No, this is definitely not a chapter. This is my Author Note for you all great reviewers and readers :) As many of you asked for a sequel, I decided to make one! The story itself will be focusing on Damien and Eira trying to find Modern World Elsa and train her to accept her powers, something Eira didn't do to the original Queen Elsa back decades ago.

The story will be posted real soon after you read this Author Note so I suggest you to check my account for the new story. I hope we'll see each other again in that story :) Bye for now!

Oh yes, I'm such an evil Author by killing off all of our favorite characters huh? But I want to show people that life goes on and even Elsa herself is not immortal and she will die at some point. But as long as there are people to re-tell their stories again and again and again, they will live forever in our hearts. And maybe, at a very rare moment, someone who has blood ties with them will show up unexpectedly. And that's the point of my sequel story.

Unicorns: Quite the contrary dear, your review is one of a few I really looking forward on reading :) So keep it up!

ElsaTheSnowQueen2: Aww... I'm so honored to hear that from you :) Thank you!

DancingKitKat: It's a pleasure that people find my writings interesting and will spend some of their time to read it :)

alvinandbrittany4ever: Yea, I almost cried at some point too while creating the previous chapter in my mind as I try to piece things together before writing them. Thanks for reading :)