he said we could ask her about it."

"Her?" Elaine asked confusedly,

"He suggested having the Ice Spirit to check on your health, Elaine." Georg said, looking directly at his wife's face.

"T-the Ice Spirit?" Elaine asked in disbelief, "How do we even meet the Ice Spirit?"

"He said there are rumors that she often resides at the Valley of Living Rocks."

Elaine looked down at her round belly where her child grew inside of her. Elsa. That was the name she has chosen for her baby girl. Beautiful and noble. No one has confirmed if her child would be a girl, but she just knew it would be.

"I think we should try to talk to her." the Queen decided, looking up at her husband.

Georg nodded and kissed his wife's forehead tenderly. "Alright… I'll ask the guards to prepare our horse."

Yea, all of our problem as writers who write about Elsa and Anna's parents... they have no names, everybody! So yea, I kinda makes it up, I hope you like it! Chapter 2 is already waiting!